Chapter 957 - Giving out Candy

Chapter 957: Giving out Candy

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He hung up before listening to the reply.

Bo Jiu moved her phone aside while Qin Mo arched a brow. “Lin Feng?”

“Mmh,” she answered.

Qin Mo chuckled, but there wasn’t a hint of warmth in his eyes. “He’s going to sleep at your place?”

“That seems to be the case.” She watched his defined features and had a tinkling suspicion that a certain someone was down on his luck.

Speaking of which, Lin Feng was really down on his luck. He left home with so much vigor and confidence, slamming the door with a loud thud with plans to spend the next two days in a hotel room.

He wasn’t poor, but the moment he left home, he realized he had left his wallet at home. He did have enough money to hail a cab since he could pay using a phone app, but he would need his identification card to book a hotel room.

He couldn’t just leave in the morning and go back at night since that wasn’t considered as running away from home, but how a child would do it!

However, if he went back just to take his identification card… That would be embarrassing!

Yun Hu would definitely make a joke out of it that he couldn’t even be decisive about running from home.

This meant that he had more reasons not to head back as he wasn’t going to be picked on!

Even if Yun Hu didn’t pick on him, e would definitely sweep him a glance.

Moreover, there were the writings. They were horrifying. He actually harbored intentions to use those tactics on him.

F*ck, was he really that easy?! He was forced to roam the streets outside!

With that, Lin Feng kicked the wall. The moment he kicked the wall, he recoiled in pain. “F*ck!”

That was the scene Qin Mo and Bo Jiu saw first when they arrived.

Honestly, only someone as naive as him would kick the wall.

Lin Feng was the perfect epitome of naivety.

Bo Jiu rolled down the car window and whistled.

Lin Feng’s first reaction was to turn and immediately saw the silver-haired youngster. Bo Jiu sat in the car and was looking at him with a casual smile on her face. “It’s a handsome position.”

“Of course.” Lin Feng wanted to say more, but then he realized it was a familiar car.

After a closer inspection, another face entered his gaze, aristocratic and indifferent.

In that moment, Lin Feng swallowed his words. F*ck, why hadn’t Little Spade warned him about Captain?

Lin Feng was much more restrained with Qin Mo around. For instance, he didn’t just sling his arm around Little Spade as he usually did, instead, he entered a complaining mode the moment they entered the living room. “Anyways, I have decided not to go home so arrange a room for me.”

Bo Jiu watched him as she thought, This guy isn’t a match for Almighty Yun. Didn’t he consider the possibility of Almighty Yun coming over to search for him?

“You have no idea how pathetic I was the past few days.” Lin Feng hugged a pillow. Lying on the sofa, he glanced up at the ceiling before looking at Bo Jiu. “I am a grown man and yet I have to be on guard against my own brother, worried he will take advantage of me. In the past, we could spend the day chatting about everything and when the room got too hot, I could just remove my shirt. We could game together or watch a movie. Basically, life was entertaining. But now, I have to be tightly bundled at home. I can’t even go near him or sling my arm around him and it’s starting to affect my vibe! F*ck, that guy is too much. Why did he have to fall for me?”

Bo Jiu didn’t interrupt, but she burst into laughter. Little Submissive Lin really seemed rather pitiful.

“Hey, Little Spade, do you have beer?” Little Lin didn’t see himself as submissive at all, he was the dominant one.

Bo Jiu didn’t think she should laugh to outrageously and thus held onto her chin while she arched a brow lazily. “I do, why?”

“Pass me a can, the situation is making me stuffy.” Lin Feng moved the pillow aside, his eyes lighting up.

Qin Mo walked over and tossed him a can, his tone neutral. “Why? He doesn’t even allow you to drink?”

“That isn’t it.” Lin Feng pulled the tab on the can and downed a mouthful. “I’m afraid I would drink too much, giving him a chance to take advantage. He isn’t an easy target, I have to keep sober in order to deal with him.”

Qin Mo glanced at him, replying leisurely, “I see.”

“Think about it, don’t I seem pitiful? I’m someone who loves drinking beer and eating meat skewers, robbing me off my Budweiser was akin to asking for my life.” Lin Feng took another mouthful of beer.

Qin Mo sat there, tossing him another can of beer. “It is pitiful indeed. Do you need some appetisers to go with the beer?”

Lin Feng had never seen his captain so kind and understanding before. Was it because of Little Spade?

Pssh, a person in love was unbelievable. Such a drastic change seemed rather frightening though.

Lin Feng caressed his arm. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong. He would have a good drink before having his beauty sleep, nothing else seemed as important anymore!

Chen Xiaodong stood at the side looking confused.

Something wasn’t right! What had he just heard? Almighty Yun was going after Almighty Lin and even with such audacity?

He had always dismissed the rumours online, taking them as lies since he knew how clingy Lin Feng was to all his brothers.

He never understood what the girls were thinking as Almighty Yun and Almighty Lin had always behaved normally.

When did it all start to change? No, that was not right. Perhaps he should be asking why there were so many gays around him. His young master, Almighty Qin, who turned gay because of his young master, and now Almighty Yun and Almighty Lin…

As a straight man, he felt incredibly pressured with so many gays around him.

He should be making a call now, for Madam to continue shopping with Movie Queen An because the situation at home looked rather dangerous.

Chen Xiaodong was afraid He Honghua couldn’t accept that her son had turned gay and the many converted friends he had around him.

After serving the dishes, Chen Xiaodong went on with his business. Before he left, however, he glanced at the empty cans at the side. They seemed to be piling up.

Bo Jiu was glancing at the pile as well, but only arched a brow while she continued eating.

As expected, someone was down on his luck as the naive Lin Feng had no idea that the Almighty was trying to get him drunk. This person…

Bo Jiu was at a loss for words.

Right at this moment, Lin Feng stood up. He faltered slightly, his speech starting to slur. “No, I have to make a call to flaunt to that guy!”

Bo Jiu shook his newest can. It was empty. She then turned to glance at the Maotai the Almighty had pushed over.

Undoubtedly, Lin Feng was drunk.

“What are you going to flaunt about?” Bo Jiu warned him internally.

Lin Feng tossed his phone on the table. He picked it up and pressed a string of numbers. “Flaunt my successful escape from home.”

Bo Jiu: … Was that even worth to flaunt about?

At this moment, the call was connected and put on speaker.

Over at the other end was a familiar deep tone with a hint of anxiety. “Where are you?”

“You, heh, why should I tell you!” Lin Feng hiccuped, his expression fetching.

Bo Jiu glanced over. He was seeking death.

Yun Hu paused. “You drank?”

“I didn’t just drink, I ate meat too! That’s right! I’m with…” Lin Feng wanted to brag about girls, but he glanced around. With no girl in sight, he decided to alter his statement. “Hot guys.”

Yun Hu narrowed his eyes, his voice turning cold. “What hot guys?”

“A silver-haired hottie.” The alcohol was starting to kick in, which affected his thinking. “You don’t have to care about that, let brother tell you, I’m not coming home tonight, you can play alone!”

Yun Hu arched his brows. “A silver-haired hottie?”

“What is it?” Lin Feng lifted his arm suavely. “Why can’t his hair be silver? Anyways, he looks better than you!”

Yun Hu’s tone turned warmer as though he was a different person. There was even a hint of laughter in his voice. “There isn’t anything wrong, have fun.”

With that, he hung up.

Lin Feng was confused and turned towards Bo Jiu. “What does he mean? That guy doesn’t believe I’m with a hottie?”

Bo Jiu clasped a palm over her forehead and thought, He just doesn’t wish to continue listening to your rubbish and is on his way over. There aren’t many silver-haired hotties out there.

Bo Jiu kept that to herself though as Lin Feng was naive beyond redemption.

Qin Mo was shaking the wine glass in his hand, his voice indifferent. “Looks like I won’t have to make that call.”


He was planning something after getting Almighty Lin drunk, but who knew Lin Feng would be this silly.

What was the meaning of this? He was delivering himself as a present?

The drunk Lin Feng hadn’t realized this at all and insisted on having a heartfelt conversation with Bo Jiu. “Tell me, isn’t he too much? I have never had a decent girlfriend and every girl that approached me did it because of him. It’s making me doubt girls, f*ck!”

“You want a girlfriend?” Bo Jiu believed that love couldn’t be forced. Of Lin Feng wanted to find a girlfriend, she would keep him at her place regardless of what happened.

Lin Feng shook his head. “That isn’t the main point.”

“If that isn’t the main point, what is?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Lin Feng took another mouthful of beer, replying seriously, “Do I look that weak? Shouldn’t those novels put me at the top?”

“Is that what you were deliberating about?” Bo Jiu asked.

Lin Feng waved his hands. “That isn’t it, it can’t be clarified, I just hate being controlled, I have never cared about him having meals with girls.”

Bo Jiu: … Is this the time to complain about such things? Undoubtedly, Senior Lin was starting to grow increasingly gay.

“Where’s the beer?” Lin Feng’s pretty eyes narrowed. “Give me another can, we have to drink till we drop. Little Spade, you can tell brother as well, what grievances do you have with Captain? Don’t worry, I will never tell on you, it would be our secret forever.”

He was so drunk he didn’t even remember that the Almighty was actually present. Bo Jiu was starting to worry about his fate tonight.

“Honestly, I never would have imagined that our yaptain would accept you. I always thought the girl he kissed during the dance was his true love.” Lin Feng shook his head. “Captain is so fickle.”

Qin Mo arched a brow, chuckling. His tone was colder than before. “It would be bad if Yun Hu brought you back tonight, right?”

“How can that be! That guy would never know I’m here, he probably thinks I’m in some random hotel having a rendezvous with someone.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo smiled.

Bo Jiu watched as the Almighty sent three words to Almighty Yun. “Take him back.”

He received a reply almost instantly. “I’m on my way, almost there.”

As expected, Almighty Yun had already guessed his location after his previous phone call.

But Lin Feng was still completely oblivious as he hiccuped, “Little Spade, who can the girl be? That’s right! Honestly, what did you wear that day, why didn’t any of us find you?”

“Guess.” Bo Jiu slouched lazily.

Lin Feng shook his head. “It was probably something hideous, I know that feeling. If you cross-dressed, it would definitely be the death of us guys. Pssh, that isn’t right, you aren’t straight, you are gay. Wait a minute, stop moving, let me look for myself. Why does it look so familiar? I remember, the girl from that day has the same eyes…”

Bo Jiu frowned. Did he perhaps recognize her? She didn’t wish to be busted, it would be a massive headache.

Since Qin Mo heard it as well, he turned towards Lin Feng.

It was obvious that Lin Feng was still wrapping his brain around it. As for what it was, only he would know.

Bo Jiu was about to comment when Lin Feng slapped the back of his head. “Little Spade, do you have a sister you haven’t introduced to us?”

Bo Jiu: … A naive person’s mind sure was interesting.

“Your sister sure is pretty.” Lin Feng was lost in his own imagination. “Did Captain agree to be with you because of how similar you look to your sister? Aish! Another substitute love story. Little Spade, you sure are pitiful.”

Bo Jiu was speechless. “Why is a straight man thinking about substitute love stories?”

“Who said straight men can’t read substitute love story?” Lin Feng was starting to nag again. “I like it!”

Qin Mo seemed to have lost all his patience as he sent another text. “Where are you?”

Very quickly, a few words appeared on his screen. “Entrance.”

With that, Qin Mo stood up.

Lin Feng was still holding onto Bo Jiu’s shoulder, having a heartfelt conversation. “Let brother tell you, none of the men out there are good. If Captain is treating you as a substitute, you definitely have to toss him aside. I would be with you after I toss Tiger.”

“Before saying that, perhaps you should take a look behind.” Bo Jiu held onto her chin, a warning tone in her voice.

Lin Feng turned back casually. The moment he caught sight of Yun Hu, he asked in a slurred tone, “Who is this hottie? He looks familiar.”