Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Black-bellied Almighty Qin, Following Fu Jiu to the Restroom?

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Qin Mo’s words were orders; nobody dared to disobey them.

In the whole Jiang City, there would simply be people at his beck and call, let alone a hotel under the Qin Corporation.

Soon, the waiter walked in with two fresh lobsters inside bamboo containers. Each one was large, and their claws were still moving.

Fu Jiu watched from the side, and she suddenly lost all her appetite for the remaining lobsters; she found them hard to swallow!

This man, he must have done this on purpose.

Could they still have a happy meeting?

“CEO Qin.” The waiter’s hands handed the bamboo containers over politely so that their CEO could check the quality of the lobsters.

The cigarette was still held in between Qin Mo’s long and slim fingers. He carelessly gave them a glance. “Take them to your Lord Jiu.”

Your Lord Jiu…

Fu Jiu grabbed a huge lobster claw and took a hard bite!

Qin Mo looked at that young man who was getting slightly frustrated. Disregarding the astonished eyes of others, he reached his hand out and laid it on that fluffy head, suppressing him with a low half-laugh. “Take your time, if you want more… we can order more…”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu wiped her mouth decisively and gave an evil smile. “Excuse me; I’ll go to the restroom first.”

Qin Mo retracted his hand. His eyes were deep and entrancing as he looked at Fu Jiu for a couple of seconds before curling up his mouth. “We won’t touch your lobsters, they’re all yours. Go ahead.”

He was not even giving her a chance to use the restroom?

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes. This man took revenge whenever he could, but it was alright.

After all, he was the one paying!

She could not cook lobsters, but could she not know how to eat them either?

Just wait, she would wage a war when she was hungry again.

Fu Jiu loosened her fingers coolly and stood up. She casually strode out of the rooftop garden.

But she didn’t know what kind of expressions COCO and Fatty had behind her!

The second time!

This was the second time the CEO touched this punk’s head!

Both of them turned their heads at the same time. They wanted to say something but stopped.

Of course, Qin Mo knew they were looking at him. He flicked the ash and said plainly, “Say it.”

“Captain, why are you so nice to this Spade Z! Providing him with infinite lobsters, you were never this nice to me and Fatty!” COCO finally spilled what he had been repressing!

Qin Mo asked for a wet wipe from the waiter and cleaned his hand. “If you want to eat, fine. While looking at those two fresh ones, start eating the ten lobsters.”

COCO paused. He thought about that picture in detail and suddenly realized how horrifying it was.

It seemed like being ‘cared for gently’ by Captain was not exactly a good thing!

But… it was still strange. Captain had never touched anyone’s head.

Forget touching someone’s head, even smiling like that was rare for Captain!

As COCO was racking his brains, Fatty saw his CEO stand up for no reason. He quickly swallowed the beef in his mouth and asked, “CEO Qin, where are you going?”

“You guys continue eating, I’m checking on the guy using the restroom as an excuse.” Qin Mo nonchalantly leaned his head to one side. Strands of his black hair hung to the side, exposing his bottomless eyes, which glistened like a falcon soaring high up in the sky.

As he was saying that, his cold eyes were like shards of ice, not letting anything escape under his nose a second time!

The hotel restroom was located in the corner of each floor. Using the best scents, the decoration style was cohesive with the hotel design—very beautiful.

Just that…

Fu Jiu didn’t expect that there would come a day when she would struggle over such a simple question—should she enter the men’s room or the women’s room?