Chapter 488 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 10

Chapter 488: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 10

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When Chen Xiaodong heard that, he murmured in shock. “Great Lin sure is hard core.”

When it came to perfect frame-ups, Big Spade was the best.

Chen Xiaodong put down the box. “Young Master, get out of bed quickly. Breakfast is ready and already on the table. I’ll head down first.”

Xiaodong couldn’t hold back the urges of sharing the secrets that he just learned with his close guy friends anymore.

He swore to himself that he would only tell his best guy friends, no one else!

Fu Jiu knew what Chen Xiaodong was planning to do with one look at him. She curled her lips and smiled slowly.

Then, she looked over to the black silk dress. She unbuttoned her white shirt slowly with her long fingers, revealing milky-white skin and those bandages that wrapped around her chest…

If Qin Mo saw her like this, he would definitely not treat this person like a younger brother anymore…

But how could Fu Jiu ever expose herself so easily?

She had a slim figure and without those restraints, her thin waist allowed one to see extremely beautiful abs.

And those long legs…

Fair-skinned, tall, and supple skin.

That figure would even put a spell on women, not to mention men…

“Highness Jiu, are you in there?”

A voice came from outside the door.

Fu Jiu knew it was Xue Yaoyao, and said with a languide voice, “Come on in.”

She casually threw something on and sat at that wooden chair, in front of the vanity mirror.

The two had agreed to have Xue Yaoyao come to the Fu Mansion first to create the illusion that the person beside her was Fu Jiu all along.

Xue Yaoyao had imagined Highness Jiu in her original form as a girl countless times, but all her imaginations were obliterated when she saw Fu Jiu with her own eyes.

She realized that no matter how she much she imagined, it was not as stunning and surreal as the scene before her.

The girl who was sitting on that wooden chair and resting her bare feet on the wooden floor had such a languid posture, but her legs looked excessively beautiful.

Especially with her… appearing to not have anything on the inside except for a thin dark chiffon cardigan. Her fair-skinned back was exposed, and her beautiful curves made one think of one word—succubus.


Like a succubus walking out of the darkness, each inch of her looked inhumanly beautiful, fair like a piece of white jade.

Her beauty shocked one to the core in an overwhelming manner from the moment Fu Jiu covered the side of her face to Xue Yaoyao’s closing of the door.

“You…”Xue Yaoyao wanted to say that ‘if Almighty Qin saw you like this, he wouldn’t be angry with you for hiding the fact that you are a girl.’

But on her second thought, thinking that Almighty Qin had extraordinary ability at resisting beauty and seduction, and his dislike at being fooled, she wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t be angry with her anymore.

But there was one thing…

Highness Jiu was already stunning just looking like this. If she were to wear female clothes…

Xue Yaoyao chuckled. “You look… Incredible.”

Fu Jiu looked over with that languid, royal temperament which seemed utterly indifferent. “It’s okay. After all, I’m just too handsome, so don’t feel inferior..”

Xue Yaoyao laughed out uncontrollably. Indeed, no matter what kind of clothes Highness Jiu was in, she was still that Highness Jiu.

“Lock the door and sit down, I have something for you on the chair. Take it out and have a look.” Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows at Xue Yaoyao.

Xue Yaoyao was wondering what it was, and when she saw a long white dress and red roses in that long blue gift box, the light in her eyes quivered!