Chapter 88 - You Are Merely Pretty

Chapter 88: You Are Merely Pretty

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My clothes… are not short, right?

Fu Jiu lowered her head to take a look at herself. Her coat was a normal size.Didn’t other boys dress in this way?

As for masculinity, she who was a real girl didn’t even need that.

Of course, she couldn’t casually say her thoughts out loud.

She just casually responded, “Got it.”

Seeing how the youngster didn’t take it seriously, Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. “Tomorrow, I will play tennis, and you will come together with me.”

“I still have school tomorrow.” Did Qin Mo forget that she was still a student?

Qin Mo said plainly, “After your class. As my little brother, you can’t always be like this.”

“Like this… like what?” Fu Jiu laughed, putting her hand on Qin Mo’s shoulder as she slowly approached. “Brother Mo, do you dare say I’m not handsome?”

Qin Mo removed the youngster’s hand and squeezed “his” chin with a little displeasure in his eyes. But his tongue was always sharp. “You are indeed beautiful, but not handsome at all. Come with me to do some exercise. Don’t always play games at home and make yourself look so tender.”

So it was her fault for having such good skin? Fu Jiu found out that Qin Mo really did regard her as his brother.

If… if he knew she was a girl, would he pinch her to death?

Fu Jiu glanced at that man, afraid of being found out. “Actually, I have something to do tomorrow…”

Qin Mo smiled with a hint of evilness and said overbearingly, “Keep your excuses to yourself. I will come to pick you up after class tomorrow.”

Fu Jiu: …It’s true that I can’t get away.

“Go on in.” Qin Mo lit a cigarette and leaned against the car. His eyebrows lifted up as he was looking at her.

Fu Jiu hooked the corners of her lips up. “Okay then. Brother Mo, once you get home, send me a message through WeChat and let’s play a round of games.”

“Okay,” Qin Mo responded. He got in the car and left first.

Fu Jiu stepped into her house after seeing the race car disappear into the distance.

Someone appeared to have visited. The house was a mess, with things strewn across the ground.

Fu Jiu’s eyes cooled down instantly, and she asked Chen Xiaodong, “What is going on?”

“The players who had been in the company before took the rest of the players away. Now the company is empty. Madam was sad and, and…” Chen Xiaodong clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth. “They even laughed at her, saying she didn’t have the ability and she wouldn’t have a decent team at all.”

Fu Jiu lifted her hands and threw the things onto the sofa with a “pa” sound. She laughed coldly, “Who are they?”

“Liang Xuguang, Zhang Yinchao, and Nie Xu. These three people are all ranked. Back when they first joined the company, their abilities were not that excellent. Many companies didn’t want them. It was Madam who knew that they came from humble origins and could not bear to let them return. She paid great attention to developing them. Now, they have their own fans, and their skills have also improved, but they treated Madam like this. Young Master, actually it is not their leaving that makes Madam sad, but the betrayal from the people closest to her,” Chen Xiaodong said with his eyes turning red.

Fu Jiu went outside when she heard that. She put the coat that she had taken off before back on. Her silver hair was blown away by the chilly wind.

“Wait a second. Where are you going?” Chen Xiaodong trailed behind her.

Fu Jiu put the skateboard on the ground and kicked off forcibly. As her handsome and cold back disappeared, she only left two words behind: “Internet café.”