Chapter 870 - Eaten

Chapter 870: Eaten

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The Almighty was clearly trying to seduce her.

She smiled, lowering to plant a kiss on him.

Although this was the first time she was going to sleep with someone, she still wanted the Almighty’s first night to be special.

She had seen many of the erotic novels in the Fu house so she knew that the gist was to be tender and her actions had to be gentle.

Bo Jiu was confident that she didn’t need a teacher to excel.

However, the moment her first kiss landed, Qin Mo’s eyes started to darken.

Then he pushed her aside, planning to settle himself in the bathroom, but he was still handcuffed.

Bo Jiu wasn’t the only one restricted by the handcuffs.

From the very start, Qin Mo had already cuffed himself to her.

Regardless of the urge, this wasn’t the right time.

Although Qin Mo wasn’t someone who was concerned about age, he was worried that she was still too young and wasn’t able to tolerate it.

However, they still ended up in this situation.

“You taste good.” After three kisses, Bo Jiu seemed to have gotten hooked. On a certain note, suppressing someone like the Almighty beneath her seemed like something to be proud of.

Her smile deepened as she trailed up to his eyes, her lashes brushing past his lips.

Bo Jiu loved it.

She loved how they were interacting like back when they were kids.

Qin Mo didn’t stop her while she clouded his senses.

Momentarily, his resolved shattered.

Qin Mo reached out to grab her neck, his tongue pushing into her mouth, determined to push through her teeth into its depths to tease deeply and wilfully.

The lingering continued and Bo Jiu wanted to take the lead, but Qin Mo intercepted, ripping her top without hesitation.

Beneath the blanket, the youngster sat on him, her flawlessly pale skin exposed and looking very much like a demoness who had walked out from the dark, alluring and captivating.

It was a temptation to any grown man and only intensified when the sheets fell to her waist, stirring the desire within Qin Mo.

His hands left a blazing trail, leaving her sore and sensitive, as though every inch was itching for his touch.

His rough kisses only intensified her satisfaction.

The fiery breath brushing past her ears, sending tears to her eyes and leaving her in a drugged state as if she was numb and sensitive.

Beneath her, he chuckled lightly, raising the desire in her to shout stop.


Bo Jiu lost all rationality as she clenched his chest, an unsuppressed purr escaping…