Chapter 1058 - Untitled

1058 Untitled

In Jiang City’s military zone, Assistant Deputy Zhang rushed in hurriedly. “General.” He tapped open his phone and flashed a photograph that had been taken secretly. It wasn’t clear but the person was obvious, based on the outline of the silhouette.

General Qin glanced down at the photo. He frowned. “When did they arrive in Jiang City?”

“It wasn’t reported. They should be here to find Young Master.” Assistant Deputy Zhang stood by the side and continued, “Since the few of them only act on Young Master’s orders.”

General Qin pinched his temples. “Has this been reported?”

“It has been reported. They were cooperating with a crime squad operation. Young Master is involved in the operation, just that his attitude might have been too much.” Assistant Deputy Zhang tried to cushion the situation.

General Qin placed the documents in hand aside. “I’m sure it wasn’t just too much.”

Assistant Deputy Zhang choked before he added, “Yes, it was mainly because the army uniform was too striking but Young Master has always been this way. Besides, if he hadn’t been firm, he wouldn’t have taken that person down.”

General Qin lifted his gaze, standing tall and strong. “He isn’t allowed to wear his uniform yet.”

“As a criminal psychologist cooperating with the operation, his actions are understandable,” Assistant Deputy Zhang said.

General Qin pulled open his drawer. Inside was a golden fringe that he had personally removed from his son’s shoulders.

“General…” Assistant Deputy Zhang paused.

General Qin took a second. “Send the application form up, it’s time for him to be back.”

“But can Young Master accept it?” Assistant Deputy Zhang asked with reason. That year, after he had come back from the mission, there had been some people that had suspected he had been hypnotized while others had taken innocent lives. This was the reason he had been stripped of his military title.Read more chapter on vipnovel

He would never forget the image of Young Master back then; he had been soaked in blood and seemed to have experienced something traumatic. His wrist had been injured but that wasn’t the main point.

The reason he would never forget that image was because he had never seen Young Master cry. In that moment back then, he had clearly seen the tears in Young Master’s eyes.

No one knew what had happened on that mission. And in that moment, there had been people who had thrown accusations at him. Young Master had completed the mission by himself. But yet, he had been faced with skepticism and suspicion.

After that experience, could he still accept it?

General Qin glanced up. “He will accept it.”

Assistant Deputy Zhang opened his mouth.

“Even if he doesn’t wear the uniform, he is still a soldier.” General Qin signed the document. “Giving up after being doubted, did anyone teach him that?”

Assistant Deputy Zhang remained silent. It was clear to him that General Qin was right.

Back then, he had been doubted and injured but yet, he had insisted on destroying the main engine processor and to save the hostages that hadn’t been brainwashed.

This was what a soldier should be like. This was probably also the reason why for the mission at the borders, Young Master was the most suitable candidate. Likewise, Assistant Deputy Zhang also knew how dangerous the mission was. He hadn’t dared to inform Madam about it. Fortunately, he didn’t have to set off immediately.

Assistant Deputy Zhang tapped into the photo once more. “I’ll attend to this. Hopefully, Young Master can catch the real culprit this time and cut them off properly to prepare for the mission at the borders.”

The Maiden’s Sacrifice had never been that simple because buried beneath was a human’s nature with a distorted moral viewpoint and the abuse of power of wealth. This had been a recent discovery. They had to eradicate this poison.

The wind started raging as four sports cars followed behind a black Land Rover.

One of the sports cars left the formation, sliding to the front. The windows scrolled down and with a black Bluetooth earpiece in his ear, the person inside asked, “Boss, where are we going next?”

“Finding someone.” Qin Mo tapped open the phone he took from Wang Chuanlei, his voice emotionless as usual. “We don’t have to escort Director Wang, there are members from the crime squad about hundred meters ahead.”

“Yes, Boss!” Magician smiled, speeding up. Before he sped past, he slowed down as though he had just noticed something. He eyed the silver-haired youngster in the car and asked, “Boss, why does that person look so familiar?”

Bo Jiu had encountered Magician before when she had dressed as an ’employee’ from the cinema.

Qin Mo glanced up at him. “You got the wrong person, send him off.”

Wrong person? Magician frowned but the next second, he seemed to have realized what it was. Was it perhaps the same person that made Boss gay?

He wanted to stop and watch but his boss had already given his orders. Magician stepped on the accelerator regretfully.

When the car drove past, Wang Chuanlei finally had a chance to see the person inside the car. He wanted to know the appearance of the person who constantly thwarted their plans.

However, he had never expected to see such a profile. Young and striking. When her silver hair was blown to the sides, the youngster’s eyes and the long slender fingers she had on the keyboard came to view. It was almost a blur.

But it was that pair of hands that had pulled through the dark clouds and turned the tables.

In that instant, the youngster’s fingers flew across the keyboard rapidly, the sharp crisp taps from the keyboard were enough for Wang Chuanlei to understand a simple fact.

Qin Mo has an accomplice skilled enough to destroy Fan Jia but none of them had realized. Even Fan Jia herself was probably unaware of who it was.

The car sped past. The four cars were one behind the other, forming a straight line. The hunt wasn’t over.

After Qin Mo tapped open the phone, he glanced over at the youngster beside him.

Bo Jiu arranged her page and started tracking the signal. They just had to make a call to locate Fan Jia.

As their chemistry was perfect as usual, Qin Mo smiled while making the call.

On the other end, Fan Jia glanced at the incoming call, prepared to pick up. Right at that moment, she saw the news report from a screen afar. She recognized the face on the screen.

Fan Jia narrowed her eyes. She took another look at the details on the screen and paused mid action. When the ringing finally ended, she hurriedly entered a page.

There was a group having a discussion about plagiarism. Some expressed the immorality of the discussion and was about to leave while others were defending the content, claiming the lack of intent behind the words. Some came out to break up their discussion since the members were all here to complain about someone.

Those defending were discussing the recent member that was arrested. They weren’t the least bit remorseful. Those that were defending didn’t think there was anything wrong with plagiarism.

Fan Jia pulled them in, knowing their inability to differentiate between right and wrong. These seeds had finally blossomed. Perhaps, they would help her.

Since she wasn’t sure what happened over at the other end of the call, Fan Jia started to look into news of the incident.

Someone replied immediately. “You must have been targeted. Someone seems to be on a hunt. They must have nothing to do to constantly be engaging in such meaningless operations. I heard the person arrested is someone of high authority…”

With that, Fan Jia felt her heart sink. Her first reaction was to destroy her phone card. As someone who could plan so meticulously, Fan Jia wasn’t dumb. She knew the person had been referring to Wang Chuanlei. There was something wrong with that call.

Fan Jia bit down on her lip and seemed to have another plan. She first painted a pitiful image of herself before adding, “Is there anyone who could help out?”

It was getting interesting. There was suspicion behind the right thing. However, there was only compassion for the wrong thing since it could absolve someone from guilt.

One of them agreed, asking Fan Jia for her location. She wasn’t far and could head over. The others in the chat cheered her on.

On the other end, the call went dead. Qin Mo knew she had started to suspect something. He immediately altered his investigation plans.

He called Director Huang. “Just in case, widen the scope. She won’t be flying or taking the train since she wouldn’t be able to pass immigration but that isn’t the same for travelling by car. Focus on the road borders.” Even if it was finding a needle in a haystack, they had to find it.

Bo Jiu had another idea. “I think she would start with the internet.”

Qin Mo glanced up, a gleam flashing past his eyes.

Bo Jiu’s fingers flew across the keyboard.

Infiltrating wasn’t an issue but there were too many and finding the cracks would require time.

She paused. “There should be information from that student in A University. I need her account name and password to check her browsing records.” The crime squad would definitely be able to find such basic information.

Qin Mo immediately caught on. He turned and started tapping the keyboard with one hand. Even though his other hand was tied up in a bandage, it didn’t affect his speed at all.

For the account name and password, there were five records.

Bo Jiu did an analysis for all five of the records and created a browsing page but she wasn’t sure which one it was.

Qin Mo scanned the screen and paused on the last one. “Click on the last thread.”

Bo Jiu clicked in and realized the secrets that were hidden within. She glanced over and decided to learn from him. “How did you spot that?”

“Intuition from learning physics, something you don’t have,” Qin Mo replied seriously.

Bo Jiu felt an urge to bite him. That aside, sometimes intuition came from experience.

They scanned the activity on the page and quickly located a strange message. The ID of the messenger was snooping around for news of the arrest this morning and had even arranged a meeting with someone.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “Something’s wrong.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply. Instead, he made another call to Director Huang. “Be prepared, the culprit might be operating with a hostage.”

“Hostage?” Director Huang bolted upright. “Where did the hostage come from?!”

Once there was a hostage involved, the nature of the hunt would change drastically since the hostage’s safety would become their top priority.

Qin Mo glanced out the window, his gaze calm. ” The reason she could act so willfully on the net was because of her accomplices, it wasn’t surprising for her to use one of them as a hostage.”

Director Huang was stumped for words, but in the end, he said, “Regardless of what sort of person that hostage is, as long as the person is an ordinary citizen, you have to bring them back.”

Qin Mo pushed the silver lighter, lighting a cigarette. He took a puff, his smile cold and frosty. “Do you know why Z exists?”

Director Huang and even Bo Jiu stilled.

Qin Mo tapped his cigarette. “Because she wouldn’t need to save the culprit disguised as a hostage.”

“Qin Mo!” Director Huang’s voice was heavy with emotions but only the restrain could be heard.

Qin Mo replied casually, “Don’t worry, my thoughts won’t affect my actions. I will save that person.”

Director Huang heaved a sigh of relief.

Qin Mo reached out to hang up while Bo Jiu continued to type. She asked, “Why?”

Even though he knew it was filled darkness, he still persisted in going forward and was willing to save a culprit. Why?

Qin Mo tilted towards her. “Because such accomplices would have to be sent to prison.”

Bo Jiu hadn’t expected such a response.

She was suddenly reminded of the young Almighty, who could watch revolutionary movies. Back then, they had already been different.

She had played, dismantling her keyboard, causing chaos wherever she had gone. She hadn’t understood why those revolutionists had been retaliating even though they hadn’t had enough power.

The Almighty had still been very young back then but when she had asked him the question, he had broken into a smile and even his eyes had lit up. “Because they are the soldiers of China. So, you know what they are? They don’t live in a clean world. Even though they know that darkness lies ahead, they go forth and tear it up for the light to come in.”

Back then, she hadn’t been familiar with the Chinese language but she had still salivated from his words. His words had been as striking as his appearance.

Now that she recalled it… Bo Jiu’s lips lifted. The person she had fallen for had always stayed the same.

She could see all the traces of justice in him. It wasn’t black and white nor was it grey. It was a strong belief. It was fearlessness, morality, and more importantly, the responsibility on his shoulders.

Bo Jiu watched his grown-up face as she recalled the adorable yet aloof pet from her memories. She couldn’t resist anymore, turning to plant a kiss on the side of his face.

Qin Mo was caught off guard, pausing momentarily. When he turned to look at her, his eyes deepened.

Bo Jiu admired that quick flash of shock in his expression. In that instant, she suddenly felt satisfied. She finally understood why the tyrannical CEOs would always flirt with their little love at work. It was indeed satisfying…