Chapter 722 - Suppress the Almighty?

Chapter 722: Suppress the Almighty?

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Rao Rong chuckled. “I guess I’ll have to volunteer for my team.”

The three captains stood in a line.

The girls in the filming crew were mesmerized by their ravishing good looks.

Before they could react, Qin Mo bent, tugging his shirt off suavely, his black wispy hair ruffled, looking sexy and alluring. His defined abs were perfectly sculpted, especially the lines on his abdomen clear to the eyes.

Bo Jiu watched the Almighty, the memory of the childhood puppy floating back to mind.

His hair was the same as before, soft to the touch.

The moment Qin Mo moved, he could distinctly hear the gasps coming from the crowd.

Both the storyboard director and the main director were both agitated as this scene was definitely going to drive fangirls crazy.

According to Feng Yi, Qin Mo had to be paid by the minute whenever he exposed his face, now that he exposed half his body… Geez, the entire filming crew could see the view counts surging.

What was going on with Almighty Qin that he was being so cooperative?

Was it due to the good looks of their filming crew?

Bo Jiu remained motionless, she was still trying to find a time to caress her puppy’s hair.

Tackling him was out of the question since her pet was already a grown up and had become an almighty.

About the Almighty’s personality, Bo Jiu couldn’t be clearer, which also explained her constant desire to bring him home.

There wasn’t anything wrong with that idea!

Lin Chentao wanted to cheer for his captain, but after catching sight of the youngster’s expression, he inched over with a serious expression, lowering his voice. “Little Spade, you better maintain your expression. Do you know how you’re looking at Qin Mo right now? It’s how a dog stares at his bone, dying to pounce on it. In the past, I never believed the rumors about you but now, I’m starting to realize how naive I was back then. You brought your gay relationship all the way to the program. No, that isn’t right, there’s something wrong with this program. Are they helping you to turn Qin Mo gay? Since we are both assassins, even though you’re a tad weaker than I am, I will still be honest with you, Qin Mo’s too straight, stop wasting your effort, it’s a lost cause.”

Bo Jiu halted all her thoughts because she was reminded of an important matter.


The Almighty had confessed to her.

Although she wasn’t male, the Almighty was gay.

Lin Chentao sensed her silence and assumed that he was too harsh, hence, he coughed heavily. “That, actually, don’t take it too seriously, there aren’t any straight guys that can’t be converted. The main point is your appearance. Since you’re so handsome, there’s still a chance.”

Bo Jiu glanced at him moodily. Without a word, she turned her gaze to Qin Mo, who had just emerged from the waters.

Lin Chentao was looking as well.

Even as a straight guy, he couldn’t help being mesmerized by the sight of Qin Mo leaving the water.

Especially when the water slipped past his abdomen, the hair which was still dripping wet was a dazzling sight.

“That explains your attraction, he really has the ability to wreak havoc.” Lin Chentao glanced at Bo Jiu with an empathetic expression. After a moment, he asked, “But, are you able to suppress Qin Mo like that?”