Chapter 342 - Qin Mo's Suspect

Chapter 342: Qin Mo’s Suspect

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Fu Jiu’s head was buried in Qin Mo’s chest.

The smell around her nose immediately became much nicer.

Although the Tokyo trolley bus was relatively clean, with that many people on board, it still smelled rather bad.

But not anymore…

Fu Jiu stroked her nose, and raised her head for a bit at first.

She found that the position she and the Almighty were in made her scream for a kiss as soon as she looked up.

The truth was…

You couldn’t blame her for that thought.

Recently, the Almighty had flirted with her too much.

If Qin Mo had heard the young man’s thoughts, he would have given one of his cold laughs and asked her, ‘Who on earth was the one that kept flirting?’

There were people in the front and in the back. Only Qin Mo was like an isolated island.

Fu Jiu simply gave up on backing away. She pressed her head against Qin Mo’s chest, and found it quite interesting, bumping his chest with her fluffy head covered with silver hair…

In such an environment, the Almighty couldn’t do anything to her.

Of course Qin Mo couldn’t do anything about it. He had one hand on the young man’s back to embrace him closely, the other hand holding on to the trolley bar to keep their balance. His face was beautiful to extreme, and warned away strangers from getting near.

Who would have thought that this little guy would act so naughtily in his arms.

Fu Jiu bumped once and heard a clear sigh from the Almighty.

She was amused by it, and continued the playful bumping.

Qin Mo looked down at that bumping head against his chest. That little swirl created by her silver hair made Fu Jiu look extra cute. He contained his rage and impulse to throw the young man out of the trolley, instead lowering his voice and educating him like a big brother. “Have you had enough yet?”

Fu Jiu stopped after a cute laugh and rested her head against his chest.

Qin Mo’s inexplicable bad mood drifted away with the young man’s naughty actions. Even the corner of his mouth lifted unconsciously.

It was indeed crazy.

But because the trolley was too crowded, their actions seemed normal. Nothing was too inappropriate.

It was just that… Fu Jiu’s head was right under Qin Mo’s shoulders.

The silver-haired young man’s were half-closed, while the other man was cold and domineering.

Some people wanted to take pictures of them.

However, the two of them exited before they could do it.

Qin Mo walked out first. The air outside was nice and clean, but he felt that something was missing without that fluffy head against his chest. Was that even normal?

Even so, Qin Mo hadn’t forgotten the way that the young man looked up at the screen while standing outside in front of those buildings.

He must know him…

Those eyes wouldn’t lie.

But it didn’t say that the young man had any relations with Hoshino in the files he got.

That was right.

Qin Mo had investigated Fu Jiu secretly.

Very early on.

How early on?

So early on that it was back when COCO pointed at the computer screen, showing him someone taking down bosses one after another with perfect technique.

Spade Z.

That letter Z successfully caught his attention.

Z stood for Zero.

Similar techniques. With his understanding of Zero back then, their actions matched up in many ways.

His suspicions about Spade Z became even greater when he hacked again…

But when he found out that Fu Jiu was Spade Z, his suspect completely disappeared again…

Even though he still didn’t know what Zero looked like, he was sure that Zero was a “she”.

Qin Mo thought about this and looked over at the young man.

Fu Jiu, the upstart kid who shouted out to buy him with money, couldn’t possibly be Zero.

But Qin Mo didn’t give up on any possibility. He had sent someone to investigate. On the day that the hacker attack happened three years ago on Fifth Avenue, where was Fu Jiu?

There was nothing to find. Back then, the young man was still a totally incompetent middle school brat, acting like a baby who was waiting to be breastfed…