Chapter 973 - Untitled

Chapter 973: Untitled

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But Bo Jiu also knew it was a light punishment. She sat in silence for a while more. When she decided it had been enough time, she asked gingerly, “Brother Mo, I think you would be in a better mood when you see my face since I have such a dashing appearance, it would help to purify the air.”

“You aren’t needed to purify the air,” he replied slowly as his fingers were touching her lips, the thin fabric of the jacket between them. “You better keep quiet, I don’t wish to see your face or hear your voice. Understand?”

She understood; there were times he could act like a proud little lady. Bo Jiu nodded, keeping the thought to herself. She knew he wasn’t willing to mend their differences anymore.

The driver peaked at the rear mirror several times. Boss Qin could just chase Bo Jiu away if he didn’t wish to see him, why did he have to cover him with a jacket and kiss his forehead?

He would never be able to understand his boss’s world. Perhaps no one could.

He loved her but yet, his pride didn’t allow him to give in. If it had been anyone else, he would never have bothered. But this youngster…

He forced his thoughts away but ended up using Lin Feng to get to her. Qin Mo’s call hadn’t been a mistake. As the captain of Supreme Alliance, he was well aware of every member’s temperament. Lin Feng’s first reaction after receiving the call would be to inform the youngster.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze, looking at the youngster in his arms. He was still wondering how to deal with her. Since he didn’t have a plan, he decided to bring her back home.

The Land Rover entered the military courtyard.

Bo Jiu had sensitive ears and could hear the sound of the rifles hitting the rocky ground.

When the car had stopped, Qin Mo carried her up and placed her on his bed.

Bo Jiu took a moment to ponder before reaching her hands out. Once again, her lips were covered and this time, the kiss was deeper than before, pushing her head into the pillow. Their breathes were hurried and a mess.

“We aren’t just sex partners, understand?” The hoarse and raspy voice landed on her lips along with his pants but it was still as cold as before. “You will have to take responsibility for messing with me.”

Bo Jiu muttered, “I have always been taking responsibility.”

“Your responsibility is to save Hoshino,” Qin Mo replied faintly. It was so faint and nonchalant she was stumped.

Qin Mo glanced at her as he released her and stood up. It was a knot he could no longer spin lies around. He turned, facing his back to her. He only had two words for her, “Forget it.”

Bo Jiu froze. She wanted to say something but clearly, it was going to be useless.

The door opened. He was chasing her out. Bo Jiu knew, but she didn’t want to move. She maintained the same position on the bed, basking in the last moment…

The sky started to turn dark as Qin Mo sat in the study room beside his room, hearing the sounds coming from the other side as he lit a cigarette.

The silver lighter was clenched in his palm so tightly that a cut formed. He flipped it around and it became a USB.

If it hadn’t been for Lin Feng’s call, perhaps she would never have thought of looking for him. Things obtained by force would never come easily. This gift was the same.

He sat in silence. She should be prepared to leave.

He finished a stick. It was the only way to suppress the frustration within him. Just when he tilted his head, the study room door was pulled open.

The youngster stood there. “I’ll leave after tending to your wounds.”

Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette, his voice cold and emotionless. “Someone will be coming.”

The only excuse she had was taken away, and that moment, she realized he really didn’t want to see her. They had never been so polite to each other before.

The sound from below broke their tense atmosphere. Movie Queen An was back. She walked over when she saw that the lights were on. With just once glance, she could tell there was something wrong between the two of them.

Just as Bo Jiu was about to leave, she held onto her. “Jiu, glad to see you here, I need your opinion on something. Don’t leave tonight so that we can have a good talk!”

Bo Jiu glanced at Qin Mo and agreed. “Alright.”

Qin Mo’s tightened fists loosened with her respond.

Since she was going to stay for the night, she would definitely have dinner. Movie Queen An had plans for them to sit together. But that was secondary. Movie Queen An wasn’t dumb, she had never been one to ask the kids bluntly and she really had something to consult Bo Jiu.

“The director for a movie I am acting in asked me for a favor. He would like for me to put in some good words for him.” Movie Queen An placed a piece of pork in her plate. “And I agree that the role is perfect for you. If you take up the role, I could tell you a weakness of that emotionless boy of mine.”

Bo Jiu had never been good at rejecting Movie Queen An. “It would have to wait till after the competition and I can’t be sure of the situation at that time. Besides, I can’t act.”

Once the competition was over, she would find a reason to leave.

“The situation won’t matter.” Movie Queen An reached out to pinch her face. “You don’t have to act, the director has briefed me about it. You just have to sit in front of the computer and type. It is basically for you to be yourself, you can see it as a favor for me.”

With that, it wasn’t nice for her to reject her anymore. “Is the director looking for an esports player?”

“No, he’s looking for a hacker,” Movie Queen An replied excitedly. “You are my son in the movie. I have always wanted a handsome and thoughtful son like you, Jiu. Your Brother Mo is way too cold and not the least bit adorable.”

She remained silent, lowering her head to pick at the rice. She turned unconsciously towards the empty seat beside her, knowing very well that the Almighty wasn’t having his meal because of her.

Movie Queen An noticed her gaze as well, she turned and consoled, “Your Brother Mo has never known how to interact with others. Back when he was younger, he was the coldest person in the entire military courtyard. Moreover, he is extremely particular about hygiene and when he finds something he is fond of, he would act like a tyrant. The more he likes something, the less he would show. Even though I am his mother, there are times I don’t understand him. For a long while, he had trouble sleeping. But after he met you, he told me he was blessed with a bolster that allowed him to sleep peacefully. Honestly, I couldn’t really accept it when I first found out he had fallen for a boy. It’s going to be a difficult path and both of you are still so young. There was also a time he likes girls but the next time I saw him, he was smiling to his phone because of a message you sent, Jiu. My cold boy really likes you.”