Chapter 694 - I’m Not at the Bottom

Chapter 694: I’m Not at the Bottom

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Qin Mo gazed at the youngster deeply. There wasn’t any agitation on that handsome face.

Qin Mo tightened his fingers before letting go. “I can but there’s a condition.”

“What?” Bo Jiu was still thinking about being a boyfriend as Qin Mo’s thin lips hovered around her ears. “If I realize you’re avoiding me, it won’t be as amicable as this.”

Bo Jiu: … Almighty, things weren’t very amicable at the moment.

But that wasn’t even the main point was.

“Brother Mo, could you let me digest this sudden confession?”

Qin Mo replied faintly, “It isn’t sudden.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu caressed her lips.

Qin Mo reached out to stop her, his tone indifferent. “I have always been trying to turn you gay.”

Turn her… gay?

Bo Jiu suddenly remembered the movie she watched at Almighty’s house.

That gay film was Almighty’s attempt at changing her sexuality?

“I don’t think it was very successful.”

Qin Mo frowned, looking serious.

Bo Jiu didn’t know what to make of his comment.

The atmosphere seemed to freeze.

When enough time seemed to have passed, Qin Mo called Deputy Zhang.

When Deputy Zhang returned, he realized the change in the youngster.

Just a glance and he could spot the bite… bite… on his bottom lip…

Deputy Zhang’s hands froze.

He must be hallucinating.

There was no way ━but his doubt was eliminated almost instantly.

“What’s wrong with your lips, isn’t it just a kiss?”

Deputy Zhang: …

Bo Jiu remained silent.

Qin Mo lifted the youngster’s chin, his fingers caressing his lips. “Do you still have the ointment from before?”

“It’s at home,” Bo Jiu replied obediently, but in reality, she wasn’t well-behaved, she was in a mess. Boyfriend?!

Qin Mo raised a brow. “Apply it when you are back.”

“Oh.” Boyfriend!

Deputy Zhang listened to their conversation, having a desire to escape.

After enduring the entire trip, they arrived at Fu family’s mansion.

The youngster was silent the entire trip.

Before he alighted, he pressed his young master onto the car window, shocking Deputy Zhang.

Qin Mo smiled, glancing at that person who never remained defending, his gaze deepening. “What do you want to say?”

“There is indeed something.” Bo Jiu lifted her lips, her gaze dark. “Brother Mo, I’m not at the bottom, so you should be careful.” And she couldn’t be his boyfriend, the gender wasn’t right.

Qin Mo replied with an “Oh,” inching towards the youngster. His left hand circling around his waist, he exerted some fore, his stiffness pressing on Bo Jiu’s thighs. Wisps of hair falling down, his gaze was dark and invasive. “I have thought about it carefully on how to take you if you don’t behave. I can tie you up. What do you think?”

Bo Jiu froze because of his movement, she realized that in some areas, she really wasn’t his match.

Even with their uniforms as a barrier, the heat was noticeable.

This was unlike a man’s indifferent suppression.

The Almighty was looking at her as though she was an offering.

Perhaps this was the reason behind the heat, strong enough that even her tailbone was numb.