Chapter 994 - Untitled

Chapter 994: Untitled

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The representative from Xiangnan glanced over at Feng Shang. From this glance, it was obvious that he didn’t think much of Feng Shang.

He knew that Supreme Alliance was a strong team and because of that, he had been training in secret for an extended period. But he hadn’t expected them to send out a newcomer.

His eyes sunk as he entered his account details into the system.

As the familiar background music started playing, the two IDs appeared on the screen.

The finals were finally here!

The camera was first directed towards Xiangnan. “Alright, as we can see, both players have chosen the assassin. There’s nothing wrong with it. In a professional match, the majority would use the assassin during a 1v1. Let’s see which newcomer is better.”

“Alright, Supreme Alliance’s player has started off from the wilderness.”

“Xiangnan…” The shoutcaster paused, he moved his cursor up the screen and broke into a smile. “Stealing their beasts?”

With the word steal, the crowd turned towards Xiangnan, their gaze shifting towards the figure in the woods. Gasps could be heard.

With their earphones on, the players weren’t aware of the surroundings, making it a fair match.

Xue Yaoyao watched as the opponent approached Feng Shang, her fists tightening. As opposed to Xue Yaoyao, Bo Jiu seemed more relaxed as she arched a brow.

“It seems like Supreme Alliance’s blue beasts are about to be wiped out.” There was a hint of pity in his voice since this was the National League and thus it shouldn’t be of such standards.

But Feng Shang continued to fight beasts, completely unaware of the impending danger. Was he perhaps too nervous?

The opponent wasn’t the least bit restrained, taking over all of Supreme Alliance’s blue beast. Then with a leap, he entered the middle lane to wipe out an army of troops.

Feng Shang was couldn’t catch up to his tempo and had to give up fighting beast to clear the troops. Since the primary aim of the game was to protect the defense tower, it was indeed a disappointing move.

“Supreme Alliance’s assassin seems to be lacking.”

“Those that started from the wilderness probably aren’t that bold but I never expected Xiangnan to start with stealing the beasts.”

“That’s getting boring, he is still protecting the tower while Xiangnan wipes out his red beasts. If this goes on, it’s going to be a one-sided massacre.”

“Definitely, what is an assassin without his beasts? After such a drag, he couldn’t even kill his own beasts, there doesn’t seem much in this round.”

The assistant turned towards Vice-President Feng, wondering if the brother fanatic was mad.

Instead, he remained firm while focusing on Feng Shang. This wasn’t how he had been when he had been younger. He wasn’t born with a stutter, instead, it happened because of an abduction.

That was his fault. Back then, Feng Shang had loved to play behind him. He had been six years old and hadn’t been willing to bring a three-year-old child along with him. Thus, he had deliberately sped up so that his brother couldn’t follow behind.

And when he had turned, Feng Yi had realized his brother was missing if the bodyguards hadn’t realized in time, Feng Shang would have been abducted by a middle-aged man. They had been stopped at the train station and when it had happened, Feng Shang had been in tears, frightened by what had happened. Thereafter, he had developed a stutter.

The incident had turned Feng Yi into a brother fanatic and even though he was in charge of everything in the Feng family, the final inheritor would be his brother, Feng Shang.

After Feng Yi had been of age, he willingly transferred all his shares to his brother.

That year, the middle-aged man had been targeting Feng Yi and had followed behind him for the past three days. When he had finally taken action, he had been stopped by the little Feng Shang.

Feng Yi was the only one who knew. Feng Shang had told him about the scary uncle and had told his brother not to go out on his own but he had dismissed him irritably.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted soul had given them clues on where he had been.

Feng Yi didn’t know what he had undergone in the past hour with the middle-aged man but the human trafficker had pinched his little arm until it was red and bruised in order to shut him up. At that time, Feng Shang had hugged onto him while repeating, “Brother, don’t go out alone.”

He still carried the guilt from back then. As Feng Shang grew older, he couldn’t make any friends because of his stuttering and gradually started to lose all his courage.

It wasn’t until today, when he sat there in his black uniform that he was firm and strong despite his nervousness.

Xue Yaoyao wanted to speak up but Bo Jiu held her down, her slender fingers moving to her lips for her to stay silent.

Feng Shang was still moving the mouse, clearing the troops on the top lane since there wasn’t anyone protecting that area. He led two strings of troops towards the opponent’s defense tower.

Although everyone else was focusing on Xiangnan’s player and hadn’t realized what he was doing, Xiangnan’s player realized it. With a lifted lip, he slid over towards Feng Shang, not treating him as an opponent.

After hiding for more than ten seconds, there still wasn’t anyone. He opened the map and realized Feng Shang had headed to the bottom lane to fight troops.

The defense tower on the bottom lane was about to be destroyed, he frowned and glide down towards his tower. He didn’t believe he couldn’t catch someone who couldn’t even protect his own beasts. But the same thing happened, he waited in the bushes for six seconds and yet the next time he appeared, it was in the middle lane.

“It’s a pity he didn’t catch him.” That was the crowd’s view because from their angle, Feng Shang tactic seemed slow and clumsy.

But from Bo Jiu’s view, it was completely different. Her lips arched upwards, her arm resting on Qin Mo’s shoulder. “Brother Mo, you were the one who taught Baby Feng this tactic.”

“Which tactic?” Qin Mo tilted his head, his appearance elegant and aristocratic.

Bo Jiu felt her hands itch again but she had to keep them to herself. She smiled, exposing her two front teeth. “Brother Mo, be honest, this isn’t a simple tactic, I’m sure it was from you.”

“Is that a compliment?” Qin Mo watched that mischievous little hand. He held her down and replied, “It wasn’t me, Feng Shang has been playing the wilderness for a while now, he has this in him.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “Are you praising Baby Feng?” The words ambush didn’t seem like a praise.

“Mmh?” The Almighty gave her a direct answer, his one word so ravishing she was left speechless.

Bo Jiu placed both hands around her head, a lollipop in her mouth. “Xiangnan’s guy probably isn’t aware he is being played by Baby Feng.”

Qin Mo chuckled, his hands reaching out to caress her fluffy head as he whispered, “Smart.”

“I’m handsome too,” Bo Jiu replied flippantly. “The perfect blend of talent and appearance.”

Lin Feng shivered, wanting to change seats.

This was the National League, what was Captain and Little Spade up to? How could they be flaunting their love in such a solemn place! Moreover, he had just broken up with Yun Hu. No, wrong, he had just cleared the air.

Yun Hu hadn’t said a single word to him today and hadn’t drunk from the mineral water he had passed him.

The thought cast a cloud over his head and he decided not to swap seats after all since moving towards Yun Hu wouldn’t be much better.

But from the conversation between Captain and Little Spade, Baby Feng had a higher chance of winning? He would have to take a better look!

Lin Feng didn’t like watching his teammates lose but he enjoyed watching his teammate bury traps. This was really a game to test who could bury more traps.

But those that weren’t sensitive to the statistics couldn’t tell much. In their eyes, Feng Shang was going to slow and only knew how to move the troops around. He couldn’t use the character well as an assassin was supposed to be in the wilderness.

In reality, they weren’t wrong. If it had been a team battle, the assassin was indeed supposed to roam the wilderness. But many seem to have forgotten that this was a 1v1 and it had always been a game about overthrowing the city.

“This time, they should have gotten it!”

Indeed, Xiangnan’s player managed to cause serious damage to Feng Shang. His maneuvering was beautiful, his movements fluid and fast. If Feng Shang hadn’t returned to the tower in time for the blood bag, he would have given the first kill away.

And right at this moment, Xiangnan requested for an emergency advice request.

It wasn’t Supreme Alliance but Xiangnan who requested for assistance?

The crowd was at a loss.

“What’s happening? Isn’t Xiangnan doing well? They’re leading by so much. Why have they suddenly requested for assistance?”

“I’m not sure.”

The crowd was confused. Why were they cutting off the excellent tempo?

It wasn’t just the crowd, even the Xiangnan members themselves couldn’t understand but there would always be someone, an inherent leader, who could understand.

Xiao Jing sat there with three red belts under him. He radiated a formidable aura, his voice was calm and once the call went through, he asked, “Do you know how many towers you lost?”

With that, the Xiangnan player froze. He glanced up at the map. Feng Shang had destroyed two of his towers and was halfway through the tower in the middle lane.

“Open the front page and compare the financial status against his.” That was his second command.

The Xiangnan player moved swiftly. When he saw the figures, he tightened his grip over the mouse. “He has way more than me.”

“Do you know what to do?” Xiao Jing asked without emotion.

The Xiangnan player replied instantly, “I underestimated him, Captain. My strength is stealing beasts and next, I won’t forget to clear his defense towers. I won’t be played by him anymore.”

“He isn’t as fast as you are,” Xiao Jing continued. “You are after all a professional player with three years worth of experience.”