Chapter 211 - Our Belief

Chapter 211: Our Belief

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Xue Yaoyao dazedly looked up at that overly beautiful young man standing in front of her.

Fu Jiu laughed lightly and said, “Don’t forget, dominating the selection contest is our goal!”

The young man’s gesture combined with his devilish handsomeness made people’s blood boil.

Xue Yaoyao used to play <Hero> to find friendship and comfort that she didn’t have in real life in the game world.

But now, she had found not only those; she had also learned how to fight and be strong.

This is a battlefield.

His Highness Jiu is the king, and we are his loyal followers and knights.

We all tell ourselves this from time to time.

If we were strong enough, then whenever we were facing mockery and insults, we could say “No” out loud!

This contest was not just a game.

They would be fighting for their dignity!

Was it possible that when tomorrow came and everyone knew that His Highness Jiu was actually <Spade Z>, nobody would ever look down on her anymore?

The night before the contest, it was almost a given that some people wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Xue Yaoyao was the first one. After she had finished her math assignments, she forced herself to go to bed early, but she tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. In the end, she sat up and started to work on the techniques that she had learned from His Highness Jiu.

She was not the only one who didn’t sleep that night. There was also Feng Shang.

He was sitting in front of his computer. He wasn’t playing games; he was just looking at the game character on the screen. Then he looked to the side at the spot marked with a significant red circle.

To play as a professional league player… He didn’t even dare to dream about it.

Feng Shang lowered his head and grasped onto his mouse more tightly. He took his glasses off, looking overly pretty.

Meanwhile, at the internet cafe, people were busily playing games, and <Hero> occupied all the screens.

Someone knocked on the counter. “Boss? Hi, Boss! What are you doing! I want a cola!”

Yin Wuyao didn’t respond. He had a cigarette in his mouth as he handed the Coke over.

That man touched his chin and wondered, “What is wrong with the owner today?”

“No idea. He looks different, and I heard that this place is closing at 10 p.m. today.”

“WTF! That early?! I was gonna play overnight! I’ve never seen any internet cafe that isn’t open 24-hours! Our boss is really special!”

Yin Wuyao flicked the cigarette ash away. “What are you talking about? Silly kids, get your stuff and get out!”

“You’re really closing? Wait, Boss, Uncle! You’re not running this business anymore?”

Yin Wuyao paused and took his jacket. He threw it over his shoulder. “I, your uncle, will be going back to my old life—playing games professionally.”

After this, Yin Wuyao walked out of the internet cafe, leaving a stunned audience behind.

“Did you all hear that? Bo-boss is going to play in the professional league?”

“Was he joking?”

“Do people still joke at that age…”

It was freezing outside of the internet café. Yin Wuyao regretted that he ran out like that. He was not young anymore. According to those kids, he wouldn’t be able to catch up with the young people’s hand or eye speed.

He was already a 30-year old uncle. What was he thinking?

But the passion in his body was uncontrollably ignited again.

He thought, perhaps it was because of what that young man had said: “What’s the big deal with winning an award? We’re only playing games to rock the online gaming world.”