Chapter 515 - Almighty Qin Can't Help Thinking...

Chapter 515: Almighty Qin Can’t Help Thinking…

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We are the only two in the Hummer.

That thought made his throat dry.

He wanted to relax himself, so he kept a cigarette between his fingers, trying his best not to look back, especially when he heard the sound of rustling cloth. Instead, he leaned his head back a little and looked at the smoggy fog outside.

But some unknown reason, what appeared in his eyes was that fellow’s appearance in female clothes back at the party.

Fair-skinned legs, beautiful collarbones, and those watery eyes.

To stop his thoughts from running wild, Qin Mo decided to simply look back.

He saw the youngster’s waist.

The smooth, fair skin, and the way it squirmed to fit into the sweater left his heart palpitating.

An irrepressible feeling flooded out from Qin Mo’s chest, devouring all of his senses.

His lower abdomen was indescribably hot and that heat spread to every muscle and fiber in him. Even his cigarette-pinching fingers sank heavily as a result.

At that moment, he even wanted the youngster to sit on his lap naked, or rip off all of his clothes in the car, teaching him a harsh lesson until water really came out of those watery eyes.

The more he pictured everything in his head, the less he could control himself.

In this upheaval of thoughts, Qin Mo knew clearly that those desires were abnormal.

For how could someone crave for someone who had the same body structure and in such a strong way?

Qin Mo closed his eyes tightly and when he opened his eyes again, there was only dead silence left in the car.

When Fu Jiu turned around, she discovered those eyes staring at her. The stare tightened her heart.

She tried her best to prevent her breath from being irregular as she curled her lips.

Could it be that… the Almighty has found out?

That was the worst case possible.

Even so, Fu Jiu still chose to be quiet.

A car drove past the Hummer and its headlights illuminated the Hummer’s interior.

The two of them were staring at each other.

After an unknown period of time, Fu Jiu heard that pleasant and indifferent man’s whisper. “I’m sending you home.”


Fu Jiu smiled slowly for it meant that her identity remained a secret.

On second thought, it was not possible for she had changed really quickly.

Plus it was almost impossible to see anything in the car. Almighty had not switched on the light and there was only smog outside.

The most he could see was her back.

At the end of the day, Almighty was unhappy because that he had kissed a “boy.”

Fu Jiu knew it well, after all. Almighty was a straight man, and although being respectful towards homosexual love was one thing, becoming one himself was definitely something uncomfortable.

Not to mention that’s Almighty’s first kiss… Now, she was a total criminal in his heart.

Fu Jiu thought that it was necessary to explain. “Brother Mo, when your little admirer asked me to give up the dance, I really wanted to say yes, and let her dance with you.”

Even though she didn’t really like her, she had really wanted to give it up in order to avoid the Almighty.

Fu Jiu didn’t know that the explaining only made Qin Mo’s eyes colder. He unlocked the door on the right. “You are home, get out.”

Fu Jiu realized that Qin Mo was upset.

It was indeed not suitable for them to chat any further.

Qin Mo sped off the moment Fu Jiu got out the Hummer.

In the fog, the car started up, the wheel rubbing against the ground and created a blast of heat…