Chapter 207 - The Overjoyed He Honghua

Chapter 207: The Overjoyed He Honghua

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First…First in the whole grade?!

He Honghua’s face was full of unfathomable shock. She was so surprised that at that moment, she even doubted if something went wrong with her ears?!

The person on the other end of the phone was still talking, “Hello? Ms. He? Are you still there? Ms. He?”

“I…”He Honghua finally regained her senses and asked reluctantly, “May I ask how many Fu Jius there are in No.1 Middle School? Teacher, are you sure you’re calling the right person?”

“Yes,” that teacher laughed lightly, “There is only one Fu Jiu, your Fu Jiu, in the whole school. The number that he provided us with is also only this one.”

Now He Honghua was way beyond excitement. “You, you mean it really is my Fu Jiu, and that he ranked first?!”

“Of course it is true. The scores will be announced formally on posters tomorrow in school, but right now we need to discuss the gaming contest. This kind of extracurricular activity needs parental approval, so I’m calling you for this.”

“I approve.” He Honghua’s face was flushed pinkish red, and even her tone had changed due to her joy, “As long as the school is okay with this, I’m approving everything my Fu Jiu would like to do.”

That teacher knew about how He Honghua spoiled her child, but she was also not sure who spread the rumors about He Honghua and painted Fu Jiu’s mother as a demoness.

For them, He Honghua was a ruthless village auntie. She was uneducated, and she agreed with everything her son did.

But through this short phone call, the teacher finally knew that He Honghua was nothing like she had initially thought she was.

This middle-aged woman was not educated indeed, but she wasn’t arrogant at all. On the contrary, she had great manners. Although she did spoil her child a little, it was still under the condition that she had the school’s permission.

Plus, who would not want to spoil a child like Fu Jiu?

This teacher was a mother herself. She had watched the interview from a while ago before she had called He Honghua, and from Fu Jiu’s short speech, she knew that this young man deserved to be spoiled by all!

Fu Jiu pushed the door open and saw He Honghua’s joyful face.

People said that when women got to a certain age, they turned back to their childish selves. Even since He Honghua fixed her relationship with her Fu Jiu, she had become exactly like that.

When she saw Fu Jiu, she circled around her, jumped, and bounced like a little girl. “Jiu, I got a call from your school. The teacher praised you for a long time and said that I raised you well.”

“Dear Ms. He, you did a wonderful job raising your child.” Fu Jiu pulled He Honghua over and motioned for her to sit down with a smile. “How else did I, this creature of excellence, come out?”

When He Honghua heard Fu Jiu’s words, she laughed even more sweetly, “Yup! Exactly!”

Chen Xiaodong walked in and didn’t know what had happened. He only saw that his young master was making his mum happy as f*ck just like what he did to other girls. He sighed inside uncontrollably.

Why did he have such a strong feeling that ever since Fu Jiu woke up again from the hospital, he became more and more like an enchantress?!

Today is the day when the tests results will be given out. Is he preparing Madam for his awful test scores now because he messed up again?

Chen Xiaodong was talking to himself, It doesn’t matter if Young Master did well or not. Young Master is now so thoughtful that I would willingly follow him around for my whole life.

In order to show his loyalty, Chen Xiaodong said to his young master in a lowered voice when He Honghua went to get the soup, “Young Master, don’t worry. I know the school is publishing the test results tomorrow, but I will cover for you and not let Madam know!”