Chapter 1051 - Peace

Chapter 1051: Peace

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The girl was completely oblivious to her actions, unaware of how selfish she was behaving.

The most affected person was probably the crime squad member that stood at the side.

This was happening many times. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that even if they strived amidst the rain and wind, their intentions could still be misread. This was their greatest regret.

Bo Jiu remained silent, her gaze deepening.

The girl smirked, preparing to say more when a cold and hostile voice remarked, “Headmaster Liu, please inform the student’s parents that the investigation requires some time. We have to take a trip to the female dormitory.”

“Alright, alright.”

The moment Qin Mo started speaking, the headmaster knew how grave the matter was since Qin Mo was once a student they had specially invited to their school.

That year, Qin Mo had been awarded with such an honor because of the level he had achieved in his criminal psychology studies. Back then, all the renowned universities had been vying hard for him. There had even been professors from abroad trying to poach him to their school.

But since he was a son from the Courtyard and with the Qin family’s expectations to stay in the country, the decision hadn’t been hard.

Qin Mo himself had been firm on the decision to stay in China and protect his country. Hence, the renowned professors could only leave in regret. That was how A University had managed to invite him over.

In turn, this meant that there was definitely something wrong if Qin Mo noticed something amiss.

But the girl wasn’t aware of this. Her face was flushed with anger as she complained about her injustice, “Why should my parents be informed! How can you question someone else’s morals just because you are rich!”

With that, Qin Mo finally raised his lids. “Do you even have morals?”

The girl froze but Qin Mo didn’t end there. “Entering A University does not say anything about your morals and cooperating with police investigation is the responsibility of every citizen. Didn’t you learn this in elementary school? Perhaps you can read more of your high school textbooks. As someone like you probably won’t be cooperating with investigations, informing your parents is for them to bail you out of jail. If that wasn’t necessary, we wouldn’t force you. Besides, someone against society is well-suited for prison.”

The girl’s gaze was filled with hatred as though she had turned into a devil himself. Perhaps making mistakes wasn’t that scary. Instead, those who wouldn’t repent were the scariest.

The headmaster watched their entire exchange, his expression dazed. He had never expected such students to exist in A University and in that instant, he felt a chill run through him.

The sky was going to darken in a few more hours.

After the girl had been taken away, the headmaster wasn’t sure why Qin Mo still wanted to visit the dormitory as there were periodic checks on the dorm rooms by teachers, who hadn’t found anything strange. Even the network was restricted.

Why would he want to visit the dorms?

The crime squad members couldn’t fathom his decision as well. Bo Jiu was probably the only one who knew what he was thinking.

The girl remained unrepentant until the end, which meant she wasn’t going to be cooperative in the investigation. Hence, instead of continuing the interrogation, they would zero in on the suspect.

A University had a tight hold on the students. Thus, it would be inconvenient for her imposter to carry out her missions. This was the reason why she got someone else to do the dirty work.

Judging from the girl’s behavior, the imposter should have been around her for a period of time, causing the influence to be so deeply ingrained in her.

Her dorm room was the fastest way to find the culprit. Z’s imposter was most likely the girl’s roommate.

The female dormitory was much cleaner than the male dormitory. Especially in a renowned university like A University, the conditions of the buildings and the facilities were all top notch.

The building was clean with very few students around. It was probably the difference between high school and college.

But even so, when Qin Mo and Bo Jiu entered the dorms, a huge group of girls could be heard screaming. It wasn’t possible for them to keep calm. Firstly, because of Qin Mo’s flawless features and handsome face. Even the way he walked was impressive, attracting everyone’s attention.

In addition, it wasn’t common for Young Master Jiu to be dressed in a suit. She had one hand stuffed in her pants pocket, her legs long and straight, her collar half open, silver hair falling downwards. With her lips slightly lifted, she looked very much like a regal prince.

One student wore her facial mask out the door but the moment she saw Qin Mo, she immediately hid back in her room before jumping back out with her hands shielding her face, exclaiming excitedly. Big Spade was standing beside Almighty Qin. Gosh, she must be in luck to be able to see both her male Almighties! No, this wasn’t right, she must not be in the right mind, how could she apply a mask at this moment!

At this moment, Bo Jiu only had one thought: They should have worn masks. Especially the Almighty as his impact was way too much. They were going to alert the enemy.

There were students taking photos with their phones. Although the headmaster and the crime squad members wanted to stop them, it didn’t take long for the photos to go viral. In less than a minute, they became the talk of the town.

“Esports Almighties entering the female dorm.” Such a headline would definitely attract attention.

After some of them clicked into the headline, the post exploded.

“Dear, do you have a clearer photo, any with Almighty Qin’s front view?”

“Big Spade and Almighty Qin are in a female dorm together? Is this even real?”

“It seems real, that suave silver hair and that walking style, I’m sure that’s my Big Spade.”

“Ahahah! For the first time, I’m glad to be a student from A University. As a student from A University, I have a first class view of both Almighties!”

The post kept garnering hits with no signs of slowing down and the entire dorm seemed to be covered with excited screams. Even the headmaster’s authority wasn’t enough to calm them down. He only had one thought, it was hard to walk around with the two of them.

Outside the dorm, many students were running over to the building, worried they would miss out on the two Almighties.

However, one of the students paused. She held onto the student beside her. “Hey, what’s happening? Why is everyone running to the dorm?”

“Don’t you know?! The two Almighties from Supreme Alliance are here in our dorm!” the girl exclaimed, her face flushed with excitement.

The girl she held froze, her other hand tightening. Her fingernails were digging deep into her palm and her expression was faltering slightly. “The two Almighties from Supreme Alliance?”

“Young Master Qin and Spade Z.” The girl glanced towards the dorm, her face excited. “I’ll go in now.”

“Alright…” She released her, tilting her head back. Other than Fan Jia, who else could it be?

The girl found it odd. “Weren’t you going back too?”

“I suddenly remembered that I forgot the dorm key.” Fan Jia forced a smile, her face tight. “I’ll have to take it from the classroom.”

“We can take it after seeing them, it’s such a rare opportunity,” the girl exclaimed enthusiastically, prepared to pull Fan Jia.


Fan Jia hit her hand sharply. The action made the girl embarrassed. “Ah, I’m sorry, I was just…”

“I’m not going, you can go ahead,” Fan Jia interrupted. She didn’t bother giving her a smile anymore, turning to leave.

The girl didn’t think much of it, her entire mind filled with her male Almighty.

After turning, Fan Jia was engulfed with an immense pressure like never before. She had never expected them to come so quickly and for them to have traced her to her dorm room. She didn’t have anything with her right now, her identification documents were still in the dorm room.

Fan Jia wasn’t sure about the specifics and extent of their investigations. Had they found out who she was? Were they here to get her?

In that instant, there was an obvious darkness in her eyes and malice was radiating off of her. She walked forward, her expression dark. The sudden change of events had disrupted her plans, leaving her frustrated. That was the biggest difference between her and Bo Jiu.

If she were the real Z, even if the situation had reached such a state, she would still be able to zero in on the gist, coming up with a solution. For instance, if they had really found out her identity, they wouldn’t be going to the girl’s dorm and would instead send out an arrest warrant.

Fan Jia had always prided herself with her understanding of Qin Mo. But how could someone who didn’t have the courage to face off Qin Mo be able to understand him?

She had never been the one who took on Qin Mo outright, it had always been the real Z.

Right at this moment, the person that dared to face him off was standing beside Qin Mo, with a lazy smile and a head full of silver hair. “Brother Mo, an Almighty like you shouldn’t be flipping through a girl’s belongings, leave such immoral things to me.”

The headmaster was slightly confused. Weren’t you an Almighty as well?

Qin Mo didn’t bother about a certain someone and headed straight for a bed.

The headmaster received information on the other four students in the dorm and was about to place the documents in Qin Mo’s hand when Qin Mo flipped open a book on a wooden table, his voice faint and soft. “How many of them have the last name Fan?”

The headmaster stiffened, replying subconsciously. “How do you know there is a student with the last name Fan?”

Qin Mo turned, showing him the name on the book.

The headmaster wanted to say more when the youngster caressed her chin. “She seems to be called Fan Jia.”

The headmaster: … He hadn’t even said anything! Were they perhaps psychic?

“There’s a signature on the receipt in the bin.” Bo Jiu stood up, showing the headmaster the receipt in her hand. But there was something she didn’t understand. “Brother Mo, why aren’t you asking about the others? Why did you start with Fan Jia?”

Qin Mo’s hand moved towards the book on the table. “The books a person reads are a reflection of their inner desires and characteristics. Her table is unusually clean and her dressing is extremely young but the book on her table is dark and does not suit a young girl. The discrepancy represents the issue.”

“That’s a new one.” Bo Jiu laughed lazily, learning yet another skill from the Almighty.

In the next second, Qin Mo added, “The other students are generally normal unlike a certain someone who reads the entire series of ‘Doted on Little Wife, Where Are You off to?”

With that, the youngster slipped. Couldn’t he stop bringing up her dark history?

Qin Mo added lazily, “You don’t read those books anymore, have your reading habits changed?”

Bo Jiu arched a brow, sensing the trap in his question. She replied lazily, “I grew out of it.”

“Really?” It was a skeptical reply, which meant that he didn’t believe her.

Bo Jiu was thinking about her reply. If the Almighty tried to sound her out again, she couldn’t let herself be exposed before they were overseas. Otherwise her plans would be spoiled.

Fortunately, the Almighty only took one glance at her before placing his attention back to the investigation. He asked the counsellor that tagged alongside him in a faint voice, “What is Fan Jia like? Is there anything special?”

“There isn’t anything out of the ordinary. She has a likeable personality and interacts with her roommates well.” It wasn’t hard to hear the compliments within his answer. It seemed as if Fan Jia had managed to build a positive impression.

Qin Mo flipped through the book in his hand. “Who is the closest person to Fan Jia?”

“Closest?” The counsellor thought through it seriously but was still confused. “There doesn’t seem to be anyone and she doesn’t like to participate in group activities.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow. She interacted with her roommates well but didn’t have a close friend. Also, she didn’t participate in group activities. It did seem odd.

Qin Mo noticed that as well and thus asked, “When did she enroll in university?”

“She enrolled pretty early but due to health reasons, she started half a year late. She seems to come from a wealthy family.” The counsellor was slightly cautious. “She has been staying outside in the past and only stays in the dorms occasionally. She’s a very easy-going student; is there anything wrong?”

Bo Jiu lowered her lids, zeroing in on the crux. “Where did she stay in the past? And when was that?”

“About a month ago. I can’t remember for sure but she has been staying on campus ever since. It seems like her lease has run out and it was more convenient to stay in school which was why she came back.” The counsellor didn’t see anything wrong and thus didn’t understand the need to investigate the dorms.

But everything seemed to fall in place for Bo Jiu. A month ago, she had discovered the street in which the imposter had been based.

Bo Jiu turned towards Qin Mo unconsciously. Coincidentally, Qin Mo had turned to her as well. It was like telepathy.

It seemed almost certain. They were 70% certain that Fan Jia was the imposter…