Chapter 670 - Z’s Aggressiveness

Chapter 670: Z’s Aggressiveness

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Even though the slight moisture wasn’t a lot, it didn’t seem normal that beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. Although it wasn’t excruciating, there was a lasting ache.

Her abdomen felt icy cold as if unable to be warmed up.

Be it in the past or present, once it came, Bo Jiu would be at its mercy.

Chen Xiaodong thought that his Young Master was having a fever, following behind tirelessly. “Should I get the doctor?”

Bo Jiu sat on the sofa, a piping hot cup of red ginger drink in her hands, her voice unusually low. “It’s fine, how’s the matter going?”

“It’s good.” Chen Xiaodong paused. “But the Han family won’t be willing.”

Bo Jiu placed the cup down, her fingers applying pressure to her stomach. “She instigated others to come to my house, even if the Han family isn’t willing, they’ll have to bear the consequences.”

A thought struck him as he glanced at the youngster.

Even though he already realized the difference in the Young Master; but wasn’t this change too drastic?

He seemed like a totally different person.

Bo Jiu realized his stare, turning with a raised brow. “What is it?”

“No, nothing.” Chen Xiaodong attributed his change to past events because, under extreme circumstances, you would either retaliate or be defeated. The youngster was probably the latter, becoming a new being after coming to a realization!

Bo jiu smiled in silence, she was aware of Chen Xiaodong’s suspicion.

All the members in the family would detect the differences as long as they interacted with her long enough.

Han Susu shouldn’t have gotten those people to disrupt her household.

She hadn’t wanted to touch such a person since it wasn’t worth her time, especially during the National League.

She would have rather practiced her hand speed with that extra time, but someone wasn’t willing to give her peace.

Bo Jiu lifted her lids towards the clock, counting the time. The Han family should have started looking for her.

As expected, after fifteen minutes, Bo Jiu’s phone rang.

The youngster lowered her lids, accepting the call. “Old Bai.”

“The Han family has taken action.” His voice was indifferent. “They notified the press, preparing to expose you.”

The youngster chuckled. “Do these powerful people really think they can get away with defamation and trespassing? How can they continue their insolence?”

“Probably.” His words were drenched in ridicule.

The youngster smiled faintly. “Let them learn their lesson, I heard you have evidence of the Han family’s bribery.”

“Yes, but it’s expensive.”

The youngster lifted her lips into a slight smile. “Just right, I don’t lack money.”

Hackers weren’t usually poor.

Moreover, she had an aristocratic background.

She had nine accounts, one of which was filled with enough money to afford a small island.

It was more than enough to buy evidence of the Han family.

“But you’ll have to be careful.” Bai Qianye shut the documents. “The Han family and Qin family are longtime friends.”

Bo Jiu’s gaze deepened. “I have never been afraid of the Qin family.”

Bai Qianye pushed his pen into his pocket, standing up, his gaze deepening. “There isn’t anyone in Jiang City that isn’t afraid of the Qin family. Honestly, other than being a high school student, you must have another identity.”