Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Almighty Qin Is Online, The World Explodes!

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As Secretary Liang was still reporting incorrect information, the entire <Hero> server exploded!

Nobody was playing games whatsoever. It seemed like messaging was the only thing that was left in the world!

“WTF, did I just see Almighty Qin go online in my living years? And he’s not invisible. Tell me this is not true!”

“Our fan base didn’t receive any information about a live stream. How is it possible that Almighty Qin is in the game? No freaking way!”

“It’s real. So many people saw him raiding a dungeon!”

“The poster before me, stop dreaming! Almighty Qin will raid dungeons? Almighty Qin only plays pro league PK, alright!”

“Sh*t, if you don’t believe it, you can go see for yourself! Almighty Qin is together with a newbie, and they seem close!”

They seemed close… very close… After the Supreme Alliance Team heard that their CEO was raidng a dungeon, they logged into the game. Now, they were all looking at one another.

Then… they all looked at COCO!

The young cat-like announcer was biting his rabbit’s ear. “Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything!”

Captain, why did you hook up with Spade Z for a dungeon raid? Who was it again that said dungeons were no fun?

Do you know that the game system nearly crashed once you showed up?!

The network traffic on the whole server had exceeded ten million pings. The technicians would all go mad if things continued to be like this, alright?

The Supreme Alliance Team’s manager heard about this first hand.

It was the owner of a live streaming company who informed him of it.

He laughed gently and said in a business tone, “Our CEO never raids dungeons. You must have been mistaken.”

That owner simply handed his laptop over to show him.

The manager felt shivers running down his back. “Wait, let me make a phone call.”

Before making the call, he took a deep breath. To his surprise, CEO Qin’s first sentence was: “I’m raiding a dungeon. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. Don’t just wander around outside all day. Return to the office earlier and get some work done. Gotta go.”

He sounded cold and he hung up very decisively.

That was him, alright.

But, CEO, I am your manager for goodness’ sake.

I should be the one controlling you, not vice versa!

But the thing is, you’re really raiding a dungeon!

What if this reaches the headlines tomorrow?

Wait, the headlines!

The manager rolled his eyes and called the publicity team at the company. “You guys prepare a long article right away, explaining that CEO Qin is helping the team scout for new blood while raiding dungeons… What intimate relationship? And how did that intimate relationship come about?!”

“That, that someone… said that CEO Qin logged into the game for a newbie. That newbie was making money by playing games with CEO, 5000 yuan per FC. One could take pictures with CEO too. We are all online, too, hoping we can get a place in line…”

The manager’s chest heaved up and down. Who could tell him what the f*ck was going on with CEO?!

In the past, he had to beg his CEO to do a live stream for each dungeon raid before he would agree.

This was under the premise that there were no meetings, that he had nothing to do and he happened to be in a good mood…

Their CEO Qin was always like, “Like me if you want to, I’m just arrogant like this.” A totally godlike style.

And now, he was assisting others to get a FC for an insignificant 5000 yuan?

CEO, if money can move you, why didn’t you tell me earlier!

The manager’s heart was aching to the extreme, and his expression changed instantly. “Which area is CEO Qin in right now?”

“Hah? What?”

Tha manager harrumphed coldly, “I’m gonna hire him to raid dungeons for me!”