Chapter 432 - Looking Down Upon Supreme Alliance

Chapter 432: Looking Down Upon Supreme Alliance

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Fu Jiu didn’t give a damn as she acted rather indifferently.

And perhaps because of her attitude, it caused the members of that team sneer.

That person looked at ease, walking ahead after saying that.

The last one in Yun Zhong team was no other than… Fu Ximing who maintained a good relationship with the Yun Zhong players.

He walked pass Fu Jiu, and the arrogance in his eyes could be seen, as if he was saying: So what if you entered Supreme Alliance? The regional champion wasn’t Supreme Alliance, but Lin city’s Yun Zhong.

Fu Ximing acted in this manner to warn the bumpkin not to think so highly of himself. Nothing had changed just because of his tiny bit of talent and how he snatched his uncle’s stocks successfully.

The only reason why he lost to the bumpkin in the selection match was because of his incapable teammates.

Things were now different.

Lin city’s Yun Zhong was fourth in the nation.

Even with Young Master Qin, Supreme Alliance was not necessary their match.

After all, Young Master Qin’s hands were injured.

Furthermore, they had already designed a strategy against Spade Z during their secret intensive training.

No matter how amazing Spade Z was, he was only good at killing people.

Once they were in the team match, three players could surround him and take him out.

These were Fu Ximing’s thoughts.

Yun Zhong team’s Captain, Lin Xiao, wore a teasing expression.

He never expect that the young man who once had a crush on him would change so much.

This gay used to blush whenever he met him.

It was so obvious.

The Lin Family and the Fu Family were business partners.

He once thought about pulling a prank on him, but he never expected him to be so obedient. The good-for-nothing did whatever he was asked to do.

It was no fun for him after two days.

After that, he didn’t even want to touch him, for he wasn’t into men.

He simply enjoyed the way he looked at him.

But after too long, he also felt quite grossed out.

Naturally, he would look down upon Fu Jiu.

Lin Xiao was interested in Spade Z from the very beginning, and even wanted to get him to join his team.

After knowing that Fu Jiu was Spade Z, Lin Xiao found it interesting.

Apparently, he could pick up an old toy to play again.

With such a thought, Lin Xiao led the Yun Zhong team’s eight official members to the center of the hall.

That was the honor reserved for the regional champion.

Yun Zhong players were all pretty tall, after all they played for profit. Naturally, they were picky with appearances.

Therefore, when they stood there together, it created quite a visual impact.

“Looks like Yun Zhong is in great condition this year.”

“Tell me about it. It’s not like you didn’t know how they were basically torturing us last year.”

“Qin Mo wasn’t there for the match between Yun Zhong and Supreme Alliance, right?”

“Nothing would have changed even if he was there. He had hand injuries, and wouldn’t be able to beat Lin Xiao…”

When all the murmuring sounded, the Yun Zhong players started to read the rules out loud one after another. All the cameras were on them for such memorable moment.

All the players looked like they were standing high and mighty on a pedestal.

In fact, they also felt that they were standing tall.

As the fourth in the nation, no matter how popular these regional teams were, they were still small teams who didn’t get into the national grand finals…