Chapter 39 - Don’t Bully Little Kids!

Chapter 39: Don’t Bully Little Kids!

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Qin Mo frowned as he saw Fu Jiu’s face, which seemed to have been gently kissed by God, getting closer and closer.

She smelled nice, just like candy.

The young man’s thin lips were pink and extremely suitable for kissing, and his face was wearing a mischievous smile right in front of him.

Only Qin Mo could still remain calm when facing such powerful flirtatious charm. His eyes curved into smiling crescents, but they were full of warning. “Don’t get this close when you’re talking to me. Get in the car.”

Fu Jiu was surprised. She thought he would at least blush a little.

How boring… Almighty Qin was really difficult to deal with.

But this only made it more challenging.

Next time, she would try breathing into his ears.

Then, she would know if he had always been this numb to things.

Fu Jiu finally found something interesting to do.

COCO and Fatty were sitting in front with their eyes wide open after hearing the exchange.

What did they just hear? Captain asked this gay to get in the car?!

Fu Jiu obviously knew what these two were thinking. As she sat down, she curled the corner of her mouth. “Yo, let me reintroduce myself. I’m Spade Z, Fu Jiu.”

It was still fine before she said this, but after her words, Fatty’s hands almost slipped off of the wheel!

Spade, Spade Z?!

Not only him, even COCO’s face started to crack!

No wonder Captain was a little stunned.

Who would’ve thought that a gay nouveau riche was actually that dazzlingly cool Spade Z?!

This was not how things were supposed to roll!

Among all the students who were interviewed, they eliminated this gay first!

Was this some kind of joke?

Was he still dreaming?!

Or was this gay totally faking it?!

No, not possible, because he saw Captain exchanging messages with this guy!

This was too surreal…

“The Spade Z in my mind was a burly chap,” COCO said weakly.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow, and an evil smile blossomed on her face. “I’m so sorry that I failed your expectations and didn’t grow into what you had imagined. I won’t be able to press you under me and give you some pleasure.”

COCO: “…”

“Captain! Now I believe this kid is Spade Z!” COCO tightened his fists. “But can I beat him up first!?”

He must be Spade Z, considering how he left people wishing to beat him up almost as soon as he opened his mouth!

He remembered again how this guy acted when he met him in-game for the first time. This guy was so arrogant, and he didn’t even reply to his friend request!

So far, aside from Captain, nobody had his contact information.

Fu Jiu smiled. “You want to beat me up? Sure, but I’m afraid you would cry after you try.”

COCO’s face turned completely red with rage. He couldn’t outspeak Fu Jiu, so he could only turn to his captain and come up with a sentence, “Captain, you found him, you control him!”

Fu Jiu was stunned by that sentence.

Why would she be controlled by Almighty Qin?

Were they close to each other?

They hadn’t even met with each other face to face a lot!

They only exchanged messages on WeChat, right?

Qin Mo looked at her without warning.

That neat suit and delicate profile really fit together well with his CEO status. Actually, he really had the power to rule over people.

After that, he put down the gaming magazine in his hand and said in an indifferent tone, “Don’t bully a kid.”

After hearing what his captain said, COCO lifted his chin up high like a cat.

But on second thought… Wait! Kid?

COCO’s mouth quivered, and he felt wronged. “Captain, are you helping me or bullying me together with this Spade Z? This is just your first meeting, so why are you taking sides already…”

Luckily, Spade Z wasn’t a girl, otherwise the whole team would lose favor with Captain…