Chapter 561 - Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 4

Chapter 561: Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 4

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Before she alighted, her mother’s words rang fresh in her ears. “Don’t try to hide what you have been doing in school, your results have already started to fall! Will you be satisfied only after hitting a negative score?! And that boyfriend of yours, I’m going to his house to ask his mom how he managed to seduce my daughter. He has to take responsibility! Alright, you aren’t willing to make the call? If you aren’t going to call him, follow Teacher Liu. There are only two choices for you. I’m an open-minded parent, I understand that a child entering its youth would start to be curious and yearn to date, but look at what you have become, skipping your extra lessons just to date? Are you going to just waste all the efforts I and your father have invested in you?”

Li Mengran was speechless. To ensure she wasn’t dropped from the team, her parents made sure to give her piano lessons.

Her father would work overtime every night.

All the earnings were practically invested in her; the best tonics for the brain, the best private English tutor and the best appearance.

All of it was to ensure she could safely enter a good university.

Sometimes, obsession seemed to permeate her bones.

Hence, her mother had always obliged the teacher’s words and would often be left grateful to him.

Regardless of how much she had cried or objected, her mom had still forced her into the car.

The moment she entered the car, she felt despair wash over her.

She wanted to seek help, but that would bring the youngster only greater trouble.

He was the nation’s hottest new player, both his grades and his future seemed bright.

If her mother caused trouble at school, the youngster’s reputation would be tarnished, and his results would also take a toll.

As long as he had one failure, he wouldn’t be able to take part in the National League.

With such a rule in place, she couldn’t be selfish.

Li Mengran was clear of the fact that the National League wasn’t just the youngster’s dream, it was also Yaoyao’s dream.

Her best friend’s eyes would start glowing at the very mention of the National League.

Everything will be fine.

Li Mengran tightened her grip on a blade.

If she followed what the person online had said, then these bunch would go to hell.

Li Mengran lowered her head.

Liu Ming couldn’t see her expression and hence, couldn’t have noticed the gaze filled with hatred.

Fu Jiu had been hiding in the dark, but the moment she caught sight of Yang Ming and Li Mengran, she paused and retreated back to her original spot.

The worst case had happened.

Fu Jiu’s eyes dimmed, she knew that Li Mengran would never agree to come here. This meant that her resistance had failed.

She couldn’t expose too much of her face in case there was someone familiar around.

But that wasn’t important, instead it was crucial to ensure Li Mengran wasn’t hurt.

She had to act fast.

With a tap on the tablet, the virus was activated.

All the surveillance cameras turned to a single direction, without anyone noticing — especially not the security guard who went to the toilet.

Just like that, after ensuring that no evidence would be left behind, Fu Jiu followed behind Liu Ming in her school uniform outfit.

At the same time, the video flashed onto the live stream, playing onto the various platforms.