Chapter 1108 - Untitled

Chapter 1108: Untitled

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Swoosh! Another beautiful swerve.

Without any restrain, Bo Jiu sped through the streets like in American blockbusters. The car roof was off, her silver hair flying with the wind. The youngster smirked, the lollipop in her mouth looking devilish.

The navigation started, “60 meters to the target. Master, it isn’t too late to back out. I have a bad feeling about this. Oh, what sort of little vixen is he for you to be so obsessed? To have affected your judgement?”

“As a car, you are too noisy.” Bo Jiu glanced at the approaching rear end, her gaze intensifying.

“Alright, I’ll keep quiet but before that, let me warn you, he must have discovered our tracks.” The navigation stirred. “Girls chasing guys are indeed tiring.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. It hadn’t been long and they had already been discovered. Indeed, kidnapping the Almighty wasn’t going to be easy.

Qin Mo had noticed the car. His emotions were in a turmoil. If his emotions hadn’t clouded his judgement, he would have taken less time to discover the car chasing behind him.

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, slowing his car instantly.

The Lamborghini behind reacted swiftly, slowing the moment Qin Mo slowed. The ostentatious looking sports cars sped through the narrow straight road, a startling sight indeed.

Bo Jiu licked her lips, spitting the lollipop stick. “It’s time for the finale.”

“Master, before that, you should look at the police cars behind.” If navigations had expressions, this one would be holding its temples. “There are three of them.”

Bo Jiu glanced up into the rear mirror. “Let them chase, the more the merrier.”

Hence, in the famous street of Fifth Avenue, there were two ostentatious sports cars and a parade of police cars behind them. It was a sight to behold.

“Analysis report, the car in front has started to slow down and has intentions on slowing down,” the navigation commented. “Master, are we stopping too?”

“No, speed over.” Bo Jiu arched a brow. “I have to find a chance to drug Brother Mo, a crowd would make him embarrassed.”

Little Blackie: … What drugs did you get him?!

Qin Mo stopped at the roadside, watching as the black car sped past him. That speed was startling but what was weird was that no one was in the driver seat.

Within the car, the navigation perked up. “Master, are you scared of facing him?”

Bo Jiu exerted more strength, straightening. “What do you know? It’s a tactic.”

Navigation: … I’m going to watch as you feel guilty.

Bo Jiu remained silent. After ditching the first police car, she turned into a small side road to ditch the next and when she was left with the last car, there wasn’t a need to lose it since it was so far away. They could no longer see the police car.

But the next second, the navigation’s voice was clouded with shock. “F*ck, Master, what little vixen are you trying to chase? He is within 100 meters from us, this is scary!”

Bo Jiu glanced at the rear mirror. The Almighty was indeed crafty. How did he know the route she was going to take?

The three police cars unknowingly became a tool.

Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up. She moved her fingers and entered a string of numbers.

Qin Mo was originally placed at the side, prepared to speed up when he heard a specific ringtone. His eyes stilled, slowing down instantly. He gave up the chase and with a sharp turn, he stopped at the side to pick up the call. “Where are you?”

As expected, he was mad.

Bo Jiu was still driving. She wore a black earphone and was replying naturally, “I wanted to get a cab but I got lost.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo didn’t believe a single word but he was smart enough to know that locating her was more important. “Send me your location.”

Bo Jiu grew increasingly guilty. “This… I don’t know the name, why don’t I send it once I find a cafe?”

“Send it now.” Qin Mo was clearly suppressing his anger.

Bo Jiu took another turn, nearing the filming location. She pressed down lightly, sharing her location. “I’ll be waiting for Brother Mo.”

“Mrs. Qin,” Qin Mo spoke, his voice hard and cold. “You better be waiting for me.”

Bo Jiu was feeling even more guilty when the call ended.

The navigation heard every word. “How should I put this, Master, why does it seem like he has no trust in you at all? If the little vixen knows of your plans to kidnap him, he might smash you to bits.”

“Little Blackie, your humor is at the wrong place. Drop me somewhere and wait for my command nearby.” Bo Jiu pulled out the smart key and walked towards a cafe.

She chose this spot because it has the best view of the entire Fifth Avenue. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy to kidnap the Almighty. She couldn’t do it outright.

But Bo Jiu couldn’t help it. Was it always so hard to kidnap a sweetheart?

Bo Jiu sat down as she pondered. She ordered two cups of coffee and drugged one of them.

She felt guilty as she did it, watching as the red dot came nearer. When the time came, she could just let him do as he pleased. Besides, if she didn’t kidnap him, how was she going to treat his hand?

The reason was an excuse for herself but if she thought a moment, the Almighty had been getting increasingly suspicious and it wouldn’t be long before he would find out her identity. Before that, she would have to indulge, taking control of him for a few days.

With that in mind, Bo Jiu jabbed onto the red dot on the screen, her face puffed him as she prepared.

Outside the window, Qin Mo alighted from the car. He didn’t bother watching the surroundings since his thoughts were focused on locking up a certain someone.

He approached with his brows arched. The best view? What was she up to now?

“Young Master, the car following you is near, at 9 o’clock. Be careful.”

There had always been someone professional following Qin Mo. He had a tiny communicating device, covered by his hair. He had been wearing it since he had arrived in America.

“Take a look.” Qin Mo continued walking unaffected.

The people around him were aware of the command though. “Yes.” One of them shifted.

Qin Mo pushed the glass door open, entering the cafe. The moment he walked in, he caught sight of the youngster.

Bo Jiu heard the gasps from around her, turning in the direction. The Almighty walked towards her in his stiff business suit, the handcuff he held prominent and eye catching. Was he seducing her with his uniform?

Bo Jiu stood up, prepared to speak when the handcuff went around her wrist and the other patrons turned towards her.

The Almighty was probably the only one with the horrifying smile but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.

Qin Mo sat in front of her, oblivious of the stares. He tapped the wrist that was locked by the handcuff, his face stiff and elegant.

Bo Jiu glanced down briefly before looking back up, her gaze clear. “Why are you handcuffing me?”

“What do you think?” Qin Mo fastened the other side onto his own wrist.

Bo Jiu moved. “It isn’t convenient for drinking coffee.”

“Which cup?” Qin Mo was still suppressing his emotions. He was still afraid that the malice surrounding him would push him into something he regretted but since the moment he had received her information, he really wanted to punish her.

Bo Jiu was guilty. “We don’t have to drink.”

Qin Mo wasn’t sure what she was thinking but since she hadn’t left, he should be calming down. He reached out towards the back of her head, pressing his lips over.

But they were still in the cafe! The shock was apparent in her eyes.

Her mind went blank.

Qin Mo had already kept his hands, a slight sheen on his lips, his voice hoarse. “I should really plant a locating device on you.” He didn’t give her a chance to speak.

Qin Mo probably wasn’t in the mood to hear her lies, stuffing a piece of cake into her mouth. Bo Jiu took a bite, her stuffed cheeks pinched by the Almighty.

“Never again, do you understand?”

Bo Jiu swallowed the cake, replying, “Okay. Brother Mo, can you remove the handcuff?”

“It’s better that way, keeps your behavior in check.” Qin Mo used his fingers to wipe crumbs from the edges of her lips, his actions and expression both filled with a loving tenderness.

The other patrons in the cafe were confused. Initially, they had thought he was here to arrest her. But now they were just confused. Was it perhaps a house arrest? But the youngster’s expression didn’t look like it. It was a mess!

Bo Jiu leaned her chin on the table, feeling moody. “This is embarrassing.”

“If you don’t wish to be embarrassed, don’t turn off your phone.” Qin Mo picked up another fruit, moving the fork towards Bo Jiu.

The kiss from before had definitely improved his mood.

Bo Jiu couldn’t allow this to go on as it would be hard to deal with the Almighty once he was back to his senses.

“Brother Mo, drink some coffee, I ordered it for you. It would be a waste not to drink it,” Bo Jiu coaxed naturally.

Qin Mo swept the coffee a glance, seemingly disinterested as he continued to feed her.

Bo Jiu ate everything he fed, her gaze sweeping across the untouched coffee.

She was about to finish all the dessert but the Almighty hadn’t taken a single sip – things weren’t going as planned.

At this moment, a soft voice came from his ear. Qin Mo straightened, widening the distance between him and Bo Jiu.

He tapped his watch as the person spoke, “Young Master, we found the target, there isn’t one inside the car. The ignition isn’t switched off but the car door cannot be opened, which is rather odd.”

While they spoke, the navigation stirred to life. Little Blackie was having fixed feelings that seemed to mock the ignorant beings. It would be a dream to open him without a password. But why wasn’t Master here yet? This was unlike her.

Bo Jiu wanted to leave but the Almighty seemed to be acting against her, unwilling to take a single sip of the coffee.

She was left without a choice.

When Qin Mo suggested for them to head back, Bo Jiu decided to continue eating in order to buy more time. “I want some waffles.”

Qin Mo glanced over at her, pinching her face. “You look like you are up to no good.”

“Brother Mo, I’m handcuffed to you,” Bo Jiu replied seriously. “I’m still growing, it’s good to eat more.”

Qin Mo arched a brow, his gaze strolling downwards. “Oh? Indeed, you should be having more food.”

Bo Jiu: … Almighty, where are you looking…

Now that he had found her, Qin Mo was finally at ease. Even though he wasn’t sure what was up her sleeves, feeding her was a pleasure.

Bo Jiu looked at the three plates of waffles in front of her, each portion ridiculously big. She glanced up towards the beautiful face in front of her and was sure the Almighty had done it deliberately.

“Eat up, you can have more once you’re done.” Every time he spoke so casually, there seemed to be a hidden tease.

For the sake of kidnapping him, eating didn’t seem like such a big thing. Besides, she had a huge appetite.

“It’s boring to eat by myself.” Bo Jiu started, holding the coffee cup towards his lips.

This time, Qin Mo didn’t reject the offer. In reality, he rarely rejected her even after he found out her identity. In his heart, she was still an extremely sensitive little kid in her youth.

Bo Jiu broke into a smile the moment he took a sip of the coffee, her face bright and cheery.

It encouraged him to take two more sips, finishing almost half the cup.

Bo Jiu cheered from within! But she remained composed since the drugs had yet to take effect.

As the drugs worked swiftly, it didn’t take long for him to realize what was happening, his eyes faltering. He glanced up towards the youngster.

Bo Jiu was hurt by the gaze, guilt dripping from her voice. “I’m sorry, Brother Mo, I really want to kidnap you but don’t worry, there isn’t any side effect to the drugs.”

“Kidnap me?” Qin Mo shook his head, his brows deeply furrowed.

Bo Jiu was ridden with guilt. She leaned over and kissed him lightly. “Mmh, kidnap you. This is the reason I agreed to film the movie in America, it may seem despicable but don’t hate me.”

A shock ran through him. He recalled the words she had muttered in her sleep and had thought of a million reasons for her to bring him along but he had never once imagined it was to kidnap him home.