Chapter 891 - Want to Try?

Chapter 891: Want to Try?

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The train ride was less than three hours.

At the beginning, Lin Chentao had planned to wreak havoc over at Spade Z’s side, but he wasn’t in the mood any longer. Instead, he looked out of the window and once in a while, when he could no longer take it, he would turn towards Rao Rong.

“Captain, Li Nuo’s skills won’t be able to suppress Qin Mo and with that round given to them, we won’t stand a chance.”

Rao Rong stopped drinking his water, twisting the bottle cap back on. “Don’t worry, Qin Mo won’t be in the 1v1, he is most probably placed in the 2v2.”

“2v2?” Lin Chentao was clearly startled. “Qin Mo has never been in a 2v2.”

Rao Rong chuckled. “That’s in the past, don’t they have Spade Z now? We’ll play the 2v2 as well. How’s that?”

Lin Chentao lit up instantly, almost bolting upright from the excitement. “I definitely won’t drag you down!”

Then he continued his chatter, the gist being how he would focus on Little Spade after the match began and something along the lines on him being the most handsome esports player.

As the people around him started going back to their normal behavior, Rao Rong looked into the distance. Even though it seemed like a hassle sometimes, it still felt the most suitable.

In the opposing cabin, Lin Feng wasn’t feeling great because he was frustrated!

Why was it so hard to change seats? Were they really his teammates? Weren’t they going to rescue him from this fiery pit?

He tilted his head over, looking straight Yun Hu.

Lin Feng was seated beside the window, making it inconvenient to move around. He placed a book over his face to prevent inappropriate thoughts from entering his mind.

Yun Hu adjusted his seat, stood up, and headed for the restaurant cabin.

At least that was what Lin Feng thought, but actually, he had left to follow the youngster.

Bo Jiu, sharp as always, slowed down when she noticed someone behind her. She turned on the tap, pretending to wash her hands. When she looked up, she saw the man in the mirror.

Yun Hu went straight to the point. His voice was emotionless as he spoke, “What exactly happened when he bought that drink?”

Bo Jiu smiled mischievously. With her cap on, she seemed like a frivolous youngster. “Senior Lin hasn’t gotten over it? It wasn’t much, I only kissed your captain.”

Even someone as strong hearted as Yun Hu couldn’t help arching his brows.

Bo Jiu leaned her slender figure to the side. “This should be considered good news to you, this should help enlighten him. He will most probably think about this the entire night.”

Yun Hu watched the youngster. “The next time you and Captain are going to do anything, conceal yourself. That guy isn’t like Captain, he isn’t that accepting.”

“Are you worried he’ll run from fright?” Bo Jiu smiled teasingly.

Yun Hu didn’t deny. Once he had gotten the answer he wanted, he returned to his seat, and looked down at Lin Feng.

After he was seated, he asked in a hushed tone, “It’s just a kiss after all, is it that serious? Have you forgotten all those videos from before?”

Lin Feng pushed the book aside as he cursed internally. How was that the same? Those videos… weren’t the same as what I saw! I’m starting to doubt life, do you understand?!

In the end, Lin Feng didn’t say anything, turning his head aside. He needed time to calm down and think about life.

“Are you that bothered?” Yun Hu didn’t let him off, his handsome face and even the curve of his jaw was bright. “Do you want to try?”