Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Almighty Qin’s Jealousy Reaches a Whole New Level

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Xue Yaoyao’s heart was beating irregularly.

She never thought that there would be a day where she was so close to a young man.

His Highness Jiu’s own type of gentleness… could really melt a person down.

“Got it?”

That beautiful voice reverberated beside her ear again, and with a simple tilt of her head, she could see the attractive smile right next to her face.

Even those beautiful girls on the tennis court couldn’t help but look in their direction. At that moment, they really wished they could be Xue Yaoyao.

“I want a handsome man to teach me how to play tennis too!”

“That smile melts me down. Who is he?”

“No idea, it’s my first time seeing him here…”

Beautiful girls all stopped and watched, and all of them were focused on Fu Jiu, who was standing on the other side of the net. Desire was burning in their eyes.

Only the break room with semi-transparent windows had a low temperature.

The receptionist who was standing next to Qin Mo didn’t dare to turn his head.

It was not his imagination; the chilly aura surrounding Young Master Qin could almost freeze the blood in his body.

What was it…

Qin Mo looked at the court attentively. He held his chin with one hand, and the other hand, wearing a black glove, was resting on the armrest of the chair. Those long and uplifting eyes were cold as ice, and even his voice sounded like a north pole flower, with each word coldly stabbing deep into the bones. “Go bring them back here.”

After all, he grew up in a military compound. His ruthless nature never left him, and it couldn’t really be hidden either. “You should rest after thirty minutes of playing. They don’t know this rule, but could it be that you guys actually don’t know either?”

As he was saying this, he casually looked up at the receptionist.

His deep eyes numbed the receptionist’s scalp.

The receptionist couldn’t say anything to refute him. Even though Qin Mo played at least an hour each time before taking a rest, now he said it was thirty minutes, so thirty minutes it was!

“Young Master Jiu.” The receptionist did think that it was rude to interrupt the young man when he was in the middle of teaching someone how to play tennis. But what could he do? He could only obey Young Master Qin’s orders.

Fu Jiu looked at him. “What?”

“This young lady looks hot, and you haven’t rested for a long time.” The receptionist knew how to speak well, finding good excuses without even blinking. “If you are not an athlete, then exercising for too long is actually harmful to your body. Let us clean the court first, and you two can play again after a while?”

If you want to continue, then play with Young Master Qin. Please don’t abandon Young Master Qin again to teach this girl; otherwise, I need to find more excuses!

Fu Jiu was a bit confused about why they needed to clean the court after only thirty minutes, but since the receptionist said this, she couldn’t say anything in return, so she went to the break room together with Xue Yaoyao.

Just as she looked up, she saw the man’s face get colder, with an air of genuine royalty. His fingers were resting on her personalized laptop and he held a cup of coffee in his other hand. He completely looked like a king. “Nice laptop.”

As long as it was a compliment, Fu Jiu would wholeheartedly receive it. “It has a good hard drive, so it runs quickly. Later, I will depend on it to play games with Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo harrumphed lightly. He didn’t continue on with this topic and instead tilted his head to look at Xue Yaoyao. He casually twisted the black glove on his hand. “How did Miss Xue and my little brother Jiu get to know each other? I can tell that you guys have a good relationship.”

Little brother Jiu?

Xue Yaoyao was still puzzling over this name, but she needed to answer Almighty Qin’s question, so she gathered her courage and said, “His Highness Jiu and I are deskmates. His Highness Jiu is a nice person; he treats me well.”

“Yeah?” Qin Mo raised his tone at the end and laughed right after, sounding a bit cold. “It looks like he manages well in school huh…”