Chapter 24 - Fu Jiu’s Most Handsome Side

Chapter 24: Fu Jiu’s Most Handsome Side

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It got late into the night.

While everybody else was already sound asleep, the clicking sounds from a keyboard came from the main bedroom at the top floor of the Fu family residence.

Fu Jiu was sitting in front of the computer and had successfully logged into the home screen of Director Zhang’s phone.

Many passwords for transactions were still on the webpages.

But Fu Jiu didn’t touch those.

Maybe normal people didn’t know.

But real hackers didn’t hack to get money.

This was the principle.

What Fu Jiu wanted was simple—everything in Director Zhang’s daily chat history.

“Your life sure is exciting.” Fu Jiu listened to Director Zhang’s voice chat history with a young woman and curled her lips. “Who knows what his wife will do after hearing this?”

Fu Jiu smiled, moved her fingers, and stopped at Director Zhang’s SMS page, which clearly recorded the details of him improperly soliciting money from all the parents.

Fu Jiu took screenshots of everything and planned to compose a long article for dissemination when an unexpected bonus found its way to her.

Perhaps Director Zhang couldn’t bear the loneliness and had insisted on the woman sending him a picture of herself sleeping.

That woman agreed.

Director Zhang saw that picture, and his breathing got all heavy. “Oh, my little baby, you made me hard!”

Fu Jiu decisively took off her headphones; it was so unbearable, she was afraid she would puke soon!

But, with this, the repercussions would be greater if it were posted…

A cold glint flashed in Fu Jiu’s eyes. Of course, she wouldn’t let people discover that she was the one who posted the long article.

In Jiang City No.1 Middle School, there were about a dozen students who were either too poor or had bad scores and didn’t offer him gifts. They were all expelled by Director Zhang for miscellaneous reasons.

Fu Jiu was smart enough to include the videos of Huo Siyu pushing her and what Director Zhang had said to her in the office, along with the incidents that had happened to these dozen students.

After that, she used a virtual IP and posted all the evidence at every major marketing websites at once!

Of course, she didn’t forget to send copies to Director Zhang’s wife and all the teachers at every major school!

“A good show needs to be shared.”

With that said, Fu Jiu switched off the television and walked to the side of her bed. Her silver hair was handsome and mysterious as always…

The next day, at 9 a.m., Director Zhang drove into the school on time.

Was he overthinking things too much?

He felt like, ever since he got out of the car, all the students had been pointing at him.

“It’s him! Look quickly!”

“I usually found him very perverted. Turns out he is nothing good after all!”

“Shh, stop, he’s looking.”

Director Zhang was confused. He frowned and pushed the office door open.

He saw a group of teachers who were looking at something in front of the computer.

Director Zhang had been in a bad mood the entire morning, and now those who worked under him weren’t working, making him even angrier. “Go prepare your lessons, what are you looking at!”

As he was speaking, he pulled one of the teachers away. When that teacher turned and saw it was him, he stepped back with an indescribable look on his face.

Director Zhang wasn’t paying attention at first, but when he saw the pictures on the screen, he immediately snatched away that person’s mouse!

What, what is this?!

What the f*ck is all this!

Why were all the pictures of him kissing his lover posted here?!