Chapter 702 - Almighty Qin Wants More Intimate Scenes

Chapter 702: Almighty Qin Wants More Intimate Scenes

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Qin Mo took a puff. “Who is in charge of the script?”

“Old Wei.” Feng Yi tugged his tie. “I just had a drink with him and gotten some information.”

Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette. “I doubt your tolerance has reached its limit.”

“You should know my tolerance. How could I be at my limit?” Feng Yi was best at doing business over drinks.

Qin Mo spoke faintly, “Have another drink, get him to add more intimate scenes.”

Feng Yi: “…”

What an unexpected request!

And it was of such a nature!

“Boss Qin, it’s a pity you aren’t an actor!”  ( NovelFull )

Qin Mo sat down, his legs long and straight. “Thanks for the compliment.”

“Let’s get this straight, this program is to help Little Spade boost his popularity.”

Qin Mo lifted a brow. “You don’t think he would be popular by being with me?”

“Yes, everyone knows you’re good and have come so far with your skills.”

Qin Mo cut him off. “I thought I have come so far because of my face.”

Feng Yi: … This… wasn’t wrong.

“When the script is done, I’ll attend another activity,” Qin Mo promised.

It wasn’t easy for Almighty Qin to attend activities since he had to be willing.

Feng Yi tugged his tie, resuming his intellectual and suave image. “I’ll get Old Wei to add more intimate scenes.”

The call ended and Qin Mo swept his gaze back to a certain number, sweeping his gaze over the avatar beside the number.

Since it wasn’t enough, he had to continue converting him.

Qin Mo straightened his arm towards the drink, pausing slightly.

His gaze sweeping towards his arm, his black eyes gleaming like a gem, deep and unfathomable…

On the next day, Bo Jiu was directing funds acquisition in Fu Mansion when she received a call from lawyer Bai.

“I don’t have to take action on the Wu family.” She closed the documents, a sheen reflecting off her spectacles. “It would probably be hard for her to continue being a police officer, much less to say stay in the crime squad. If it was an organization, money could be used to settle the problem, but this is the crime squad after all. Besides, the Qin family seems to have taken action. As business partners, shouldn’t you tell me why the Qin family is helping you?”

Bo Jiu laughed. “I’m a member of the Supreme Alliance, which is under the Qin Group. Is Boss Bai satisfied with this explanation?”

( NovelFull )   “A perfect excuse.” He straightened his legs. “But, student, do you really think I haven’t seen Supreme Alliance’s official Weibo? It’s filled with love.”

In the past, Bo Jiu could still say it was brotherly love.

But now…

Bo Jiu remained silent.

Lawyers would usually go straight to the point, especially someone like lawyer Bai.

Bo Jiu knew Wu Zhen had been punished by the Almighty, but there were some things that Boss Bai was mistaken about.

Due to the unique nature of the crime squad, the Almighty would never allow anyone to use their power to destroy it.

The lack of corruption in the crime squad was the reason behind the fear of some.

Officer Wu’s actions had challenged certain boundaries.

Bo Jiu stood up, prepared to walk downstairs, but her phone went off.

“Boss Feng, what is it?” Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, a crafty smile on her lips, completely unaware of the trap she was going to enter.