Chapter 450 - Giving Out Candies

Chapter 450: Giving Out Candies

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Is this the right time to say this!?

Lin Feng really wanted to open up Little Spade’s head and see what was inside!

Fu Jiu obviously didn’t care about anyone else’s opinion.

She was trying to fix her relationship with the Almighty.

When Qin Mo heard the youngster’s words, he leaned on the chair, crossed his legs, and when he looked at Fu Jiu, he lifted his lips. His eyes had a smile like early spring.

This smile wouldn’t have mattered, but when it was broadcast on the big screen with a close-up shot, it looked too stunning.

Fu Jiu felt that the Almighty in his present state should be kept like a pet at home. He could not be let out to prevent him from charming to death countless people with his smile.

It was a pity that she was not rich enough to do so.

Even if she was wealthy enough, there were still many more problems to consider.

Like if the Almighty would let her do so…

Qin Mo looked at youngster and curled his lips indifferently. “I know.”

Just as he said those words, he reached out to fondle the youngster’s fluffy hair. His side profile was beyond beautiful. “Good job.”

She was praised again.

Fu Jiu was so happy about it that the awkwardness disappeared.

And all of this caught the eye of the spectators.

Especially in the eyes of those couple fans, this was no different from a treat!

“Let me calm down for a sec, since has the Almighty ever looked at others with such a gentle gaze?”

“What’s up with him transforming into a crazy brother-protecting devil the moment he faces Spade Z?”

“I just want to say that I can only see handsomeness when these two are in the same frame!”

“Sending out candy treats like there’s no one else. Only the Almighty can amaze me!”

The duo’s handsomeness was too striking to overlook.

Even though Qin Mo was just sitting there, and the youngster was just standing in front of him, the whole thing looked indescribably cinematic.

If you one had to describe it, there were only one phrase that could be used—feast for the heart and eyes.

As everyone’s eyes were all on them, nobody realized that a beautiful woman had joined the audience.

That beauty was wearing a coat from a luxurious brand and her face was covered by her collar. However, from the shape of her jaw, you could easily tell that she had a stunning face.

However, the beauty extremely shocked that she suppressed her voice and asked Manager Li who was tailing behind. “Is that still my son, your young master?”

Manager Li: “…”

It’s no wonder Madam would ask such question.

Young Master has never been this close to someone…

It’s almost impossible to imagine that one day, this forever cold and composed man would touch someone else’s head like that… It’s really surreal…

“So that kid is Spade Z.” The beauty acted like a little fan girl, her eyes curling into a smile. “How handsome, even more handsome than my own son, no wonder he’s my Almighty who carries me.”

Manager coughed lightly after hearing that. “Madam, I think you should rethink about meeting Spade Z…”

“Looks like he is leaving.” Before Manager Li could finish, the beauty cut him off with her elegant voice. “Funny, where is that kid going before the end of the competition?”

Manager Li looked up and almost met the eyes of his young master, who was looking over; he lowered his eyes instantly.

However, it was just his nerves. His young master was probably just making a cursory scan of the area.

“He’s probably headed for the restroom.” Manager Li said in a diplomatic manner.

The beauty smiled. “Really? Then here comes my chance.”

Manager Li: “…”