Chapter 493 - Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 15

Chapter 493: Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 15

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With phone in hand, Secretary Liang looked at Qin Mo who was fixing his collar. "Boss Qin…"

"Forget it." Qin Mo clearly heard what happened. His long fingers paused and his voice deepened. "That fellow has a girl he trusts protecting him anyways."

But was he going to write it off just like that?

Secretary Liang noticed that when his CEO was talking, his attitude was incredibly cold.

It finally became a bit dark outside.

It was always foggy at night times there.

People would joke about thePM2.51in Jiang City and said that they were living in an ethereal paradise.

It was a good thing was that the masquerade party was held in a hotel in the middle of a snow land.

And this place was located in the suburbs of Jiang City.

Therefore, the air quality was slightly better.

Of course, the air quality was good here only because of the filtering machines and the snow.

Out of here, when on a national highway, very few people would drive here.

But today, it was abnormally busy.

Apart from all the posh cars, there were also decorated Christmas trees, too.

Those Christmas trees were huge and littered with lights. On a dark night like that day, it looked especially beautiful.

For a moment, Fu Jiu felt that the atmosphere resembled her time in the United States at Fifth Avenue during Christmas.

British-style buildings were covered with green ivies, appearing exceptionally grand.

On top of that, some attendees of the masquerade party were even wearing robes from ancient times.

Donning fancy masks, no one could tell who was who.

Occasionally, a few people dressed up as vampires were seen, making one feel like they had entered a castle in a magical world.

It was a bustling place that knew no sleep.

Lin Feng arrived early.

He had finally exonerated himself from the humiliation of the previous year. This year, he dressed up as a forensic scientist which he felt very manly.

White robe, black pants, and a mask.

If someone else was wearing this, he would be looking really ordinary.

But Lin Feng wasn't aware of his own aura, simply wearing that was enough to entice people to commit crimes against him.

Yun Hu was in a neat military uniform and straight-up military boots. He looked tough and bright when he walking.

As soon as these two showed up, the fans who were arranged to enter all looked over.

"Look, look! That man cosplaying as a forensic scientist must be Lin Feng!"

"I think so too!"

"So he's a forensic scientist this year, huh? That's truly the temptation of a uniform."

Lin Feng didn't expect to be recognized by fans despite having a mask on. He looked over to Yun Hu and smiled. "See that? It's all because I'm too handsome."

Yun Hu lifted his eyebrows without saying a word.

Soon, they heard the fans continue. "From their temperament, especially when standing beside Lord Cloud, his desolate appearance would appear even more effeminate."



Lin Feng turned around, wanted to tell that girl:Come over you little girl, we need to talk, how can I be the one effeminate when I look so manly?

But, Lin Feng wasn't that petty to contend with his fans.

He was just a little frustrated.

And that needed venting.

He looked at his childhood friend. Speaking of which, Yun Hu had been training from a young age, giving him the feeling that he was rather strong.

In fact, he knew how to fight and had six solid abs. He just wasn't that tanned. Was that his fault?

No, today, he needed to feel better by gloating in Little Spade's misfortune!

"Big Tiger, let's go and continue looking for Little Spade. I received news that he came out with Yaoyao. As long as we find Yaoyao, we will find him…"