Chapter 231 - Highness Jiu Is Flirting

Chapter 231: Highness Jiu Is Flirting

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At first, people were confused. Why is that young man walking over there?

But they soon realized that that was the place where Almighty Qin was standing!

What… What is going on here?!

Qin Mo could be seen from afar wearing that pure black battle uniform. Standing a dozen steps above everyone else, he looked at the young man walking towards him. As he narrowed his eyes, he became more and more attractive.

His facial expression was still indifferent, but even now, he was still raising his beautiful eyebrows. He was completely emitting an aura of austerity.

Everyone watched in a daze.

Not only the audience, but even the judges were shocked.

They had never expected that things would develop like this.

What did this young man want to achieve by walking in front of Almighty Qin like that?

In that moment, all the cameras changed angles. They were pointed at those two!

A worried Secretary Liang was accidentally caught in the frame. He wanted to drag Young Master Jiu over and ask, What do you want to achieve by doing this?!

Can’t you see the cameras around?

What if people suspect that Boss Qin is gay?

Chen Xiaodong was on the same page as Secretary Liang.

He didn’t forget that his young master was only playing games for Young Master Qin!

Now…his speculations had just been proven!

However, Fu Jiu and Qin Mo didn’t care about what other people thought.

By putting these two glowing men together, the light would be ten times brighter!

There was still a smile lingering on the young man’s mouth, and he appeared handsome and flirtatious. One could sense that rich and juicy youthfulness even through the screen.

People could even see the individual eyelashes on that clean side profile through the camera.

Different from the young man, the distinguished majesty that Almighty Qin emitted was like that of an immortal with a grand jade body.

Two people.

One above.

The other below.

Standing on the stairs in the middle.

In an instant, all the light seemed to gather in the young man’s eyes like loose diamonds sparkling with a beautiful glow.

He was just too handsome and pretty.

When that picture was shown on the screen through the camera lenses, people thought they were seeing a delicate cartoon character.

Fu Jiu was still walking forward with a smile on his face.

The judges were thinking if Boss Qin would throw a look at the young man and let him decide for himself.

To their utter surprise, when Fu Jiu was on the last step, Qin Mo reached his hand out and dragged the young man up!

Fu Jiu didn’t shy away from it. She leaned into the pull and smiled. Her thin lips almost landed on Qin Mo’s left ear as she said in a beautiful voice, “Brother Mo, you don’t need to get down from your throne. I can go to you. How can I deserve you if I can’t beat every single one of them, right?”

These words would so easily mislead people!

Chen Xiaodong looked at that scene and covered his own eyes!

Young Master, what the hell do you want?

Flirting with Almighty Qin in front of everyone in China!

Xue Yaoyao’s heart was shaking too. She looked to her left, then to her right. All the audience members were watching with their mouths agape.

Your Highness Jiu, did you really not see how Almighty Qin knitted his eyebrows together when you inched towards him?

The two commentators were silent too… They had never seen their captain being flirted with like this before!

As Qin Mo turned and looked at that young man with great skin, who was shorter than him by a head, he told himself for the hundred millionth time to be gentle with this human being because he was still in his rebellious phase!