Chapter 762 - Qin Mo’s Code

Chapter 762: Qin Mo’s Code

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“Wu Zhen and Su Mei are investigating Young Master Jiu’s birth.”

When he read that one line, Qin Mo’s eyes hardened, turning dark and icy.

“Address, details.”

When the special forces soldier saw those two words, he immediately knew it wasn’t a good time for a call.

They didn’t address Qin Mo as Young Master just because he was the sole descendant of the Qin family.

There was another reason, which not many knew about.

While they were handling international cases, Qin Mo used the codename Young Master.

His subordinates would always address him as Young Master when they passed him information.

Back then, Qin Mo had indeed been young. In fact, he had just been a high school student when he unexpectedly became a legendary case-solver.

That wasn’t even all as Young Master would also handle tricky international cases.

All these years, even Director Hunag didn’t know about this.

Qin Mo had always been a part of the crime squad.

Of course, the special troops he led weren’t simple either.

Once they sensed the problem.

He called Qin Mo, his volume low. “Young Master, since it isn’t convenient, you can just listen while I speak. I’m currently in a county hospital in the southeast of Jiang City. Wu Zhen used her police identification to search for certain matters. I’m not sure of the details, but she instructed the staff to find Young Master Jiu’s birth records. They spoke to the hospital director yesterday and the hospital has started the search. What should we do?”

While Qin Mo listened to the call, Bo Jiu happened to glance over.

Qin Mo, however, behaved as though it was an ordinary business matter. “If someone wishes to seek trouble, plant an evil one in front of her.”

Although this was a secret code, those working for him would naturally be able to understand.

“I’ll call the local troops over to deal with this.”

Someone who had left her enforcer job was still exploiting her past identity.

The soldier narrowed his eyes. “It’s indeed time to take action.”

“Settle it.” Qin Mo flipped the finance magazine. His attitude remained nonchalant. “Remember to send me the information afterwards. As for the others, you should know how to settle it.”

The soldier could hear the hostility from his voice.

Young Master seemed to be infuriated because it was a major slip up on Director Huang’s side.

Or, perhaps, it had nothing to do with Director Huang, but rather the nature of the problem.

Because of Wu Zhen’s background, they hadn’t asked for her identification as they did usually.

Now, however, she was still pulling strings with her background.

The soldier shook his head, jumping into the car like a panther.

There was even a vigor in the way he opened the car door.

It was obvious that someone who could instruct such a person probably wasn’t simple.

Bo Jiu was still watching the Almighty.

Qin Mo had already hung up, flipping the magazine as though nothing had happened.

At that moment, Bo Jiu started to doubt herself. But she had clearly seen the menacing aura which surrounded him. How had he become a ‘sick beauty’ again so quickly?

Qin Mo allowed the youngster to scrutinize him, his ravishing face emotionless and elegant.

He hung his plastered hand casually.

Was it deliberate?

The moment Bo Jiu caught sight of it, she retracted her suspicion.

A gleam flashed past his eyes when he lowered his lids.

Why were they investigating his Jiu’s birth?