Chapter 77 - Almighty Qin’s Guilt

Chapter 77: Almighty Qin’s Guilt

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Upon hearing this, Feng Shang felt like he suffered a heavy shock, and he stuttered even more severely, “Young Master Qin-Qin-Qin, p-p-please don’t tell my big brother about this. He-he-he would pull some strings for me to get in if he knew…”

“So he doesn’t know.” Qin Mo wiped his mouth slowly, and his smile was like a sharp knife used to dismember people’s bodies.

Feng Shang blushed readily, and he was too worried to explain properly.

Fu Jiu was looking from the side. She swallowed a mouthful of beef and said, “Almighty, don’t bully him. He’s my teammate now.”

“Wasn’t I your only teammate?” Qin Mo lifted his eyebrow and leaned back. He took his car key out and threw it on the table noisily.

This… Fu Jiu paused and abruptly laughed out loud. She raised her left hand and set it on Qin Mo’s shoulder, slyly acting foppish. “Aren’t you being jealous again? Don’t worry, Almighty. Raiding dungeons is only for the two of us, it’s our unbreakable bond.”

Qin Mo curled his mouth and twisted that hand backwards. He sounded ice-cold. “If you don’t quit your habit of touching, you will finish twenty plates of beef today.”

Again? It took her a whole day to digest those lobsters from last time.

Eating wasn’t a big deal; paying was the pain in the ass… Fu Jiu laughed and moved her hand. “I’m only like this with close friends, for real. Just stop teasing Feng Shang.”

“Why are you protecting him?” Qin Mo’s eyes were a bit dark.

Fu Jiu replied frankly, “I want to take him to the first round of the gaming contest next month. This is the only chance to get in the team.”

“I’ll take you, you don’t have to participate in the contest.” Qin Mo looked at the young man and reached out with his finger. He tapped Fu Jiu’s nose tip, which was so close to him, and smiled coolly. “Just keep your distance from me. That isn’t the only chance. And stop thinking about flirting all the time. Speak more honestly, that will do you more good.”

Fu Jiu laughed, “Honestly, after today’s insult, I really think that getting into the Qin Group quietly isn’t my style at all. I will lose face if I don’t make a big fuss.”

“Lose face? It looks like you just wanna slap someone’s face to me.” Qin Mo looked up and pulled out a cigarette. He put it between his lips loosely, sounding bored as he said, “Did the Three give you trouble again?”

Fu Jiu’s eyes narrowed beautifully. “I didn’t expect Almighty would use ‘Three’1 , as well. I haven’t seen that Three recently, but I bumped into Three’s son. I went to Computer City to buy equipment today, right? I wanted to buy a brand of mouse that you had used before, but he tried to make trouble since I don’t have money, and he bought that mouse away. That manager from your company was also there, too. Maybe he saw me as an eyesore and tried to upset me during the tests earlier.”

It was obviously Lord Jiu who had set Fu Ximing up, but the version she gave was that Fu Ximing stole the mouse she liked.

One had to admit that our Lord Jiu didn’t have any morality or principles when faced with her enemies!

Feng Shang heard all this and cut in with great difficulty, “I-I-I don’t have money, either. I-I-I know how it feels to be bullied because of that!”

He and Fu Jiu shared a high-five and felt like they were fellow sufferers.

Feng Shang comforted her, “I-I-Idol, you-you-you can have my mouse.”

“No need. I can make some money by playing games with Almighty tonight.” Fu Jiu stuffed more beef into her mouth as she spoke. They were having spicy hot pot, so her lips became redder from all the spiciness.

Qin Mo’s long and fair fingers paused. He looked at the silver-haired young man who was eating with his head buried down. A bizarre sense of guilt welled up in his heart…