Chapter 78 - Almighty Qin’s Thoughts

Chapter 78: Almighty Qin’s Thoughts

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After the delicious hot pot, Fu Jiu wanted to bid Almighty Qin farewell and return home to configure her small laptop. Even though she was a few parts short from completing her setup, she could still install the internal parts.

To her surprise, Almighty Qin asked her to stay. “I have a dinner appointment later. Join me and I’ll take you back after.”

Fu Jiu was about to reject the offer when Almighty Qin added plainly, “I’ll play games with you after that.”

Which means, no dinner, no games then?

But she just had hot pot. Eating more…

Qin Mo seemed to understand Fu Jiu’s concerns. He flicked his cigarette and continued, “Just a few drinks, no more food for you.”

“Actually, I can eat another plate of beef.” Fu Jiu held her chin and laughed, “Dinner it is.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything further, but Feng Shang, who was sitting at the side this whole time, saw that Young Master Qin’s facial expression had finally softened up.

The two of them had a dinner appointment later, so it wouldn’t really be appropriate for Feng Shang to be there. He was mostly worried that his elder brother would come and realize that he secretly attended the test.

Speaking of the contest, Feng Shang had some questions for Fu Jiu. “I-I-Idol, who are the other three members on our team? Can-can-can you tell me their in-game names? I-I-I’ll give them gold coins!”

Fu Jiu was happy with the rich and kind teammate she found, but…

“So far, the people on the team…” Fu Jiu paused here.

Feng Shang sat up straight, his eyes brightening with hope and curiosity.

“Are only you and me.” Evil as always, Fu Jiu said decisively, “Aren’t you proud to be one of the founding members!?”

Even a cutie like Feng Shang was still shocked by what Fu Jiu had said. So the truth was that the team hadn’t been set up yet… Why did he feel like he had fallen into a trap!

“Don’t you worry about not being able to get more people with me in it.” Fu Jiu wanted to pat Feng Shang’s shoulder as she was saying that.

Suddenly, Almighty Qin raised his hand and stopped Fu Jiu from completing the gesture, looking at her with his deep eyes. He tapped his lighter on her fair wrist. “Watch your paw.”

Was he really going to keep her under control now? Fu Jiu pursed her thin lips and disappointedly retracted her hand. “In a phrase, Baby Shang, don’t worry. There will be plenty of people who would want to game with us.”

Feng Shang thought about his idol’s abilities in games an got rid of some of his worries. But what the hell was “Baby Shang”?

Baby Shang had bitterness in his heart, but Baby Shang wouldn’t say it [1. This is a Chinese meme phrase without the Shang, usually used when a person wants to lament, calling themselves Baby.].

Plus, being recruited by his idol was really a joyful thing. Even though the team hadn’t been set up yet, he believed that they would thrive anyways!

And his idol promised that he would lead him to win first place!

If they didn’t have people on the team, he could buy three teammates with gold coins.

After all, he was only rich in games!

Thinking about that, Feng Shang stood up sadly. “Then-then I’ll go home first, Idol. I-I-I need to enhance my equipment to play with my idol and conquer the world. You-you-you keep Young Master Qin company first!”

“Okie.” Fu Jiu curled her lips upwards. Her eyes looked extremely pretty as they reflected the lights.

Feng Shang’s pretty young face blushed again when he took another glance at his idol. He thought about it and decided to remind his idol, so he secretly tugged at the corner of her clothes.

To his surprise, Almighty Qin was the first one to look in his direction because of his action.

He looked straight into his eyes. His handsome and godlike face tilted slightly, and his uplifting phoenix eyes were half raised. Clearly, his eyes were curved into a smile, but they still carried a harsh coldness.

Being stared at like that simply made people’s scalps numb…