Chapter 468 - Xue Yaoyao's Elder Brother

Chapter 468: Xue Yaoyao’s Elder Brother

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There was no way that a Jiang Family birthday party would be anything but ordinary.

In fact, Xue Yaoyao didn’t want to be present at such an occasion.

For she knew well that Jiang Zuo didn’t wish to accept her as a younger sister, much less her mother.

As soon as she thought of that man’s emotionless face, Xue Yaoyao felt unease.

She wished that her mother hadn’t married Uncle Jiang, but she knew she shouldn’t be selfish.

She knew very well that Uncle Jiang was a good man and he was always thoughtful to her mother.

People said that it was all thanks to the good deeds her mother had done in her previous life that allowed her to have such a wealthy husband.

Maybe it was because he was old and he didn’t think too much about it.

Jiang Zuo’s father was a military man, and he liked how gentle and caring Mother Xue was.

There had always been a misunderstanding between he and his son.

The house could not do without a mistress.

Jiang Zuo’s father had his hesitations on remarrying.

At last, he decided to marry her.

They went through the normal process of getting to know each other to falling in love.

He had to give the woman a title.

And he had talked about this with Jiang Zuo.

Jiang Zuo only threw three words at him—Up to you. He didn’t seem opposed to it, but he wasn’t agreeable to it either.

Only when he saw Xue Yaoyao and her family did he finally change his attitude completely.

He was sure that Xue Yaoyao and her mum wanted their money.

Even Jiang Zuo himself didn’t know why he hated the idea of his father’s remarriage.

At the same time, he knew very well that at the Jiang Family, he was the legitimate inheritor to all of the family’s fortune.

As long as Grandpa was still around, no woman who entered would be able to mess with the family rules.

Xue Yaoyao’s mother knew this too.

She treated Jiang Zuo as a child. After all, no matter how wealthy and precious he was, he was only three years older than Yaoyao.

But after some interaction, Xue Yaoyao’s mother realized that children could have different ways of thinking.

Like Jiang Zuo, he was a mature child, so overly mature that she needed to think before she did anything.

But this was normal for a step mother.

Few days before the birthday party, she informed her child to be quieter at the Jiang Mansion, and never take anything that she shouldn’t.

Xue Yaoyao also knew the pressure her mother was facing by marrying into this new household, and that she had to consider a lot of things.

Therefore, Yaoyao never shared her troubles with her mother even when she was mocked or bullied.

Like now.

“Why are you here at the birthday party?”

“Don’t tell me you still have that crush on Young Master Jiang.”

“Eww, that’s so disgusting, I thought she was just chubby. Now that Young Master Jiang is becoming her brother, she’s hoping to enjoy the benefits of a favorable position? Cant she see how much he hates her family?”

“I think you should cut it out. Some poor people would give up their dignity for money, like her mother. Didn’t she marry Uncle Jiang for his money?”

Xue Yaoyao clenched her fingers; if not for her mother’s exhortations, she would have charged forward and scream at them, telling them that not every poor person did things for money.

Why do these rich people always judge people solely by their wealth?

She was unwilling to become a Jiang; perhaps, the reason had to do with this.

But she needed to be there for the occasion.

“Look at her, I’ve never seen someone look more awful in a dress.”

“I think she lost some weight.”

“Maybe she’s trying secretly, I won’t believe that she isn’t interested in Young Master Jiang. The fox may grow gray but never good.”