Chapter 820 - Don’t Let the Efforts Go to Waste

Chapter 820: Don’t Let the Efforts Go to Waste

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Spade Z suddenly appeared!

The youngster seemed to have arrived from the bottom lane, a whole army of troops behind her.

Everyone had their attention on the teamfight and Bo Jiu’s character had to ability to turn invisible.

Hence, it wasn’t possible to see her approaching!

In that instance, Spade Z finally appeared on the screen.

The danger alarm released from the city was enough for them to feel threatened.

The next second after the signal had been released, Qin Mo dashed over with a sword in hand.

Both of them had an incredible destruction power; the city would not be able to last long with the impact produced from their coordination.

Yan Yixiao could feel a numbness through his scalp. He maneuvered rapidly as beads of perspiration collected on his forehead.

There wasn’t time to care about the teamfight any more because the moment the city was destroyed, the game would be over!

Zhao Sanpang watched with his mouth opened so wide a fist could fit inside. “F*ck, that’s despicable! Captain, did you see that? Qin Mo and Little Spade have actually teamed up to steal the city! What about the teamfight? Little Yan must be fuming!”

Xiao Jing remained silent as he watched the two figures, his gaze dimming.

That was odd. Why wasn’t Captain saying anything?

Shouldn’t he be discussing about how they stole the city?

After about a second, Xiao Jing retracted his gaze. “Qin Mo’s Three Thousand Knife Cutting hasn’t appeared.”

What did that mean?

Zhao Sanpang was confused.

At this moment, Yan Yixiao’s character had reached the city.

However, he was the only one with a character that could move fast.

The others needed time before they could reach, but the damaged city couldn’t hold on for long.

Moreover, Qin Mo was blocking his path.

Yan Yixiao’s fake self jumped out, gliding past Qin Mo. But the moment his rod smashed at Spade Z, the city was destroyed and in shambles.

Everyone stilled.

The intense taping came to a stop, sinking the entire arena into silence.

The word ‘ Fail ‘ flashed on Grand Realm’s five screens before their screens dimmed.

The next second, the cheers from Supreme Alliance came.

Lin Feng was the first to bolt upright!

That wasn’t all, he turned and pulled Yun Hu into an embrace.

At that moment, there wasn’t any other thoughts.

“We won, we won.”

Lin Feng cheered.

Yun Hu pressed onto his back, his gaze bright. “Yes, we won.”

Xue Yaoyao stilled in disbelief, her first reaction was to turn towards Feng Shang.

After a moment of daze, he burst into a radiant smile as though trying to say, “Yaoyao, look, we won.”

There wasn’t a victory which was coincidental.

If Xue Yaoyao hadn’t executed the big move at the right moment to slow Grand Realm’s members, if Feng Shang hadn’t sent out the cannon at such a timely moment, if Coco hadn’t acted as the aid ━ Qin Mo and Bo Jiu wouldn’t have stolen the city so quickly.

None of their efforts had gone to waste; the cup noodles, math paper days.

The days Feng Shang collapsed in front of the computer while he gripped onto the mouse.

Those days hadn’t been wasted.