Chapter 210

Chapter 210: He Thought He Was a Keyboard Warrior, But He Was Actually a Blackie

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All the people there were a little full of themselves.

Because they were good at studying, they looked down upon people for this or that reason, and they even saw themselves as upholders of justice without any good justification.

No matter how nice and good looking Fu Jiu was as a person, without good scores, she was still treated as an outcast by them.

They were giving off an aura of “I don’t like you.”

In fact, nobody really cared if they were liked by them or not.

They only cared about themselves, so when they were checking the scores, they even carried their stuck-up faces along.

After they had checked their own scores, they all looked to the last person’s name just to find a reason to mock those who loved Fu Jiu again.


They didn’t find it!

They started looking at the end and searched all the way up the list, but they still didn’t find the name that they were looking for!

But once they lifted their heads, they saw the young man’s picture posted in the most significant first place!

Those people’s faces changed!

The first placer’s scores were abnormally good. They heard something from the teachers here and there, but they couldn’t have thought that this abnormal person would turn out to be Fu Jiu?!

That scum in their eyes, Fu Jiu?!

This news momentarily created an explosion on the school hunk selection posts!

“Who said our Highness Jiu only had good looks? Look at these scores!”

“WTFFF, can you please teach us how to get a full score for English?”

“These are f*cking incredible scores. People from No.1 Middle School are really something!”

There were students outside of No.1 Middle School on the school forums, and they all joined in the discussion and made comments.

Those who liked Fu Jiu were all feeling proud that their Highness Jiu was receiving compliments from all over the place.

But there were also some who harrumphed coldly, “He must have cheated to get such scores. What’s there to brag about, he still doesn’t know sh*t. Almighty Qin is and will always be the legit school hunk for me. Did you all forget about Almighty Qin?”

“But Almighty Qin is no longer in school.”

“At least find someone who’s about the same level with Almighty Qin. What skills does this Fu Jiu have? He’s simply useless, and compared to Almighty Qin, one’s a mortal and the other is immortal!”

“Hey, whoever’s talking up there, don’t compare the two. I really like Almighty Qin too, and I believe in his personality. He wouldn’t want to see someone who likes him stepping on another’s head.”

“Hehe, step? Does Fu Jiu deserve be to stepped on by us? Delete my comments? There’s no use for that. All I said was the truth—a gay guy wants to be the school hunk?”

“Those who like Fu Jiu are all insane. Fu Ximing in my class deserves the title. Do you know how amazing he is? Not only are his scores amazing, he is also godly at Hero, and he’s playing professionally just like Almighty Qin. On the gaming name list this time, he is a captain with countless masters are under his command. This kind of person deserves to be the school hunk, alright?! He is just too low-key, not like your Highness Jiu. He just got a few good scores in his exams, and he’s bragging about it everywhere. Even I’m feeling embarrassed for him…”

Xue Yaoyao was looking for Fu Jiu to let her see that there were posts about her on the forum. It should have been a happy thing, but she didn’t expect for it to be twisted into something else like this!

Even if he wanted to support Fu Ximing, he didn’t need to belittle His Highness Jiu like that!

She moved her fingers angrily, but just as she wanted to type, Fu Jiu stopped her fingers with a handsome gesture. Her black eyes were filled with the night’s mist and fog. Sounding bloodthirsty, she said, “Don’t bother. Face slapping works best in person…”

[0] People who blackmail others online in forums, etc.