Chapter 786 - Sit on My Lap

Chapter 786: Sit on My Lap

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The moment he spoke, everyone froze, especially the driver who had been kicked off his seat.

Was Qin Mo referring to him?!

Who else would dare to sit on the captain’s lap?

Lin Feng twisted open a bottle cap, pretending to be drinking water while Yun Hu lifted his lids, glancing over.

Yin Wuyao’s hands were burnt from the ashes that fell off the cigarette butt and Feng Shang and Coco bit onto a bunny ear each, their eyes wide open.

Feng Yi grabbed onto the steering wheel, directing a heavy gaze towards Almighty Qin ━ his despicable manners were simply appalling!

He never expected the usually nonchalant young master would turn into such a person after falling in love!

Despicable, simply despicable!

What did you mean by sitting on your lap?!

Qin Mo was oblivious to Feng Yi’s stare; ever since the start, he had been directing a cold glare at the youngster, seemingly trying to say, what were you waiting for, hurry over and sit on my lap.

Bo Jiu was definitely aware he was referring to her, but… Did she need to sit on his lap?

The driver immediately interrupted, “Boss Qin, I’ll alight, I’ll just alight.”

Qin Mo glanced over. “If you leave, who’s going to park the car? Are you going to let the vice-president of the club park the car? Feng Yi has to accompany clients for drinks, food and cards. If he adds a valet to his repertoire, is that really good for the Qin Group’s image?”

Feng Yi: … Wait a minute, clarify yourself, what do you mean by accompanying clients for drinks, food and cards! How can he describe a top manager in such a manner?!

Almighty Qin, can’t you just be straightforward and say you want Little Spade to sit on your lap? Why are you dragging me into this!

But as a fox-like manager, he understood his boss’s intentions and would follow his wishes at this moment since they had a tough battle ahead and if he could make Young Master Qin happy, he might smile for the camera and thus boosting the view count.

Manager Feng lifted his lips. “Little Spade, just squeeze a little. Fortunately, the first round is in Jiang City, it won’t be a long trip, you just have to sit for a short while.”

Bo Jiu swept a glance at the other three cars parked in the Qin family house: a limited edition sports car, a military used land rover and an ordinary sedan…


Before Bo Jiu could finish her sentence, Qin Mo reached out, pulling her into the commercial car. The Almighty was still handsome and flawless. “Aren’t you going to sit? Are you going to take responsibility if we’re late?”

It wasn’t that difficult since the commercial car was rather spacious.

The other members feigned nonchalance, avoiding their expressions.

Bo Jiu felt herself being pushed onto his long legs, a pair of enviable hands on her waist and was faced with an expression which warned her not to say another word.

From her angle, the Almighty appeared the same as usual, handsome and formidable.

She was probably thinking too much since it seemed as though she was taking advantage of the Almighty by sitting on his lap…

This was the first time she had experienced such intimacy.

It wasn’t just their stance, a casual brush of her legs sent heat through her. Even with their pants separating them, the movements sent a numbing sensation through her. She wanted to stand…