Chapter 1067 - 1067 A Chaotic Memory

1067 A Chaotic Memory

When he saw that glance, a memory flashed through his mind. It was only a fleeting thought, so fast he couldn’t catch it.

The scene felt so familiar. He seemed to have seen a certain person hold a lollipop high up for him.

“Momo, candies will brighten your mood. Grandpa An told me he really likes staying in China and can’t seem to get used to our area. You will miss your mom and I will miss mine as well. I’m going to occupy you for us to think of our moms together.” Even though that was what she had said, that tiny figure had still taken several glances at the candy in her hand.Read more chapter on vipnovel



“Let’s think about them while eating the candy, it’ll make the memory sweeter.”


“I’ll remove the sweet wrapper for you.”

“It’s okay.”

“Why, that’s how the movies play out, the formidable CEOs would always feed their little secretary.”

“Don’t you dare watch any of those unhealthy dramas again and eat your candy. Are you dumb? A formidable CEO, you?”

“What do you mean by dumb? I’m really smart, if you aren’t convinced, ask anyone on this street, none of them can defeat me in a fight.”

“Come over.”


“I’m going to teach you to be a lady, dummy.”

“I’m not dumb, I’m someone who is going to become a formidable CEO, just wait and see…”

The memory wasn’t clear, he could only grasp bits of pieces of it…

“Big Brother, Big Brother!” The little boy tilted his head to the side. When Qin Mo hadn’t replied, he called out once more, “Big Brother, did you fall asleep?”

Qin Mo snapped back to his senses, waiting for the piercing pain to dissipate before he reached out for the lollipop.

“Thank you, I’ll let her know when she wakes up.”

The little boy broke into a radiant smile. “No worries, you both deserve it for your good looks.” He turned and skipped back to his mother.

Qin Mo expressed his gratitude once more.

The mother caressed his head tenderly, her gaze filled with warmth.

After the explosion, there would definitely be reporters and emergency assistance. Fortunately, there was a black mask over the youngster’s face. Only the survivors on the boat had seen Bo Jiu’s true appearance, and there wouldn’t be many who knew she was a girl.

Regardless, it caused a stir.

When Director Huang reached the scene, all he saw was Qin Mo’s back view.

Magician looked towards him, shaking his hand, meaning Fan Jia had escaped.

Director Huang had his grievances but there was still hope because Fan Jia’s identity had been exposed. All her information had been saved as evidence for an international chase against her.

More importantly, they managed to find the internal mole.

With all the correspondences, not one of them would be able to escape their punishment. But it wasn’t the time for this now.

Once Qin Mo entered the Land Rover, he sped all the way back. The medical team was already waiting at the Qin family’s house. The moment the Land Rover arrived, they took over to treat the youngster’s hand.