Chapter 526 - Z’s Past

Chapter 526: Z’s Past

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Li Mengran’s appearance reminded Fu Jiu a lot of her distant past.

She hadn’t really changed who she was after all these years because of the words that person had left her before leaving.

When she first made contact with computers at the age of 6, Fu Jiu’s father had taught her countless times— Z, you need to control yourself and not be affected by your emotions. You have to know that some powers will turn destructive if they are not controlled.

She thought she was rational enough.

But it turned out, she wasn’t.

After her father passed away, she started to be active on the Internet with the name Z.

At that time, many people were mesmerized with Z, thinking of this hacker as handsome and unbridled. Especially when she destroyed evil, it left people cheering in kudos.

Fu Jiu thought that nobody would ever discover that she was Z.

But in fact, you could fool everyone but not the ones who really cared about you.

Some people would always chose to remain silent and look at you with a smile even if they know all your secrets.

Even after you were home after finishing your deeds, you might be at your doorstep, rubbing your numbed legs as you said, “My mom made your favorite spicy meat. We’ve been waiting for you all day. Why are you back so late. See, it’s already cold.”

At that time, Fu Jiu saw herself as the representative of true justice. At times, she was so focused on the cases that she forgot to care about her friends who needed her concern.

Back when that person wanted to talk to her, she was focused on her computer, saying without even raising her head, “I’m busy.”

She even played truant for days.

And by the time she realized what was happening, that person’s body had lost all its warmth.


What kind of pain did one need to experience before choosing to commit suicide?

Fu Jiu couldn’t bare the thought of losing such an important person.

They had grown up together, gone to school together, gossiped about the type of boys they liked together, and even headed to the bathroom together after classes.

What did she want to tell me that time?

Fu Jiu got to learn of it only when she read her diary.

Some things would always remain buried under the light.

Like those monsters who appeared kind and genuine, but did unforgivable things to little girls.

That was the first time Fu Jiu really wanted to kill someone.

As a second grader in middle school, before she had fully established her moral values, she had conceived so many plans on killing that trash of a human.

And she had put her thoughts into action.

If she had not seen that Christmas card on her desk, she would have taken action that day and become a murderer that afternoon.

There was such an existence in this world.

She was pretty, smart, cute, delicate, someone who would pounce on your back when messing around, but she would stay by your side, smiling, when you needed peace and quiet.

There were things you didn’t want her to know.

And she wouldn’t expose you even if she knew it crystal clear.

She would protect all your secrets.

She didn’t want to harm you, only wishing to protect you. Even though she was weak herself, she tried to cover up things for you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have lied to the police that you didn’t know how to use a computer when they came knocking.

As for her—

What did she do…

When her friend wanted to talk to her, she was doing things that she thought was considered justice.

It was because of those insignificant matters on the Internet things which couldn’t be verified even if done that perhaps, caused Fu Jiu to change from that very moment.

Only then did she know what was most important.

And where she should exert the powers she wielded on.

Those who she needed to protect.

Those who wanted so badly to have a voice, but couldn’t.

Those who were like that person…