Chapter 841 - Almighty Qin Begins to Retract His Net 2

Chapter 841: Almighty Qin Begins to Retract His Net 2

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The voice was silky smooth.

Whenever the theater was crowded, there seemed to be a phenomenon. Before the theater staff could finish his sentence, there would be people leaving.

Rao Rong was seated on the outer seat. Since everything was going smoothly, he kept his phone and blended into the crowd which was heading out.

After You Hongliang stood up, he glanced at the seat two rows down at the sixth seat on the seventh row.

At this moment, Rao Rong was already outside and still unaware that Qin Mo was also in the theater.

Since even Rao Rong wasn’t aware, there was no way You Hongliang would have found out. The moment he walked forward, the person behind was already on his heels.

A scheme within a scheme.

While eyeing his prey, the cicada wasn’t aware of the bird behind him. That was the gist of this situation.

While many assumed they are the bird, they were in fact the cicada which was so engrossed in his prey, they weren’t aware of the bird which was eyeing him from behind.

The moment the movie had ended indicated the time for a showdown.

A psychological match was usually linked to one’s patience and flexibility.

Inside the Internet café, the girl was still trying to put in the video.

At that moment, she suddenly noticed something amiss!

Why was there an extra firewall?!

It was an attack between hackers.

Some might not have seen it before.

The girl narrowed her eyes and emptied her hands, prepared to instruct Rao Rong to end everything.

However, the person on the other end didn’t give her the opportunity.

Another wave of attacks destroyed the video she had entered.

The girl pressed onto the keyboard, regardless of who it was on the other end, he was definitely seeking death.

She couldn’t just watch her plan being destroyed.

She started preparing for a virus counter attack.

The surrounding computers were activated and chat boxes popped up repeatedly.

Just the sound of the typing was enough to know that a web battle was in progress ━ and the matter in the theater hadn’t ended.

Fatty was shocked by the sight in front of him!

As a hacker himself, he knew what a firewall counter attack meant.

But what exactly did the red dot mean?!

The red dot led another dot in before hiding behind him?

Wait a minute, there were two red dots, which meant that there were two IP addresses trying to infiltrate the system!


Young Master had instructed him to look out for anomalies, but he hadn’t instructed him on who to help when there were two intruders!

Something was wrong!

Helping was the least of his worries at this point.

What did the IP behind him mean?

Did they think they were playing Hero?

Did they see him as the tank?

F*ck, was he supposed to go head first?

He decided not to move because directly below the tower, Young Master had told him to remain stationary without his command.

“We have zero chemistry.” Bo Jiu retracted her hand to move her headband. As she moved her right hand on the mouse, she couldn’t help shaking her head. If it had been a tag team with the Almighty, she would have taken them down. It explains why Fatty hadn’t made it into the main team.

Fatty glanced at the computer. Why did he seem to be surrounded? The red dot which had left suddenly seemed to be mocking him.

Was it an illusion?

Fatty pinched his own arm. Once he had managed to regain his senses, he made a call hurriedly.

“Something’s up, the big fish is in the web, but there seems to be two of them. I’m confused. Young Master, what do we do now?”