Chapter 871 - Still Wanting to Compare Sizes?

Chapter 871: Still Wanting to Compare Sizes?

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The house carried an erotic air.

It was still raining and windy, but the wind did nothing to the fire burning inside the two people.

The numbing sensation carried a hint of pain, which came in waves.

Bo Jiu had always been sensible to the cold.

Qin Mo noticed her reaction. When he felt the slight moisture, his resolve shattered completely as he moved aggressively, seemingly determined to swallow her whole.

Bo Jiu widened her eyes.

She wanted to speak, but was stripped off energy from the waves coming at her.

Heat enveloped her as the thrusts became faster and deeper and the numbing sensation spread through her.

It seemed to go on forever.

He chuckled deeply, his voice silky smooth. “Are you still going to compare sizes with Brother Mo?”

Bo Jiu could no longer speak. Anything she could say would just expose her completely.

A whirling sensation exploded within her and once it started, she lost all sense of control.

The sweetness trailed down her waist down to the tips of her toes.

She wanted to shut her eyes, but Qin Mo didn’t allow it with his hushed voice. “I have to remember it’s you I’m taking.”

His breath splashed onto her ear. A hand was on her waist as he pushed hard and firm, alternating between slow and quick skilful thrusts, all of which hit the right spot.

The force left her helpless.

Qin Mo’s eyes darkened as he saw her tremble uncontrollably.

This was the scene he had always wanted to see; her willingness in a clear-minded state.

This was the first time he wanted to merge with someone.

Even at the end, he still couldn’t control himself, taking her over and over.

Like a beast which couldn’t be satisfied, he took at his will after the very first taste of perfection.

The room started to heat up through the night.

Qin Mo carried her in his arms, placing her into the bathtub gingerly. He personally tested the temperature of the water, treating her tenderly.

This was the first time Young Master Qin had served someone.

Even Princess didn’t get such treatment often.

After releasing the handcuffs, he saw the red marks on her wrists.

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed, lowering his head to lick the marks, just like a wolf who was trying to please its owner.

Anyone who saw him would be shocked because even though he carried an aristocratic air, he knelt by the tub just to help her clean up.

He was left half-naked with just a pair of black pants. On his shoulder was a bite mark, left behind at the peak when she could no longer control herself.

Young Master Qin was indeed not suited for serving others.

He pushed the soap and crumpled a natural 100% plant made medical plaster.

The medical plaster was extremely costly and was normally used to treat gunshot wounds.

Young Master Qin was probably the only one who would use it here.

Qin Mo moved with utmost care, trying not to disrupt Bo Jiu’s sleep.

However, when his fingers brushed past her slender thighs, she frowned, murmuring amidst her sleep, “No more, any more and… you’ll kill me…”

Qin Mo smiled. He grabbed a white towel and wrapped her tight before carrying her out.

In her daze, she murmured once more, “I can leave after sleeping with you, mmh… I am indeed capable.”