Chapter 160 - No Fun to Beat Them Up Here!

Chapter 160: No Fun to Beat Them Up Here!

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There were a few players from the professional team who knew Fu Jiu. Since they used to work for He Honghua, they still saw Fu Jiu as someone who only knew how to solve problems with money and as someone who didn’t have any real capabilities.

“Someone is really carefree, still playing games in an internet café.”

“He’s just a loser who doesn’t know anything. What do you expect from him?”

“Looks like it was right for us to leave that company. He Honghua only knows to spoil her son. Our future would have been doomed eventually…”

Xue Yaoyao knew that they were talking about His Highness Jiu, and she turned to look at that young man.

Fu Jiu was still wearing that mask, and her deep eyes were full of light, like glazed frost in winter, but they were also cold and biting.

“Birds of a feather flock together. I heard from my classmates that he found a big fatty pig as his girlfriend. Now I know it’s true.”

Fu Jiu didn’t care at first.

But after hearing those words, Xue Yaoyao saw the young man lift his foot high and heavily kick that team member who was passing by them!

Her actions were extremely violent, but also extremely handsome!


That team member covered his knee, and his face turned pale from the pain.

“If you don’t know how to talk well, then shut the f*ck up!” Fu Jiu still had her hands in her pockets and she indifferently turned her head away. “Don’t spout bullsh*t everywhere.”

“You…” The other team members weren’t letting it go! Raising their fists, they threw them towards Fu Jiu!

“Stop!” There came Fu Ximing’s cold voice. “If you get into a fight in public in your uniforms, do you even know the consequences? You will see your pictures all over the gaming newspapers tomorrow. Come back now; a person who flunks in school doesn’t deserve your punches!”

Those players angrily pulled at their school bags, pointing at Fu Jiu with their fingers.

Feng Shang was rolling his sleeves up. This was his first time getting into a fight alongside his friends, so he was really active about it. “I-i-idol, do you-you-you want me to beat them up for you?”

“No need.” Fu Jiu curled her lips up into a smile. “There’s no fun beating them up here.”

Feng Shang was confused. “Then-then-then where should we beat them up?” Was picking a place for brawls a thing now? He had never been in a fight before, so he didn’t know at all.

“In games.” Fu Jiu looked up, and her voice traveled through the mask, as if she were a king talking with great eloquence. “Let’s ‘kill’ them all at the selection contest.”

The silver hair on her forehead was blown away by the breeze, causing her to look like she was surrounded with a shimmery light.

Those people still didn’t know that Fu Jiu was <Spade Z>, so they continued being angry all on their own.

“Young Master Fu, are we just letting him go like this?! Did you hear what he just said? Spouting shi*t?! He was insulting you!”

All the players wanted to take their revenge on her. They had never liked her when they were still in the company. They only put up with her for the sake of getting their salaries. Now that He Honghua was no longer their boss, why would they still tolerate him?

“Who said I would let him go?” Fu Ximing laughed coldly and disdainfully, “It’s not only you guys, so many people at school want to give him a lesson. It’s just a matter of money; just let someone else to do it and deliver him right at your feet with his head covered, then it would be easier for you to beat him up. Don’t you think so?”