Chapter 494: Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 16

Chapter 494: Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 16

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As soon as Lin Feng finished his sentence, there was quite a considerable sound from the crowd.

Some people looked at the entrance of the hotel, as if their eyes were stuck to something.

A woman was walking over.

With a long black silk dress against her lotus-white skin, she appeared charming under the light.

There was an slit under the black dress and everyone could see the long, fair legs of the woman. And there was a red rose in bloom on her ankle.

The rose just made people wishing to glue their eyes onto it.

However, none of that was comparable to the woman's bearing.

She wore a mask and only revealed her thin lips, which looked like lilac petals.

Her mask was also different from others, which was surrounded by a ring of pure black fluff.

Through the radiant mask, people could only see a pair of black pupils like it was a deep sea.

With wisps of hair flowing down like clouds, they curled on the two sides of her collarbone.

And on top of her head, there was a pair of devil ears made out of black diamond.

It flickered an indescribable beauty under illumination.

When she raised her eyes, the allure that exuded from her insouciance was most charming.

"Who is she cosplaying?"

"No idea?"

"It's not bad."

"It's more than not bad, it's perfect. I almost couldn't breathe."

"Is she also a fan?"

"She should be a fan since she is a girl."

After all Xue Yaoyao was the only girl in Supreme Alliance.

While this person was obviously taller than Xue Yaoyao.

And the most important thing was her aura.

The languidness that exuded from inside out was truly rare.

They had never seen a girl more suited to the darkness than this girl.

"I really want to know how she looks like with her mask off."

"I can only think of one word when I see her—succubus."

"There will definitely be many people inviting her to dance today…"

The murmuring rose one after another.

They all didn't notice Xue Yaoyao in the corner. Her eyes were shaking and her fingers were clenched when she saw the figure.

She had no idea why she became nervous.

Highness Jiu.

She must be Highness Jiu.

Xue Yaoyao had seen that black gauze dress in Fu Mansion.

And she had even seen Fu Jiu draping the gauze on.

But as for formal-wear, this was her first time seeing it.

She was so beautiful.

Black swan.

It was the only description that came to her mind.

Elegance, noble, alluring.

One could even sense the smell of the feathers.

But it was a pity that Lin Feng didn't look over.

He felt that his goal today was not to look at chicks.

What did the a beauty, no matter how gorgeous she was, have to do with him?

Now what this masquerade party meant to him was to find the Little Spade!

Instead, Han Susu, who had already arrived, sneered and had a drink of alcohol when she saw the figure attracting the attention of others.

"She is just a little tall. Can these people not be so exaggerated?"

"When it comes to beauty, which one of us isn't more beautiful than her."

"It is all due to the mask. Who knows how ugly she will be with the mask off."

Yao Jia was the most sharp-tongued among them but she didn't feel it herself. Besides, she felt that she was telling the truth.

These people were just mere fans with unclear family backgrounds.

People who are observant should look at the mink and bracelets they wore.

What did the person who just walked past have?

"All right, ignore her." Han Susu put down the glass. "Help me keep an eye out for my male god. He is different from others. Even if he wears a mask, he will still have a strong sense of existence…"

Han Susu was right. Fu Jiu had a strong presence even while wearing a mask. But this time, it was different…