Chapter 965

Chapter 965: Untitled

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Little Jiu wasn’t very knowledgeable about oral contraceptives but she knew had to do it under the radar.

There weren’t many patrons in the pharmacy, just a few scattered around the store and fortunately, they were all middle-aged women. It would be horrible if it had been younger girls and they had recognized her. Although she personally didn’t really mind but Manager Feng would definitely go crazy. It would be best if news of an esports player buying contraceptive didn’t spread.

Bo Jiu fastened her face mask in place and scanned the store but couldn’t locate the pills she was searching for. Such pills were probably restricted pills that couldn’t be placed on the racks. It seemed like she had to consult the pharmacist.

Bo Jiu sighed internally, heading towards the counter. “Hello, I need a pack of oral contraceptive.”

The pharmacist behind the counter glanced up at Bo Jiu. “Which brand are you looking for?”

There were brands?

This was the first time she felt ignorant thus she decided to go for the most conservative reply. “The brand with the best result.”

The pharmacist shook his head, muttering under his breath. “The youngsters these days…”

She wasn’t really that young but in her past life, she had never experienced such things before.

If it had been a better time, she would have wanted to bring the Almighty’s child back to the Fifth Avenue with her. But now… Bo Jiu tightened her grip over her phone. She had no choice.

“$25. Cash or Alipay?” the pharmacist asked as he scanned the barcode.

As Bo Jiu didn’t think it was a good time to use her phone, she reached for her pocket. But she realized she didn’t have cash. In the end, she inhaled deeply. She could only use her phone. “WeChat pay?”

“Okay,” the pharmacist replied expressionless.

Bo Jiu swiped open her phone and received a message from the Almighty with three words. “Where are you?”

Guilt washed through her as she glanced at his profile picture. Her fingers hesitated slightly but she did not reply. Instead, she tapped on the payment app.

After the pharmacist scanned the barcode, she passed the box of pills over to Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu glanced down, her silver hair falling forward as she reached for the medicine.

At that moment, a familiar, deep voice came from above her head. “Shouldn’t you be explaining your actions?”

Bo Jiu felt a chill run through her back. She had only one wish at that moment, for the Almighty to be as clueless as she was in a certain area.

The outreached arm stiffened and she hurriedly stuffed the pills into her pocket. She moved at a speed faster than when she gamed. After she had kept the pills, Bo Jiu glanced over to face the hostile cold stare.

She had never seen the Almighty wear such an expression. His gaze was so deep it was almost hollow.

Before she could say anything, he reached his hand out to pull the hand she had stuffed into her pocket. His voice was as calm as the sea before a thunderstorm. “What is this?”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth, her throat moving. “Medicine.”

“What medicine?” There wasn’t a hint of emotion on his handsome face but the chilliness that radiated from him was enough to freeze the surroundings.

Bo Jiu didn’t reply as she didn’t know how to explain.

Qin Mo glanced over at the word ‘contraception’. He wanted to tear her into bits and swallow her whole. That way, she would know who exactly she was. That way, she wouldn’t be here buying these pills. That way, she wouldn’t be thinking of leaving even at this moment.

Qin Mo lowered himself, grabbing the pills in her palms.

Bo Jiu watched as the box of pills started to disfigure in his palm. He used the kind of strength that could destroy someone. But there wasn’t a change in his expression. And that was how Bo Jiu knew he was really angry.

Bo Jiu glanced down to look at the box of pills. He used a tone she had never heard before. “I asked you to wait at your original spot but you never did. Before I sleep, I would wonder what that arrogant Little Jiu is doing and that thought would keep me awake till the next morning and that way, I would be less time away from her. It was the first time I had the desire to kiss someone and yet, I restrained myself. You must not understand how that feels, which is why you are buying such pills.”

“I…” Bo Jiu wanted to say something but the Almighty didn’t seem willing to hear it. “Do you think I’m illiterate or that I don’t know this brand? If you don’t wish to be together, let’s break up.”

With that, the Almighty turned, leaving her to face a distant and untouchable silhouette.

Bo Jiu had seen that silhouette many times before she had gotten close to him. But it had never been like this, leaving her breathless.

Unknowingly, it had started to rain.

When Bo Jiu came out, the Almighty was no longer in sight. He must have left in the Qin family’s car.

Bo Jiu toyed with her fingers, her gaze sinking. She stood under the rain, her hair dampening.

She stood upright but had never been as listless as she was right now. She was like a soaked little tiger, who didn’t know how to warm herself up.

Or perhaps, the person who could bring her warmth had left, which was the reason she didn’t seem bothered.

That was her state when Feng Yi had rushed over. He had never seen the devilish youngster in such a state before.

Had the two of them fought? That was Feng Yi’s first reaction.

Where was Boss Qin?

He glanced around in search of him. As he couldn’t find him, Feng Yi was sure they had indeed gotten into a fight.

He reached out to caress his temples. He felt an impending headache.

If even Little Spade was acting this way, he could only imagine how Young Master Qin was feeling. This was going to be a bad day. It seemed like the various department managers weren’t going to have a good time.

But what could have caused a quarrel of this extent?

With Young Master Qin’s personality, even if he was angry, he would punish Little Spade in private. How could he have just left him here?

Feng Yi frowned. He brought Bo Jiu to the car since she was getting soaked from the rain. Then he tried to communicate with her. “Wasn’t everything alright just a moment ago? How did buying medicine end up like that?”

Bo Jiu replied with a “Mmh.” She glanced out of the window, water droplets trailing down the ends of her silver hair but she didn’t seem to care. She turned her head to the side, not letting anyone see her expression.

All she could think about was his last words. “If you don’t want to be together, let’s break up.”

Leaving was only a matter of time. Even if she was unwilling, there wasn’t any other option.

She had overestimated her tolerance because just a sentence could affect her so much.

If she waited until the Almighty found out about her identity, she probably couldn’t tolerate the reaction she was going to be faced with.

Bo Jiu reached out to comb her fringe down. When her phone started to ring again, her voice was slightly raspy.

It was a call from the school, her dorm application was ready and the school wanted her to send her luggage over. She would have to follow the normal protocol even if she still participated in the National League.

In reality, Bo Jiu wasn’t in the mood to hear anything but it was best to be kept occupied so that her thoughts could be diverted.

If she stayed in school, it wouldn’t be that abrupt when she left.

Bo Jiu kept prolonging the process. She knew the sudden disappearance of someone would never be great for anyone. But if everyone knew that a wanted criminal had been amongst them, He Honghua would definitely be shocked and she didn’t wish to see that.

This time, she had used her identity, meaning there were people who knew she was back. That included those that wanted her dead. If her identity was exposed, He Honghua might be in danger. Hence, she had to leave.

Just like back then when she had to leave her pet regardless of how unwilling she had been.

Bo Jiu could still remember that night, after climbing the wall, she had used a huge amount of strength to enter his room. In order to prevent an ambush from her in the middle of the night, he would keep plants around on his balcony.

At that time, she had completely disregarded the plants. After she had entered his room and seen his sleeping figure, she had stepped forward to plant a kiss on his face.

Kidnapping him had crossed her mind since she had enough strength. But Bo Jiu had known that her pet wouldn’t have wanted to go with her because he had things he wanted to do and his own family members. It would be a bore to watch her type every day.

Besides, he would be faced with danger.

Her father had once mentioned that the Young Master of the Hacker World wasn’t suited to have friends…

It was still raining. The raindrops were trickling down the car window.

The Land Rover had great water protection, especially those used by the army. The sound of raindrops hitting the car could barely be heard.

But because of that, the driver didn’t dare to utter a word. Ever since his young master boarded the car, he hadn’t said a word.

Young Master had never liked rainy days and wouldn’t go out during such weather. This time, he probably made the exception because of Young Master Jiu.

But where was Young Master Jiu?

The driver didn’t ask aloud because of the chilliness that erupted from his young master.

Qin Mo didn’t feel much. Ever since the beginning, his hands hadn’t loosened because of the box of pills within his palm.

The box was so crushed up, the words could barely be read. But Qin Mo’s fingers remained firm as ever, not a hint of softening.

If it hadn’t been for the box of pills, perhaps he could tell himself that he meant something to her.

Even though she carried so many secrets, in front of him, she was sincere and wasn’t against towards their relationship.

But now, he was the only one that wanted to be with her. He was practically forcing her.

In her heart, perhaps, he wasn’t that different.

He had misunderstood, he had assumed they were special to each other.

It was like he had taken a step confidently only to realize there wasn’t a step in front. He crashed and smashed his head, blood pouring out. The overwhelming pain was clouding his senses.

Qin Mo released his left hand and glanced out of the car window.

When the car entered the military courtyard, he was still in the same position as before.

Movie Queen An had just finished shopping with He Honghua and had wanted to have a chat with Jiu, she hadn’t expected him to not be there when she opened the car door.


Movie Queen An raised her brows and studied her son’s face.

Qin Mo walked out of the car, he didn’t care if rain was splattering onto him as he left a faint line. “I’m tired, I’ll head up now.”

The smart Movie Queen An instantly detected a problem and had wanted to probe but on second thought, she concluded that a parent shouldn’t be meddling in her son’s relationship.

After entering his room, Qin Mo acted as though nothing had happened. He unbuttoned his shirt and tossed his shirt aside before entering the shower.

He stood under the shower, allowing the water to smash down his head, to clear his mind.

He was indeed much clearer than before, at least he knew how a certain someone really felt.

On deeper thought, there wasn’t anything good about her. She never listened to him and had never really cared about him.

When did he have to relegate to such a state?

Qin Mo chuckled, but the laughter didn’t reach his eyes.

The chilliness that radiated from him didn’t seem to be lessening, instead, it thickened after he left the shower.

He sat there and watched the opened laptop, his neck stretching back. “Enough.” Indeed, it was enough.

Even though that was what he said, after he had gone down, Movie Queen An noticed the difference in her son.

He kept glancing at his phone as though he was waiting for something. But every time he saw the screen, his gaze dimmed. When there was finally a message, it was from his secretary.

“I’m going to the office.”

Qin Mo stood up. This was the first time he wanted to be kept busy.

As time trickled by, in No.1 Middle School dormitory, as the last student to register, the dorm caretaker wasn’t very pleased but she didn’t make things difficult for Bo Jiu.

The news of her entering the school dorm spread across the entire school almost instantly. Of course, there was a crowd waiting.

Those that stayed in the dorm paused to sweep her a glance.

Since having the school hunk stay here wasn’t something they could be happy about. Moreover, their school hunk was an esports celebrity which was more reason for the girls to be attracted.

There wasn’t any more hope for them.

But some had a more positive view. With Bo Jiu’s arrival, some things were going to be much easier, for instance, $5 for a photo of the school hunk.

No one knew that Bo Jiu chose to move on this day entirely because she wanted to keep herself busy.