Chapter 158 - The Battle Team Is Formed!

Chapter 158: The Battle Team Is Formed!

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Xue Yaoyao wasn’t going to laugh, but after she heard what Feng Shang said, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud before she said, “Okay.”

Feng Shang thought that she was, after all, the girl that his idol brought here, so she should be easy to get along with.

It was also Xue Yaoyao’s first time meeting a boy who didn’t think that she was fat. She noticed his kindness, and her nervousness instantly disappeared.

“I’m not so good at playing, so please teach me later.”

Feng Shang said, “No-no-no worries, we can always use mo-mo-money to pass.”

“How can we not pass with me here?” Fu Jiu stood up. She still had that lollipop in her mouth. Her lips were half-curled and her right hand was clenched in a fist, which she stretched out in front of her. “Let’s go kick Zone C’s ass.”

Looking at the fist in front of them, Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang looked at each other and reached out their arms as well, bumping their fists together.

A team composed of black sheep that would soon rock the gaming selection contest was formed just like this right then and there!

The three of them sat in a row. They were all wearing black headphones, and Fu Jiu’s technique was definitely the most brilliant among the three of them. She finished the process of logging in and undertaking a mission all in one breath.

It was dinner time now, so there weren’t many people were in the internet café at the moment.

Usually, after 8 p.m., there would be more people coming in groups.

“One more person.” Fu Jiu had her headphones on as she turned to say this to Feng Shang, “Put up an announcement and call for them.”

Ever since the last time, when the owner found out that Fu Jiu was <Spade Z>, he had wanted to see this young man play games in person. And now, “he” said they needed one more, so he extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray and said, “Will I do?”

Fu Jiu turned back and saw it was him. She laughed out loud, “Sure.”

There was one more ID name on the team now. Even though that name wasn’t on the top of the list, it still had a really high level. It seemed that he hadn’t been playing for a while.

The owner typed swiftly, “Bring it.”

There were four of them, and everyone had his/her own specialty. Fu Jiu was mainly in charge of attacking, and every strike of hers was lethal.

She was calmly directing the team, and she put them each in the spot they should be in.

In that small internet café, the rhythmic tapping sound of fingers on the keyboard keys echoed. This building was the cradle for the birth of a new battle team!

In only thirty minutes!


FC done!

And the screen was filled with the familiar blinding silver!

Accompanied by the sound effects, someone walked in. “WTF, who got a First Clear already? This sound is awesome!”

The owner stood up and opened a computer with that person’s ID.

Right after, another group walked in. By now, the whole internet café became very busy.

Fu Jiu gave up on the idea of eating here. She looked at Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao and took off her headphones. “Let’s go somewhere quiet so we can talk?”

The two of them naturally agreed.

There were too many people in the internet café, and it was not safe. Talking here was indeed inconvenient.

Fu Jiu stopped in her tracks for a moment when she was walking to the counter, and she said to the owner inside, “Are you interested in going to a professional league contest with us?”

“Me? Professional league contest?” The owner choked on the smoke by the surprise. “Cough, no way, I’m way too old for that. Didn’t you see those players on TV, they are like little kids!”

Fu Jiu lifted up the corners of her thin lips, and her finger glided over her jaw. “Those people play with their good looks; we play with our true talent. So, want to join us?”