Chapter 476 - Feeling Warm

Chapter 476: Feeling Warm

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Drank too much?

Or still had a stomachache?

After the Manager Feng saw the message, he forwarded it to Qin Mo immediately.

The specific content was: ” Little Spade said you had a stomachache, so you are not suitable for training.”

Qin Mo had a look at the mobile phone with faint expression. “Tell him that because time was tight, so even I have a stomachache, I will attend.”

Hehe…Well… Manager Feng felt wrong instinctively.

Besides, little Spade may not know it was the Almighty who wanted to have training.

The Manager Feng just didn’t send message, instead, he called him back. “the Almighty, tell me the truth, why you want to have training today?”

“To prevent puppy love.” After saying that, Qin Mo hung off.

It was not for other reason, but the two persons walking from the internet bar.

Fu Jiu and Xue Yaoyao didn’t notice Qin Mo at the beginning.

The two were chatting smilingly, but people didn’t know what they were talking about.

Not until Fu Jiu recognized something did she looked up.

At the end of the corridor, Qin Mo took out a cigarette from the cigarette box and turned his head to light it. Then he leaned against the wall and spit out the smoke. Playing a lighter on hand, he just looked at them with the down eyelid up.

Never had Fu Jiu expected that Qin Mo would turn up here. “Brother Mo, how you…?”

“I pick you up by the way. Qin Mo’s voice was very cold, “the car is outside.”

Seeing his lips were a little white, Fu Jiu thought he had a serious stomachache. “So urgent? Why need to train today?”

Qin Mo replied with ” En” and had a look at Xue Yaoyao. “Otherwise, it will not disturb your appointment.”

Xue Yaoyao: “…Why did she feel Almighty Qin’s eyes were full of coldness?”

Obviously, the youngster couldn’t feel it.

Because Fu Jiu only thought one thing inwardly, which was that how to reduce the Almighty’s pain?

Besides, Qin Mo would never showed his coldness in front of Fu Jiu.

Qin Mo knew clearly that anyone who was in his rebellious period disliked others to interfere their relationships.

Psychology had once said at this moment you’d better not be found you were interfering his/her.

Otherwise, it would be nothing originally, but it would be because of the rebellious period.

Looking at the youngster’s face, Qin Mo frowned deeply subconsciously.

Why did he find such a troublesome person to be his little brother?

Fu Jiu just sat in the car. Finding the man’s face was not so good, she went over and asked in low voice, “Does it hurt?”

No such thing as a stomachache. But Qin Mo thought it was good to be like this. He just looked at the youngster without refutation.

Such a face, white and whitening.

Fu Jiu looked at him and let out a long sign. He naturally stretched out his hand and touched the head of the Almighty, with smiling in the voice. “No crying.”

“Remove your paws away.” Qin Mo himself was angry to laugh.

The driver in the front and Xue Yaoyao got their back stiff.

It was only the Lord Jiu dared to do this with Qin Mo.

They got together for training on Christmas Eve.

Only Supreme Alliance did this.

Since they decided to train, they all were very serious.

The fatty even took out the information collected to share. “These were the three teams we will face in the future. They all have good skills. By the way, the competition over Xiangnan had been over. Without doubt, Xiangnan was the first one. Besides, their main players were not on the field, so you can see they were really strong. ”

Xiangnan, as long as it was mentioned, the atmosphere of the team would cool down.

Those were the people they wanted to defeat most.

Three years.

Exactly three years.

Because they used to beat them, so when they faced this name, their eyes dropped a little.

Not only Lin Feng but also Yunhu, even others were reminding themselves that it was their last chance.

Their purpose was to become the national champion.

Maybe the news from the fatty brought pressure to them.

Fu Jiu saw everyone was busy.

Lin Feng’s hand speed was not so fast, so he was practicing the hand speed there.

Yet we couldn’t tell what Feng Shang was doing. He shall shouted on the world, saying he wanted to collect diamond fragments. Probably he wanted to make equipment.

Supreme Alliance basically spent the Christmas Eve like this.

Maybe it should be like this at that age.

Love was never the only thing.

Compared to the love, fighting side by side between teammates was more enviable.

The light of the night outside was floating and sinking.

Haze never dispersed in Jiang City.

Fu Jiu was the one who drank the most water among them, because she always felt uncomfortable with her throat.

Maybe it owned to her body.

She didn’t use to have this problem before.

It was said by all that the one who was serious was the most beautiful.

Not only this group of game men, but also Yaoyao, everyone’s computer was open.

Fu Jiu sat in the middle with companions at both sides. Never did she be like this before.

Because she was a hacker, so she never had friends.

The reason why hackers were so mysterious was that they were arrogant.

They did exist, but they showed their another face in reality.

Even their family members and friends did know what did they do at night.

So in essentially, Fu Jiu was lonely.


If it was not the stuff in Tokyo, Fu Jiu would not hide things in mind.

When she was reborn, she had thought and wanted to contact with Yoshino.

But in the end, she didn’t.

People should look ahead.

It was always her principle of doing things.

Compared to helping her do something darker, now the identity of Yoshino was much prettier.

The clatter of the keyboard sometimes maybe hypnotise people.

When Fu Jiu lifted her eyes again, Lin Feng had already leaned on the shoulder of Yunhu, and seemed to fall asleep.

But the Almighty sat beside her, not known when he had put on a pair of glassed, which made him look handsome and intelligent.

Maybe Fu Jiu looked at him for a long time.

Qin Mo turned his head around with black eyes, seeming to smile. “Is it nice?”

“Nice.” Fu Jiu’s flirting eyes seemed to smile. “Brother Mo, your such behavior even make me want to take home and keep. Does your stomach still hurt? Do you take the warm water that I gave you?”

Qin Mo also knew this guy couldn’t get rid of the problem to flirt with others. Seeing the youngster caring about him, he was about to get close to her with eyebrows half lifting up, when Feng Yi came with a big bag of takeout, he was in a straight suit, natural and unrestrained. “Everyone gets up to have supper. And drink the porridge which can fight against the haze radiation.”

“Porridge can fight against haze radiation? What’s that?” Fu Jiu leaned her head and asked Qin Mo.

Lin Feng was suddenly awakened with bad expression. “It is the dark food cooked by Feng himself!”

“Wh-What? Why are you all hiding? Lin Feng. “Feng Yi dragged him. “All come quickly, and try my love as a manager.”

With Lin Feng as a reference, Fu Jiu smartly glanced at the porridge box in the bag, only to see a thick green body.

Fu Jiu: “…Will we really not die if we drink it?”