Chapter 126 - Sweet Tutoring Sessions

Chapter 126: Sweet Tutoring Sessions

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Fu Jiu was satisfied after eating hot-pot, and she was ready to leave and see this handsome god again tomorrow. But the man opened his mouth and said slowly, “I will have the others prepare physics books for you. Make-up lessons will begin starting from today onwards.”

Fu Jiu had a natural aversion to physics. With her fingers resting on her chin, she laughed foppishly, “You are in such a rush. My learning efficiency will not be very good.”

“In less than seven days, you will have your monthly exams. Do you think you can pass the physics exam with your poor learning ability if you do not take make-up lessons?” Qin Mo picked up the pen. His face was still beautiful, but his voice was calm, as if he was simply telling the truth.

Even so, Lord Jiu felt attacked.

Fu Jiu started asking herself. Why did she choose this god to help her with make-up lessons?

“If you are full, stand up and follow me upstairs. Don’t be so slow as a man.” Qin Mo wore a knitted sweater, and he had one hand in his trouser pocket. He did not oppress her too heavily. Because of this, Fu Jiu couldn’t justify flirting.

The Almighty was so pure that a moment of carelessness would cause her to swoon over his face.

The ancient people’s claims of a beauty courting a disaster were not groundless after all.

She was already obsessed with that face.

“Focus more.”

Both of them sat in front of the desk. Besides the physics book, all kinds of data graphs and finance magazines, along with the tablet and psychology analysis tables that the Almighty always used, were on the desk.

Fu Jiu was more interested in the latter.

Qin Mo knocked on the desk with the long fingers of his hand, and he opened the physics book with an indifferent look.

Only then did Fu Jiu drag her attention back.

Almighty Qin’s mobile phone by his side was vibrating. He didn’t take a look immediately, and instead looked up to ask Fu Jiu instead, “Which problem don’t you understand?”

Fu Jiu’s fingers twisted around a strand of her silver hair. After hearing the question, she became stiff for a moment, and then looked at Qin Mo seriously. “I don’t understand a thing.”

Qin Mo’s hand that was flipping the pages paused, and he turned his head to the youngster who winked at him. He raised his eyebrows. “Are you proud?”

Fu Jiu touched the bridge of her nose. “I didn’t say that I am proud.”

“Start from the beginning.” Qin Mo’s fingertip pointed at one of the formulas. “Remember this formula first, then…”

Fu Jiu listened to him carefully because this would determine whether or not she could enter the upcoming gaming tournament.

“This is not right…”

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo taught her very patiently.

Maybe top students were all like this. In their eyes, subjects like physics or chemistry were like small tadpoles under their control.

During this period of time, Qin Mo answered two business phone calls and handled them easily.

It seemed that someone asked, “CEO Qin, what formula? Speed? Density?”

“I am helping my brother with his make-up lessons,” Qin Mo said calmly.

The other boss on the phone was amazed, and he turned his head to his friend next to him. “When did CEO Qin have a brother? Did Madam have a second child? Is it possible?”

“Brother?” His friend was also amazed.

The manager nodded, “It is indeed his brother. And he is giving make-up lessons to him.”

His friend: “…”

Qin Mo held the phone in his left hand. After discovering Fu Jiu’s issues, he bent down. He leaned directly behind her, and pointed at the exercise book in front of the boy with his finger, and said in a low voice: “Here…”