Chapter 856 - Complex Thoughts

Chapter 856: Complex Thoughts

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Bo Jiu lifted her lids, a mischievous look was on her face. “I’m shy.”

How exactly did she look shy? Qin Mo lifted a brow, pulling her from the little boy’s side. His stance was clear, he wasn’t messing around.

The fact that she was still here in his hands was most important.

Unexpectedly, there were times he felt afraid.

He was afraid that it was too late — he was afraid that he would never be able to see her again.

It truly was infuriating.

Qin Mo tilted his head to look at her.

Bo Jiu sighed internally at his glare. He was angry after all.

She knew coaxing him wasn’t going to be easy; just like when they had been younger as he had always been so haughty.

But shouldn’t he be happy with the evidence she gave the crime squad?


His thoughts were so complex.

Having a mental war with him, you would need more brain cells than normal.

Just as she was about to sigh, he tossed a lollipop over: a familiar brand in her favorite flavour with an added mix of his unique tobacco blend.

With a smile on her face, she removed the wrapper and stuffed it into her mouth, looking adorable paired with her black headband.

Qin Mo didn’t continue, tightening his hand over her left hand.

The staff and little boy eyed each other, turning behind for more gossip.

But the two other crime squad members were equally confused about the situation.

More importantly, that young expert didn’t head straight for the basement towards the car.

Instead, he went to the café on the second floor towards the seat beside the window where a brand new laptop was placed. The screen was still running.

Fatty felt a need to report the situation. “Young Master, I don’t think Little Spade is the master from before since Little Spade is with you, but the defence mechanism is still eliminating the virus. The timing and location just doesn’t match up.”

Qin Mo didn’t say much, but his voice was calm. “Noted.” He hung up, his long fingers breezing past the edge of the computer. It was still warm.

Casually, he asked, “What do you think of it?”

It was obvious who the question was for.

Bo Jiu lifted her brow, a faint smile on her face “The quality isn’t bad and it’s suited to be brought to the station for investigation.”

With the lollipop as substance, her thoughts were much clearer.

Not many knew why she was always eating candies.

In fact, after the large scale network defense, she was in dire need of sustenance in order to maintain a quick mind.

Moreover, the battle of wits with the Almighty was putting a toll on her, explaining her need for food.

It was scientifically proven that the more brain power was used, the more sugar was needed.

That was also the reason behind Lawyer Bai’s love for desserts.

However, because of that, Bo Jiu realized a problem.

It wasn’t possible for the Almighty to not know about this.

Why did the lollipop in her mouth seem like a test by the Almighty?

“Young Master Qin!” One of the crime squad members, who was looking at the computer, seemed to have found something. “Something’s up!”

Qin Mo turned to the location he was pointing, his dark gaze sweeping the screen a glance.

The crime squad member was a stark contrast. “Qin Xing Internet café? What does that mean?”