Chapter 654 - Japanese Server

Chapter 654: Japanese Server

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“Alright, it’s better over here.” Bo Jiu shifted in the chair, folding her legs as she focused on the man in a patient gown. “Brother Mo, you really are good looking.”

Qin Mo wanted to respond, but the Alliance chat rang.

Lin Chentao had written, “F*ck, the Japanese side just called me arrogant, who’s up for a match?!”

“Rude Taotao, you’re not behaving. Why are you there? You should be training properly.” Luo Luojiang sent an emoticon blowing her nails.

Lin Chentao replied, “The Japanese proclaimed that Chinese female gamers are either ugly or fat.”

“Oh?” Luo Luojiang’s smile disappeared. “Tell me where he is, I’m going to make him pay.”

“On the Japanese server. Let’s go together, their team is still there.”

“Japanese server? Forming a team again? Count me in!” Lin Feng appeared.

Lin Chentao sent an emoticon of a shoulder slap. “We are both assassins, it doesn’t fit, your Yun Hu would be better.”

“Alright, wait a moment, I’ll drag him over.” Even if he couldn’t participate, he wanted to be an audience!

“We have the helpers, now we lack a tank, where are the tanks, come on!” Luo Luojiang shouted. “This team is indeed arrogant. Their results aren’t bad though, they haven’t lost before.”

Chen Yiguang mentioned, “Without a tank, we’re as good as dead.”

“Get Qin Mo.” Luo Luojiang sent three words and added after these, “He’s a tank as well.”

Lin Chentao replied, “Don’t you also have his WeChat?”

“We have never spoken privately before, besides, I’m not dumb, I was rejected before. Is it still right for me to have private conversations with him?” Luo Luojiang pressed both palms at her side. “I have pride.”

Lin Chentao: “… I can’t get him.”

“Little Spade should be able to use tanks.” Lin Feng informed them voluntarily.

Luo Luojiang immediately replied, “Since its Little Spade, I wouldn’t mind being rejected, leave it to me!”

Lin Chentao: “Why does it seem like you’re exploiting this for a private matter?”

“Shut up, I’m going to invite my Little Spade.” Luo Luojiang was in a cheery mood.

However, someone else wasn’t feeling so cheery.

Qin Mo glanced at the chat, his brows deeply knotted.

My Little Spade?

He had really underestimated someone’s ability to get girls.

Luo Luojiang was a straightforward girl as most girls who gamed would develop a decisive nature.

“Little Spade, are you feeling bored after resting the entire day? We’re going to form a team on the Japanese server but we lack a tank, can you play tanks?”

Bo Jiu hadn’t read the chat yet. “Yeah, which zone is the Japanese server? I’ll go in.”

As expected, the youngster was different.

Luo Luojiang broke into a smile, she didn’t have to say much to convince the youngster — that was how gaming was supposed to be!

Shortly after, an unlikely team emerged.

Practically all five were from a different team, but they formed one of the strongest troop arrangements, each of them having a god-like status in their fangirls’ hearts.

If the fans knew, as Bo Jiu had mentioned, they would go crazy.

The managers, on the other hand, would start to fret if they found out.

Wasn’t there enough tension from the National League? Why would they add another level of stress?

There was also the next match to take into account.

This group of five would probably end up having to fight against each other on the next day…