Chapter 968

Chapter 968: Untitled

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The Japanese? The team Hoshino belonged to?

“Alright, I’ll be there in a while.” Bo Jiu stood up. After doing a hundred frog jumps, her legs weren’t as nimble as before. She massaged her legs. Instead of agreeing, she asked, “Is Brother Mo there?”

Feng Yi glanced up at Qin Mo.

Bo Jiu paused when she heard a faint voice asking from the other end of the call, “Who are you talking to?”

She immediately hung up from guilt.

When Feng Yi heard the line going dead, he turned to look Qin Mo in the eyes. They were so deep they didn’t seem to have an end.

With Boss Qin’s intelligence, he must have guessed who it was. But somehow…

Boss Qin lowered his head to adjust his sleeve.

Feng Yi coughed lightly. “It’s Little Spade, we have to gather everyone since the Japanese are here.”

Qin Mo didn’t comment.

As a manager that was well aware of his team members, Feng Yi added, “Little Spade said he would be here in a while.”

Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, arching his brows. “Oh?” There didn’t seem to be much emotion on his face. “He was so afraid he hung up. Are you sure he will be coming?”

Feng Yi coughed again. This time, he had really choked. He replied in a deep voice, “You have been waiting for his news the entire day but wouldn’t take the initiative to contact him. Boss Qin, what’s the point of this misery?”

Qin Mo glanced at him: The next time he spoke, his voice was hoarse and raspy. “I wanted to know my position in his heart but now it’s clear.”

Feng Yi opened his mouth but his throat closed up and nothing came out. This was the first time he had seen him in such a state. Qin Mo was standing but when he looked out of the window, the loneliness that reflected was enough. Little Spade was the only one who could unravel his knot.

“Let’s go.” Qin Mo took the lighter from his table. He was dressed in his pure black battle uniform with the collars up, amplifying his defined face and aloof expression.

Feng Yi exhaled deeply and caressed his head.

On the other end, Bo Jiu had just finished her frog jumps. She wanted to take the day off but it didn’t seem very convenient after her punishment.

Fortunately, sister Yaoyao was there to testify and proof that there was indeed something on at the club.

The suspicious glance that the teacher in charge directed at her made it hard for her to leave.

As there wasn’t enough time to change into their battle uniform, they hailed a cab and went over in their school uniform.

The clubhouse wasn’t far from the school.

Bo Jiu glanced down at her phone. She knew the problem wasn’t the medicine. Actually, every time they had sex, the Almighty would restrain himself, worried he would hurt her. She knew what the problem was but some things couldn’t be said. Besides, she was going to leave soon.

Bo Jiu swiped across her phone screen.

Xue Yaoyao noticed her obvious abnormality and called out lightly, “Your Highness Jiu.”

Bo Jiu glanced over. “What is it?”

“Is there something bothering you?” Xue Yaoyao went straight to the point.

Bo Jiu paused, chuckling. “It’s nothing, I am reaping what I’ve sown.”

Reaping what she had sown by staring at her phone? Xue Yaoyao was thoroughly confused.

Bo Jiu glanced at the front page of her WeChat, thinking about the person she would see soon. Would he treat her as a stranger? Her eyes dimmed as her silver hair fell across them.

Xue Yaoyao paused, Her Highness Jiu didn’t look alright.

But Bo Jiu was probably like that, none of the laziness or flippant behavior could conceal the darkness.

When she reached the club, a doll-faced child pointed towards her. “It’s this guy, let’s have a match.”

Bo Jiu glanced at him, her voice nonchalant. “Who are you?”

The doll-faced child widened his eyes in shock. “How can you not know who I am?”

“Are you very handsome? Why should I know you?” Bo Jiu took another step forward, looking over the uniform worn by the child and arched her brow.

The doll-faced child noticed her expression and straightened. “You should know now. I just defeated one of your teammates. How is it? Care for a match?”

Bo Jiu paused, an enigmatic smile on her face. “I’m the first member of the official team here, is it that proud for a leading member of the Japanese team to defeat one of our backups?”

When Bo Jiu wasn’t in a good mood, her words were sharper and more hurtful than normal.

After spending so much time with the Almighty, she must have learned at least 80 percent of his vicious tongue ability.

The doll-faced person fumed and his face turning red from anger. However, he had indeed defeated a back-up player and hadn’t met anyone from the official team. He could feel the pent-up anger suffocating his chest.

At this moment, a laughter pierced through the air. “Isn’t that easy? Have a match against an official team member to test out Supreme Alliance’s skills.” It was Watanabe and he glanced over at You Sixin. “Captain, am I right?”

Even though You Sixin had long hair, he was handsome without a hint of feminism air. When he turned over to look at Bo Jiu, his gaze was deep.

Then he sneezed, replying lazily, “Watanabe, how many times do you need me to tell you? Coming over is the club’s decision. We are here to get to know each other and not to compete.”

Watanabe had more to say.

The pretty looking man glanced over with his deep gaze, speaking in lazy tone, “In China, only the champions are worthy enough to compete with us.”

Bo Jiu glanced over at him.

The pretty looking man smiled, brushing past her. “I’m curious. What exactly is your relationship with Hoshino for him to care so much?”

Bo Jiu glance up, her lips lifted.

You Sixin waited for the youngster to reply.

Just then, a familiar voice came from behind. “You can ask me if you were curious. Captain, why did you become a fan of gossip?”

You Sixin turned towards the voice. He wore the same battle uniform as him, his appearance clean and sharp, a warning glint in his gaze.

You Sixin chuckled. “Alright, you tell me, what’s so special about this person?”

“I admire his playing style.” Hoshino looked at him. “This isn’t the first time I told you about it.”

You Sixin could sense his displeasure and didn’t wish to push him any further. He stuffed his hand into his pocket. “It was a joke. Why so serious?”

“It’s probably because the joke has gone too far, Mr You.”

It was another voice. Faint, cold, and different from the others.

Bo Jiu didn’t turn but she felt a warmth spreading through her palms. A familiar, faint tobacco scent entered her senses as the warmth enveloped her. The next second, she saw the beautifully curved jaw.

“My teammate doesn’t know your teammate,” Qin Mo continued as he glanced down at Bo Jiu. “Some jokes shouldn’t be made, don’t you agree?”

Bo Jiu could see something else within his gaze but before she could get a clearer view, the Almighty averted his gaze.

With that, he released her hand, his face just as she had expected, faint and without warmth.

Lin Feng came over, completely oblivious to her feelings. He turned towards Bo Jiu. “Little Spade, what’s wrong with you and Captain? Why is he treating you so differently? Has he grown tired of you and is neglecting you? Don’t worry, if Captain isn’t going to be faithful, I will stand on your side even if it gets dangerous,” Lin Feng whispered, his volume loud enough only for the both of them.

Bo Jiu remained silent.

Lin Feng felt a need to interfere and resolve their knot. “Look at me, I took responsibility after sleeping with Yun Hu by telling everyone around me to stop messing with me since I am taken. You should let Captain do the same to get power in the relationship.”

Bo Jiu had mentioned earlier that she hated those that flaunt their love.

She tilted over, her tone faint. “You are the one with power? It doesn’t seem very convincing with your broken lips. I wouldn’t mock you if Almighty Yun had kissed you till you were weak.”

Lin Feng exploded. He took his phone to look at his lips. F*ck, his lips were really broken from the kiss, didn’t that guy know how to restrain himself! How was he supposed to brag like this!

“Is that how you are in bed?” Bo Jiu struck with the final blow, successfully fossilizing Lin Feng.

The next time he reacted, Lin Feng glanced over at the youngster, feeling stuffy inside. Why were some people like this when they weren’t happy?

Little Bo Jiu didn’t perk up even after the tiny victory because a certain someone hadn’t glanced at her ever since he had entered.

Qin Mo walked in front, his hands inside his pocket. They tightened and loosened repeatedly. His calm gaze fell right onto Hoshino’s face.

They stood at opposite sides, their gaze brushing past each other.

Feng Yi sensed something wrong and decided to take on his smiling prince persona. “Since it’s just a get to know each other session and not a competition, both teams can sit and talk. The media caught wind of the Japanese visiting and have been anticipating this moment.”

You Sixin paused, breaking into a smile. “We aren’t used to having too many reporters.”

Feng Yi predicted his concern, his lips curved into a big smile. “Mr You, don’t worry, the Qin Group dabbles into the media industry as well. This will be a small exchange session, not a large-scale press event.”

You Sixin narrowed his eyes. He had used this exchange as an excuse to find out the unique areas of Supreme Alliance that Hoshino admired. He hadn’t expected them to make use of it. That explained the team’s strong financial status. Supreme Alliance’s manager was definitely a shrewd businessman.

In reality, that wasn’t Feng Yi’s only purpose, it was mainly because of Qin Mo’s condition. With the media around, it would serve as a reminder for Boss Qin not to show any troubles they had internally to the other teams.

Both of them maintained their composure and exactly because they could hold it together so well, Feng Yi was starting to worry about the impending explosion since he could never guess what was in Young Master Qin’s mind.

The meeting between the two teams, with one of them being the Japanese, was indeed a newsworthy event.

Even though not the entire team was present, with Hoshino and You Sixin around, it was enough to represent the entire team.

The captain and vice-captain were both world class players who rarely appeared in public. Every word they said would make headlines in the esports industry.

Even though doll-faced person really wanted to compete with Bo Jiu, he couldn’t act rashly.

Both teams had outstanding visuals. Even though they were rivals, they didn’t let any of that show.

They were both teams with manners and respect. Hence, it was worth an exchange.

Bo Jiu wasn’t interested in the exchange, she was seated extremely near Hoshino, with him in her peripheral vision.

Hoshino could guess what she wanted to say hence, he sent a text over. “I have news about Rao Rong, the details will be sent over later.”

Bo Jiu replied simply, “Okay.”

The servers walked over with a fruit platter and tea, both arranged by Feng Yi to show their hospitality. The moment the servers placed the platter in front of Bo Jiu, Hoshino remarked, “He doesn’t like peaches.”

All of a sudden, it wasn’t just the servers who paused. Even Lin Feng turned towards Hoshino. How did he know Little Spade didn’t eat peaches? They had known Little Spade for such a long time and yet, even they weren’t aware of that since Little Spade had never been picky with his food.

Hoshino seemed familiar about things they weren’t aware about.

Lin Feng was considered naive and gullible but was rather sensitive in such matters.

Did they perhaps know each other?

That was his first reaction.

Qin Mo stiffened slightly, he glanced up and swept the youngster a glance.

Bo Jiu couldn’t allow herself to be exposed in such a moment hence, she reached out and stuck a peach into her mouth.

Her previous self had indeed been allergic to peaches and would break into rashes but this body wasn’t the same.

Bo Jiu lowered her lids, swallowing the peach before taking a sip of tea.

Hoshino reacted swiftly, breaking into a natural smile before adding, “Watanabe, don’t you remember telling me that peaches aren’t good for you?”

Watanabe pointed to himself confused. What was going on? It seemed right. He nodded.

With that, the attention was passed on to Watanabe. But hadn’t he said Little Spade just now? A misunderstanding indeed.

Qin Mo kept his gaze but his tightened grip didn’t loosen. He knew it wasn’t a misunderstanding. Someone new her better than him. Or perhaps, she was willing to lower her guard just now to him…