Chapter 425 - Jiu, Do You Like Qin Mo?

Chapter 425: Jiu, Do You Like Qin Mo?

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All of a sudden, Qin Mo deepened his eyes involuntarily. He turned his head and just looked at the youngster.

Fu Jiu felt a little confused. She hadn’t blown air into the Almighty’s eyes, so why was he giving her a warning look?

Fu Jiu thought that it was a warning, but such a scene appeared differently in He Honghua’s eyes.

He Honghua was carrying a tea set and her body trembled to the point of almost dropping the tea..

Finally, she took a deep breath and stepped back.

Seeing there was nothing between Jiu and Qin Mo, she found a chance to speak.

“Jiu, come here. I’m carrying too much stuff and can’t take them out…”

With He Honghua’s shout, Qin Mo retracted his gaze. With low voice, he said, “Auntie is calling you. Go ahead. As for the pay, we will chat later.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

All businessmen were profiteers. The Almighty was no exception when he was scheming.

If she had known, she would have thought of another excuse.

Never had she expected her mother to do this.

Fu Jiu let out a long sigh. By the time she stood up again, she was already in her languid appearance.

I’ll just adopt the necessary measures depending on the situation. I can owe the Almighty anyway.

After all, she was younger than him.

This was the happiest matter to Fu Jiu since her reincarnation.

The Almighty was never too hard on her despite threatening to teach her a lesson. After all, the Almighty had said that he would make a concession for his younger brother.

With this in mind, there was a smile between her thin lips.

Oddly, there was nothing for her to take out from the kitchen actually.

Looking at the youngster walk into the kitchen with a single hand in her trouser pocket, He Honghua dragged Fu Jiu aside. “Jiu, what the hell is going on between you and Qin Mo?”

Fu Jiu understood immediately. Her request for help was only an excuse. Her mother simply wanted to have a private conversation with her, but her mother anxiety was evident.

Before Fu Jiu answered the first question, He Honghua came up with a second one with her heart heavy. “I heard from Xiaodong last time that the reason why you started playing games is because of Qin Mo. Is that true, Jiu?”

It was difficult for Fu Jiu to answer this question. If she said she had originally played the game for money to defeat the mistress and retake the Fu Corporation, then it was hard for her to explain away the situation at the shareholders’ meeting.

Fu Jiu was a person who disliked telling lies.

Because to hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed.

However, she still needed to avoid any further suspicion from He Honghua.

Certain things only added to the misery if they learned of it.

But, Fu Jiu didn’t plan on continuing with her lies.

She chuckled, and instead of answering, she asked, “Mom, why are you suddenly asking me this?”

“I’m afraid…” He Honghua raised her voice as she said that before she immediately kept it down.

But even so, it drew the attention of Qin Mo who was sitting on the sofa.

He stood up without the mother-daughter knowing, under the impression that Fu Jiu wasn’t able to carry all the items alone.

He Honghua continued whispering, “I am afraid you’ll fall in love with him. You have grown up and some emotions are hard to control. Mom knows that. But Mom needs to remind you that the Qin Family has very high standards, so let’s consider it when I earn as much money as them. Mom just doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu smiled. “Mom, look at how far your thoughts have strayed. Brother Mo and I are just good friends.”

“Really?” He Honghua’s eyes lit up. “You don’t like him?”

Fu Jiu acknowledged subconsciously, “Nope.”

Unexpectedly, the moment Fu Jiu said that, He Honghua’s expression changed when she looked behind her…