Chapter 356 - Fu Jiu Covers For Other's Mistakes

Chapter 356: Fu Jiu Covers For Other’s Mistakes

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The manager had never expected this situation. The reason why he had said those words was to let Yamaguchi know his place. But now… look at the condemnation coming at him from all directions, especially from the reporters who were standing on the other side. They seemed to be writing the scene down.

He was acutely aware that sweat began beading on his forehead. Then he said quietly, “Yamaguchi, you know I didn’t mean that. But the scores this time really aren’t presentable. You always say that you want to leave, which is not good for anyone, because your contract is still here.”

Obviously, the manager wanted to stop Yamaguchi from creating a commotion. But this time, Yamaguchi, who was always forbearing, didn’t tolerate it anymore. “I will pay the penalty, and from now on I have nothing to do with Sakura Stream.”

Hearing this, Fu Jiu looked at Yamaguchi seriously. “Captain Yamaguchi, let my Brother Mo pay it. It’s okay if you don’t join the Supreme Alliance. My family also opened a club. In just one year, I have provided China with countless e-sport elites, like me, so you can consider coming to my place. As for the salary…”

Yamaguchi watched the youth be dragged away by Qin Mo by his back collar without being able to finish his sentence.

Faintly, he could still hear Qin Mo’s indifferent and imperious voice. “Countless e-sport elites? Like you? Besides you, who else was also trained by the He Family?

“Yaoyao, Baby Feng, and Uncle Yin. Brother Mo, you can’t ignore them.” As he was dragged away in this manner, Fu Jiu still attempted to persuade Yamaguchi. “Captain Yamaguchi, as you can see, in the competition just now, there were many players from our He Army. You are always welcome here.”

Yamaguchi: “…” This… let people feel like the youngster was not recruiting players to join, but marketing a product.

Qin Mo didn’t stop Fu Jiu. After hearing this, he said directly, “Two of them become talented through self-study. One of them was already an expert player. He joined He Army only the day before the competition. How could he be trained?”

Fu Jiu thought that the Almighty was removing the ground from underneath her feet, not cooperating with her at all. It was not a good situation.

Then, Fu Jiu hooked up her lips and smiled. “If I am the only one, I am worth a dozen others.”

“Little Fu Jiu,” Qin Mo loosened his hand and stopped walking.

Fu Jiu finally saved her collar and straightened it without lifting up her head. “Brother Mo, is this the nickname you prepared for me?”

Hearing this, Qin Mo turned his head back, held out his left hand and gently patted the youngster’s face. “If you don’t shut up, I will be more intimate with you.”

And then he threatened her again. Fu Jiu thought that life couldn’t continue like this and was planning to flirt back, but couldn’t resist Qin Mo’s next sentence. “Your eyes are still a little red. Where are the eye drops?”

“In my pocket.” After saying this, Fu Jiu thought she was very well-behaved.

Maybe it was because… she was rarely taken care of, so when she occasionally experienced it, she felt she could calm down…

Yin Wuyao just stood there, without moving his gaze.

Noticing that Uncle Yin was looking at her, Fu Jiu turned around and lifted up the corners of her lips, smiling. It seemed that no words were necessary.

Yin Wuyao paused for a moment, and smiled as well.

The reason why the little captain stood up was mainly because now Yamaguchi was like the former Fu Jiu.

It was hard to remember who said this sentence: If you get hurt, don’t give up. Let the hurt become your fighting armor.

Because one day, you will finally encounter someone who cherishes you…